A Week With A Sore Bottom

Mom always held true to her word when she would sometimes extend my punishment anywhere from a couple of days to a week. This didn't happen often, not the week long ones anyway, but when it did, I'd have one sore bottom throughout the duration of it, and plenty to think about. These punishments usually included getting spanked three times per day, morning, in the afternoon, and at bedtime, and during these punishments, I was diapered all day. Mom always believed that I should be treated the age I acted. The diaper thing seemed kind of weird to me, but I never dared to question her orders, with good reason.

Mom had the means to deliver each of my spankings throughout each day as well. Mom and Dad divorced a couple of years prior, and I rarely ever saw Dad. So it was just Mom and I most of the time, and I had no one to help get me out of my punishments. . .Dad probably wouldn't have helped me anyway. Mom owned a small store within five minutes of our home. It wasn't much, but it paid the bills and provided us with everything we needed. However, this also meant that Mom was her own boss. When I was on punishment, I still got all three of my punishments on time. Mom would find someone to cover the store while she was gone, and she would come home to give me my afternoon spanking. If she couldn't get away from the store for whatever reason, she told me to walk to the store at a certain time, and bring the paddle with me so she could give me my spanking in the employee room in the back of the store. This was embarrassing, and it happened on many occasions, even with one-time spankings when I wasn't 'on punishment'.

The day after the zoo incident, which I wrote about in my last story, was the first day of my week of punishments. Mom woke me up early, probably around 7am before she would leave to work. She came into the room with a paddle in hand, sat it down on the side of my bed, and went to the closet to retrieve another diaper and changing supplies. Then Mom came back and sat on the bed next to me, and she told me to roll over on my back and take off my pajama bottoms. After doing that, Mom undid my diaper and cleaned me, then told me to bend over her knees for my morning spanking, and I did as I was told.

My spankings were always on the bare bottom. That was a cardinal rule. Once positioned properly, and my legs were between hers to prevent me from kicking, Mom scolded me and reminded me about how I had acted at the zoo the day before, and I apologized again to her, promising that I wouldn't do it again. "Darn right you won't do that again." Mom said, and then she started spanking me with the paddle.

I started crying at the second or third smack, pleading with her by the sixth, and by the tenth I was screaming and sobbing without being able to utter another comprehensible word. About a minute into the spanking, I barely had the ability left to even try to struggle, and I just lay limp over Mom's knee, taking each sharp smack with the paddle. I prayed that it would soon be over, but it lasted at least a few more minutes. When the spanking was over, Mom told me to lay on my back on my bed, and she powdered and diapered me. Before she left my room to go to work, she warned me not to take my diaper off, and that she'd be home from work around noon to give me my next spanking.

Mom walked in the door promptly at noon. I hated hearing the screen door shut. I knew this meant my spanking was moments away, and I wished I could have been anywhere else right now. . .even school. Unfortunately for me and my bottom, school was out for the summer, so things went as scheduled. My afternoon spankings were usually the most severe, unless I had to go to Mom's store for my spanking. Then she normally either used the paddle or her hand. But when my afternoon spankings took place at home, they were always with the belt.

As was normally expected from me, I was sitting on my bed waiting for mom to come into my room. When she walked in, she did the same as she did in the morning, changed my diaper and cleaned me. Before putting a new diaper on me, I would receive my second spanking of the day. for this, I had to bend over the end of my bed and hold my bare bottom high, and relax my cheeks. I remember staring at the pattern in my quilt, just waiting for the first whack to land on my bottom. Once it did, I started crying from the very first one. Unlike the day before though, I didn't move out of position. I made sure that whatever I did, I didn't move. The spanking lasted a few minutes, and when it was over, Mom stood me up. As I waited for her to put the belt down and get ready to diaper me again, I caught a glimpse of my bare bottom in the mirror across the room. My bottom was very, very red. It was crimson all over with welts and red lines that the belt had left on it. My bottom hurt so bad that it felt like it was being torn off of me, and it took me several minutes to stop crying. Then Mom diapered me and went back to work.

