A Day At The Zoo

When I was younger, around the age of 11, my mother, a friend of mine, my friend's mother, and I went to the zoo. We walked around looking at the different animals, but every time I wanted to see a different animal, my friend wanted to see another in the opposite direction, and so we'd go see that. I got frustrated after this happened several times. My friend was a spoiled bratt and always got what she wanted. . .always. She was also a child that whined a lot and would steal my toys. There were several times when we agreed to trade toys, but after I agreed to the trade, she would later change her mind, tell either her mother or my mother that I had her toys, and I'd be told to give it back. However, I never got my toys back.

Anyway, the day at the zoo was like any other day spent with this 'friend'. . .I was growing tired of the friendship by then, but our mothers were good friends, so there was no easy escape. My friend had a way of always getting her way, and she did the very same at the zoo that day. She got to see every animal she wanted, several things from the gift shop, etc. I didn't get anything from the gift shop because my mother couldn't afford it back then. I understood that part though.

At one point, I got frustrated and started to complain to my mom that I didn't get to see any of the animals I wanted to, and that Jessica got whatever she wanted. My mother always stuck up for everyone else, no matter what the situation, so she didn't listen to a word I had to say. She kept telling me to shut up and told me that I was getting on her nerves, and threatened "If I have to warn you one more time. . .".

Everything came to a boiling point at lunchtime. My mother and I weren't happy with each other because of the same problem that made me angry earlier, and I was annoying her. My friend threw me some looks at times, sometimes smirking, but my mother nor hers ever saw. I just wanted to hit her, but I didn't. I got so tired of Jessica that I finally snapped and blurted out, half whining "Stop! You're such a spoiled brat. Get the hell over yourself."

Both of our mothers jaws dropped and they froze for a moment. I saw my mom's face turn to stone quickly, and the look she gave me. . .I just knew I had pushed the limit. Then my mother told me in front of my friend and her mother that I was getting the belt when we got home. I didn't want to look weak in front of them, so I dismissively and rather arrogantly told my mother "No I'm not."

"Don't talk back to me young lady? You know better than that, and you're getting the belt when we get home, like it or not." Mom responded, obviously furious.

"No, I'm not."

"That's it. Now you're getting it longer. Keep pushing it. You're butt will hurt so bad that you won't be able to sit down for a week."

At that point, I didn't say anything more. I knew I was getting the belt, but at the same time, I couldn't handle the embarrassment in front of my 'friend' and her mother. I got up from the table and left the eating area, walked off by myself to see the animals in the zoo that I wanted to. I don't know what I was thinking, but I couldn't make myself stay. I didn't even enjoy myself as I walked through the zoo. I didn't feel comfortable walking around on my own, but I was more preoccupied with the thought that in a few hours, I'd be home getting one very sore bare bottom spanking.

I walked around for probably an hour to an hour and a half, and had gotten lost. I had a mixture of feelings in me. I was scared because I couldn't find my mother, I was still furious because of what happened earlier, I was afraid of the spanking I was going to get later, and now I was even more embarrassed, because I knew my mother was going to be furious when she found me. I knew that it meant she would yell at me and tell me that I had earned an even longer spanking, maybe even two.

Well, the day at the zoo couldn't last forever, and my mother eventually found me. I was right, she was VERY angry to say the least, and she told me that I'd be getting the belt when I got home, and I'd be getting a spanking three times a day for the next week. I'd get one when I woke up each morning, in the afternoon, and before bedtime every night for one week. She told me that it ought to teach me no to backtalk her, embarrass her in public, and run away. I just stayed quiet and didn't have any fight left in me. I knew whatever I said from that point on would only add to my punishment, and it was going to be my butt hurting, no one else's. There was no getting out of this one. My only choice was to say nothing and take my punishment. I felt so stupid for having so much pride that I pushed my mother this far. I could have gotten a much shorter spanking when I had gotten home, and not as severe, but there was no going back now.

My mom yelled at me as we walked through the parking lot back to the car, and my friend and her mother said nothing as they walked. I was shaking inside and the thought of what was coming once I had gotten home. Once we got to the car, my mother told me to get in the back seat, and asked my friend and her mother to wait outside for a moment. Then my mom turned to me, gave me 'the look', gritted her teeth, and said "Get your butt in the car right now, and you pull your pants down now.", emphasizing the words 'right now', 'pants' and 'now'. My heart felt like it skipped a beat, and I wanted to plead, but I couldn't. I had already started crying. Instead, I just did as I was told. I got in the car and pulled my pants down while my mother got in the back seat as well and shut the door. She told me to get over her knees, and I did as I was told.

Mom scolded me for about 30 seconds, and then she brought her hand down on my bare bottom as hard as she could. I started crying from the very first smack, from the pain and the humiliation of being spanked in front of my friend and her mother as they waited outside of the car. Mom continued to spank me for almost five minutes, and I could feel my bare bottom burning like something I had never felt before. I didn't even last ten smacks before I had started crying and pleading for her to stop, and promising I would be good. Mom didn't listen to me though, and kept spanking my bottom and my thighs very hard until the five minutes of spanking was over. Then she told me to pull my pants up and put my seat belt on.

