The Old Leather Belt!

My Daddy often spanked me over his knee, bare bottom, but had never used his belt. One Saturday morning, I was "sleeping in" (8:00 am) and evidently my parents thought that was too late for any teenager to stay in bed (I was 17). They were strongly into the Protestest Work Ethic.

Anyway, I'm lying on top of my covers with only a short thin nightgown on when the door opens and Daddy comes over to stand beside the bed. He and I had a very "special" relationship, so I thought that's why he was there. But he pulled out his belt, doubled it, and started whacking me across my bare bottom with it.

Evidently Mother had told him to wake me up and get me out of bed, because as soon as he finished using the belt on me, he made up for it like he always did :)

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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

More than once I "enjoyed" the belt. :-/ Whole different world back then. We had 2 minutes to make it back home when we heard the whistle my mom would blow. If not, bare butt switch or belt. We made it a habit to make it home... ;-)

Perhaps that is what has gone wrong in our world today - not enough of the discipline at home. Today we don't dare touch our children - and certainly we can't make them do what they don't want to do. I appreciate having been brought up the way I was.

Did he use it regularly on you? Was it always Mother who decided you deserved it and did she watch him giving it to you?

Yes, Mother always decided, but never watched. I'm glad she didn't :)

Oh dear, I wonder why you didn't want her to watch? Did she tell him how severe to be? I'm sure you saw more than the belt when he came in

Daddy didn't want to hurt me, but he always made me feel better afterward, and I didn't want Mother to know :)

Something special to wake up to a spanking