Have You Ever Wet Yourself When Getting Strapped?

Have you ever wet yourself when getting strapped, or purposely wet yourself to get out a spanking or to get it to stop?

When I was a girl I got in trouble for fighting with my younger sister. My father took us both back to our room. He lectured both of us then had me stand in the corner while he spanked my sister. I was scary hearing the smacks and her howling and crying. When she was done he sent her to stand in the other corner and called me over. He had me pull my underwear down, then he undid his belt and pulled it out. I had never gotten it with the belt, always with his hand, but I guess I was old enough now. He doubled up the strap and had me pull up my skirt, straddle his right leg and bend over. I didn't know why he was doing this I had always just lain over his lap before. The belt whistled down and cracked my across my bottom. I could not believe how much it hurt. It came down again and I started to struggle. That was when I found out why I was over his knee instead of over his lap. His left leg wrapped around my right leg and his left arm caught and pined my right hand. I was totally helpless and he methodically started strapping me. One came down on the backs of my thighs and I stared urinating uncontrollably. I peed all over his leg and pants. He took no notice and kept whipping me. I stopped screeching and was just crying and gushing pee for what seemed like forever. There was a big puddle next to the bed and his right pant leg was soaked from the thigh down. Instead of corner time, I cleaned the floor and ******** and washed the bed clothes and my skirt.
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As you should do the same to your husband. Spank his *** till he ******, and dont stop until he does