Achohol, my worst nightmare

Okay, so I had been spanked as a child, and through college and most of my adult life by my mentor, Brett. He mentored girls around my age, in their 20s. So one particular session, I was riding in the car with him, confessing all of the bad things that I had done that week. One of them was drinking, which was his number one rule, and fastest way to get a hot seat over his lap. Now obviously, I didn't like admitting things to him that I knew were going to get me in trouble, but the last time that I had tried to act like everything was fine, he spanked me until I told him and then really beat my *** to make me sorry for my behavior. When those words came out of my mouth, my stomach sank, knowing that I was really in for it, and we drove all the way there in silence. When we got in the house he instructed me to take off all clothing and he said that I was going to tear my *** up like never before. He was very sentimental about this topic because his brother died because of acohol overdose. He snatches me across his lap and starts spanking me, full intensity, me obviously flustered, crying like hell and trying to make him stop. Of course this only made things worse so my cry turned into a high pitched scream. After about 20 minutes, he stops admiring my butt. He instructs me to lay over the bed and then he starts whipping me with his fat leather belt and then paddles me. After this ordeal is done, he tells me to come back in two days to get the rest of my punishment for the other bad things that I had done. He hugs me and I tell him that I am sorry. Brett takes out a pillow and puts it on the seat of his car for me to sit on. As I do tears run across my face, the pain reminding me of my shameful behavior and the thought that I would have to come back in two more days to get my *** beat again. Fun, right?
To be continued...
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Well at least you deserved it.

Sounds like my brother..


can't wait to hear the end of the story!