When Mom asked me to go to her store for my afternoon spankings, I'd take the paddle with me and walk down the sidewalk a couple of blocks, and as soon as I entered the store, I had to find her to let her know I was there. Then she would take the paddle from my hand and lead me to the room in the back of the store, where she had me lay on a table to change me out of my diaper. Then she sat in a chair and put me into position over her knees and paddled my bottom very hard from anywhere from a few minutes to five minutes, whatever she felt did the job at the time. I tried not to scream or cry so that the customers and employees wouldn't hear me up front, but my efforts never worked. Not long after Mom began spanking me, I was crying and pleading loudly, and I'm sure everyone in the store could hear me. This embarrassed me at first, but as the spanking progressed, I soon forgot all about the customers and could only think about my very sore bare bottom. After the spanking was over, Mom diapered me again (she kept supplies in a cabinet there for these times), and sent me home. I was so embarrassed to walk back through the door to leave. I felt the eyes of the customers and employees watching me as I passed, still having tears running down my face, but I didn't look at anyone. I just left through the front door as fast as I could and continued to cry the whole way home with a sore bottom.

At bedtime, Mom came into my room after I had my shower. These spankings were usually with the hand, and depending on my behavior throughout the day, sometimes I'd get five extra smacks with either the paddle or the belt. Getting my bare bottom spanked fresh out of the shower was no fun at all. Mom was already waiting for me sitting on the bed when I walked into my bedroom, and I started crying when I saw her, as well as the belt lying next to her. Before dinnertime, I made the stupid mistake to answer Mom in a sarcastic tone of voice when she asked me to set the table, and it earned me five whacks with the belt.

First, I went over Mom's knees for my hand spanking. Just because it was a hand spanking didn't mean it hurt any less than my other spankings. Mom was very thorough, and she always spanked me pretty hard. By the time she finished spanking my bottom, it was red all over, as well as the top of my thighs and she even somehow knew how to reach between my thighs and crack. This was probably the most thorough spanking I got each day of my punishment, in terms of area covered. I was crying like a baby for the entire five minutes of this spanking, and then I had to bend over the end of my bed to get five whacks with the belt. When I had spankings added, such as that night, Mom made me count each one of the five whacks. By the time I received my fifth whack of the belt, I was barely able to say the number five. Finally, Mom told me to lay on my back on my bed, and she diapered me one last time for the night. I went to bed with one very sore bottom, and I definitely didn't sleep on my back.

That's pretty much the way my punishment went every day for a week that time. I hated when I was on punishment like that, but I was never able to stay out of trouble, and I don't know why. I rarely got a week's worth of punishment though. It was usually only for two or three days, but still. . .it hurt. Do you think my spankings and being 'on punishment' was too severe, or do you think I deserved them? I know I deserved spankings, but being 'on punishment'??

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Hell no u ain't fears that ****

5 Whacks a night is not too severe. Bet you thought twice about misbehaving.

Honey I like your story. But some of your punishment you did not deserved them. Yes you did deserver a spanking when you where naughty. Your mom was turn on by paddling you 3 time a day. Do you miss have a sore butt today for your age now?

Let me guess you're a tender heart. My two oldest have both earned this type of 3 spankings a day punishment for a week. Only did it once and they were on such a restriction they have no desire to repeat this offense. The spanking wasn't as severe but 10 strokes of a switch 3 times a day will get you humble and obedient.

well yes you deserved punishment but a week long is far too much. I think just a bare bottom spanking over the knee is ample, but for something more severe how about six of the best with a nice springy cane

I feel like it was to severe as well, and some things, such as the whole diaper thing, was weird. I just don't see how that part was supposed to be effective, or do anything beyond entertain my mother. I understand that I deserved a spanking, but I felt that a week's worth of them three times per day was too much. I could understand a couple of days worth, once a day or so, and not so severe. My mother took her being embarrassed very seriously, perhaps too seriously.

Much too severe. I get the impression that yout mom enjoyed spanking and embarrassing you. What are your feelings about spanking nowadays ?