My friend and her mother got back in the car, and while her mother didn't look at me or acknowledge me, Jessica looked right at me and had a big smile on her face, but I was in too much pain to say anything to her. I just sat on my very well spanked bottom the entire way home, barely able to sit still because my bottom hurt so much. I just wanted to hurry up and get home so I could get off of my bottom, but when I realized what was ahead when I got home made me reconsider my wish.

It was only about forty-five minutes until we got home, and just as I had stopped crying from my spanking, we pulled into the driveway. Then I remember my stomach finally felt nervous. Within a couple of minutes, my friend and her mother had gotten into their car and left, and my mom ordered me in a very firm voice to get into the house, go to my room, pull my pants down and wait for her. I walked into the house without saying a word, knowing if I plead even once, it could end up with a longer punishment.

Five minutes later, mom came in holding the belt, and I was on the bed waiting as she had requested. Mom laid the belt on the bed and told me to get over her knees for another hand spanking, and I did as I was told. She spanked me just as she had in the car, and just as long, and held my legs between hers so that I couldn't kick or wiggle free. I was totally helpless, and my bare bottom was basically a stationary target. The pain grew more and more intense, and I had started screaming for her to stop, but she didn't until after five minutes had passed. Then mom told me to stand up and bend over the side of the bed for the belt, and hold my bottom up nice and high.

Again, I did as I was told, and I stood there bending over the bed clenching my cheeks in anticipation of the first whack. Mom didn't start though, and she ordered me to relax my bottom and hold it high for the belt, and that she wouldn't start until I had done so. It took everything I had in me, but I knew not to keep Mom waiting. So within 30 seconds I had miraculously relaxed my bare bottom and held it high for her. "Keep it that way the entire time. No clenching, no moving out of position, and no covering. If you do, you will earn the paddle next." was all Mom said before she drew back the belt in her hand and swung it down hard on my already very red bare bottom.

From the first whack, I screamed, jumped up, and tried to cover my bottom. I couldn't help it. It was just reaction. But I had already violated Mom's commands, and she told me to get back into position and that I had earned myself the paddle. I cried "Nooo, Mom, please! I'm sorry!" but she would hear none of it, and repeated her orders for me to bend over again, warning "Don't make me tell you again."

I bent back over the bed, and Mom swung the belt again, and it landed on my bare bottom just as hard as the first time, and then the rest of the whacks came one after the other quickly. I screamed and tried for all I was worth to keep position, but there were a couple of more times that the pain was too much to bear that I accidentally got out of position again. I knew I had earned more smacks from the paddle for that, and Mom was determined to spank me until I was completely obedient.

After five minutes of getting the belt, Mom told me to get the paddle from my dresser and bring it to her, and don't rub my bottom while I did it. I walked across my room sobbing and feeling the sting in my bare bottom, knowing that it was very crimson by now, and my punishment wasn't even over yet. After I retrieved the paddle, I bent over Mom's knees again, and she made sure that my bare bottom was positioned nice and high, and she held my legs between hers so I couldn't move, just as she had done earlier. Then the first smack with the paddle came SMACK!, and I screamed and howled from the renewed spanking. Mom spanked me good and hard for five minutes with the paddle as well, sometimes paddling me slowly for effect, and other times in rapid succession, like machine gunfire. This left me blubbering like a baby, powerless, and promising to be very good from now on for her.

After the spanking was over Mom walked over to my closet while I laid on my bed crying with a VERY red and very sore, soundly spanked bare bottom, and she took out a diaper and powder from a shelf. She came back over to the bed and told me to roll over on my back so she could diaper me. Whenever I got a moderate or severe spanking, Mom always put me in diapers. It was part of the punishment, to treat me like the little child I had acted like. By this time I didn't care. I just felt the pain in my bottom, and that's all I could focus on. Mom slipped the diaper under me, powdered me, and fastened the diaper closed before telling me to go to sleep for a while.

Mom didn't come back in my bedroom until later that night. She opened the door and walked over to me, pulled back the covers, and unfastened my diaper. I had wet myself while I was sleeping, so she cleaned me up and put me back over her knee for my bedtime spanking. My bedtime spanking wasn't as severe as the earlier spanking Mom had given me, but perhaps that's why it wasn't as bad. She spanked me briskly with her hand for a few minutes before diapering me again and leaving me in bed to go to sleep for the rest of the night.

I'll post another story soon about the remainder of my punishment, but that was my day at the zoo. Now, I know that I deserved that spanking and the spankings that followed it for the week after. I know I shouldn't have back talked my mom in front of friends. I know I should't have spoken to Jessica the way I had. I know I shouldn't have been a brat, and I know that I shouldn't have run off in the zoo or tested my mother like I had. I admit that I deserved it. But what bothered me was that my friend very rarely got spanked, yet she was so bad, spoiled, and was just plain mean and manipulative. I felt that she deserved far more spankings than she got.

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Wow! That was some spanking! I agree that your friend should have got her butt blistered too!

Mom was always one that wouldn't hesitate to spank me for whatever reason.I haven't been friends with Jessica for many years now though. She moved and she tried to keep in contact with me for a little while, but I didn't have any interest.