I live with my older brother.He's about 11 years older than. He is super strict because he wants the best for me.

The most recent spanking I got was at midterm. We go to the same school he's getting a 2nd degree. He expects me to maintain A's and B's but I was slacking off and, had a C and a D.. I knew he was going to kick my *** because he pays for my education. When he got home from work that day he said"Lani let me see your grades.I said the system is down. He said okay. After about 10 min he came back with his iPad and a belt. I knew he had pulled up the website and I was about to get my *** beat. He said" GET UP LEILANI" He pulled the website up and told me to put my info in. I did as I was told. He went to my grade and saw the C and D. I knew I was about to get beat so I start to explain that I was trying hard and I was sorry. He yelled "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING AT THAT ******* SCHOOL IF YOU AREN'T GETTING A'S AND B'S!!!!!!! I was still in tears I said Josh please don't spank me this time. I'll do better I swear. He said Imma make sure of that drop your pants and underwear. I felt like a child. He start belting me...

I was crying like a baby by time he finished. He told me to get up and go get ready for dinner because his girlfriend was coming over. I said okay. I went totake a shower and got dress I wore a skirt because my butt was still very sore and blistered. That was the most painful dinner..
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He does it cause he cares about you. Do your very best in school be willing to take the belt if you don't oh there are worse things to be punished with than the belt I know it hurts but he could be using strap switch cane

yeah it was been very painful for you and probably embarrassing too but I am sure you understands it and that it was for your own good.

i hope that u learned ur lesson, the belt is the best for girls i think

Yes, I did learn my lesson. I know my brother loves me but the damn belt!

At least you got an a for effort.

Lol.. I guess you can that. My brother definitely doesn't believe that

I don't think so.