My Worst Whipping

My parents almost always used a belt to punish me. They were very strict and religious and taught me verses from the Bible hat said it ws right to spank your child. This was a common belief growing up in our community.

I was spanked from the time I was about 3 or 4 years old, into my early teens. Mom and dad both spanked me when I was younger, but as I got older it was mainly dad that did it.

He always used a belt, sometimes it was on my bare bottom and other times on my pants-covered butt. Either way, it hurt and I cried. It usually took place in my bedroom.

The worst one I remember was when I was around 12 years old. I was out playing in the neighborhood with some friends and it was after dark. My mom was calling m to come home (of course in those days, that meant her standing on our front porch and yelling out my name).

I must have been too involved in play and did not hear her. The next thing I knew, my dad was out looking for me and telling me to get home. When I walked into the house, Mom was upset and yelled at me--I always thought she was oveprotective. Dad came in and told me to get to my bedroom. I could hear mom tellng him that I needed to be "taught a lesson".

Dad came into my bedroom, he already had his belt in his hand, doubled over. He was telling me about staying out late, etc and I was scared of course becauseI knew he was going to whip me.

He pushed me down onto my bed and then he reached into the waistband of my shorts and pulled my shorts and underwear totally off of me. He then whipped me with his belt. I don't know how many times he hit me, but I was crying and it hurt.

When he finally stopped I was sobbing and my butt hurt. He was saying things like you had better come home when called from now on and so forth.

Then he made me go out and apologize to mom. I was still "bottomless" and crying. Sheasked me if I had learned my lesson and I just said that "he" had whipped me. Mom replied that "yes he had" and that "I would get more if I didn't come home when I was supposed to."

I think this one affected me so powerfully because I was bare from the waist down, made to apologize and her reaction seemed so "mean". I have heard of kids getting hugged after a spanking but I never did, as much as I can remember.

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I think fair spanking over safety issues such as being out too late can be reasonable and appropriate to establish a boundary and an emotional feel that caregivers won't tolerate behavior that could put you at risk, but I don't think you should have been subject to mean or cold tempered discipline. I think it should have been made clear to you that they were taking action because they cared about your best interest so that your emotional child felt like it had a level headed parents it could count on to keep it within safe limits. I think you should have still felt safe and cared for under their control even while you were feeling the sting of the belt on your rear end.

mom dad both spank me into teen years dad belt mom hairbrush she would burn holes in my *** like anyting
i was around 10 back talk mom big time close to when dad was coming home i refused to do things she sent me to my room dad came home came up all he saidwas get them off now pants undies over bed hewhip my *** bad my sister was down staris she could hear me crying yelling out when done he would say go appoligize now down i was naked holding my bottom crying and told mom i was sorry sis sae things dangling down

Wow! Your story brought me lots of memories. I went through that too. Very strict catholic parents, Dad was too fond of belting us with all that **** of spare the rod spoil the kid. And Mom showing no sympathy at all. Even sometimes encouring Dad to teach us a lesson. I always excused her because she never was strapped so had no clue how bad it was. But she could overhear me getting it so it was clear I was in real misery. I recall in my teens once I tried to talk seriously with her and pleaded that Dad strapped us too hard. I was aghast when her only answer was You had it coming!

Carlos: Did Mom ever witness you strapped by Dad and did you get strapped bare bottom? Could Mom hear you pleading and yelling or see the results of your bare bottom after the strapping? What age was your last strapping? What was your last parental spanking and what was it for and how was it given?

Wow. Too many questions. Mom was a witness mostly with those -wait your dad know- spankings. If she had decided I needed punishment she wanted to make sure I was properly punished I guess. Dad always strapped on bare flesh. We just had to pull down undies a bit to bare cheeks, never naked , not even pulling them down to knees when Mom was there, so not too embarrasing. Indeed she heard me getting it. The strap always made me howl for real. No shame to confess it now ,back then I pretended with my friends that I took it like a man. Last strapping was at 15. A school related incident. A very bad strapping I recall begging in tears to dad to stop it. I really hated that he could make me cry like a kid till my last one. I hope all your questions are answered.

This just reminded me of the bell my father put on the roof of the garage. It could be heard over the neighborhood---it meant we had to get home right away. Failure to do so meant a spanking.

How often were you whipped for being late and were whippings bare bottom and in front of the rest of the family? What age was your last parental spanking and by whom and how?

That breaks my heart...So cruel..Child abuse..Sorry, but i was whipped too and never felt loved by my mother of stepfather..It only cost me 16 years of therapy and a life of self hate and never being a person..I am just a mind living the programmed life i was made to live...To this day I wish I had never been born...If only I had been a miscarriage or never conceived..Life sucks..Life is a great big joke..For real.

My stepfather was a strict southern Baptist and sincerely believed it was God's will for him to whip me when I misbehaved and he always did God's will. I grew up believing that God really had it out for my poor rear end.