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I Still Get Spanked

Hey all,

I live with my parents and my brother. My parents are always very nice to me. Unfortunetely they will spank me if I act up, like backtalking, fights with my brother or as they call it "Bad behavior".

They spank my brother too when he's bad. My parents use the brush or the belt. Before and after we got spanked we're sent to the corner for cornertime.

It's possible that we get spanked on the jeans, but it's also possible we get the spanking bare. It depends on the behaviour.

My parents don't hesitate to spank in public. I got a spanking in the supermarket once. My parents are strict but also very sweet. Their rule is: Childs get punished like childs. They think there is a strict line between adults and childs.

I mostly get spanked 2 times per month (of course it depends, sometimes I do not get spanked for weeks)

I will write some other experiences about this and I am happy that I found a place to share my experiences.

What is your opinion? Do you think my parents should spank me, or am I too old?
JC97 JC97 18-21, F 54 Responses Dec 30, 2012

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I think a spanking can be useful for you. If you behave like a child you should get spanked as a kid too.
But I think a girl of your age should not get it on the bare any longer. It must be so embarrassing for you to get it in that way.

You are still living under your parents roof so you don't obey the rules yes they have every right to spank you. I was spanked by mom till 16 only reason she stopped was she got arthritis in both her knees so she couldn't spank me no more hadn't been for that she would have spanked me as long as I lived with then

i stopped spanking when my kids got to 16 but they had stopped there bad behavior you have not so if they feel you still need it to teach you how to behave

Hi Jaycee, I'm 16 and in the same boat. My brother is 15 and we get in trouble pretty often. Add me if you can. I can't add you.

If not to hard a spanking can be fun. Wear some padding under your jeans, then it will not hurt that much.

If the spankings are working, then you're not too old.

Please add.

If I'm not too old, You're not.

There is no limits for spankings, you can get spanked as a kid till you are a senior, you will always do misbehaves, and spanking helps make you feel free from guilt. I used to tell mom about things I did wrong that she wasn't aware about, although it hurt to be spanked, I always feel comfort after that.

I agree. There are no age limits for spanking. My wife and I were out of town one weekend. We were getting set to leave the hotel room for the morning. I was getting a little to frisky. Pretty soon sh had had enough. She pulled the chair out from the desk and set it in the middle of the room. She took off her belt and told me to take my pants down and lay across her lap. She gave me about 20 good swats with her belt and let me up, asking if I had learned my lesson. I said yes ma'am and she put her belt back on. Spankings clear the air at any age.

U thier

How old r u

15 years old ;)

Couldn't add you so can't follow your stories as you asked.

What did the people in the supermarket say?

They didn't do anythimg

Certainly not too old, my girls are close in age and spanked also. Severeparents2 on yahoo messenger

You are certainly NOT too old.

I'm 16 and still get spankings from bo
th of my parents if I break one of the rules or lie, disobey, talk back. My parents put me over their lap and pull down my panties and spank my butt until its sore. It sucks I try to behave so it doesnt happen.

Probably not what you want to hear but you are not too old to be spanked.

Your parents love you and care about you. That is why they take the time to discipline you when and if you need it.

It's easier said than done but behave and your spankings will stop.

if you behave you wont get spanked so if you want it to stop the you know what to do

I don't feel you are too old at all. My older three children received their last spanking in their late teens. I've always been of the thought that 'too old' is determined by behavior, not age. I have always told mine that when you can show me through your behavior that you no longer need a spanking, then you are too old.

I've also told them that spanking remains an option as long as they are being supported by us, and 'supported' also includes paying for their college. And that rule will apply to our youngest as well.


One is never too old.. i discipline woman in their 20,s and 30,s and 40,s.. If a firm hand is needed, it is needed..and you understand that your folks love you, but they do what is best for you.

I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but there is a 17 year old girl in this house right now who had a very tough time sitting down all day long today after having a talk with a hairbrush last night.

I bet she hated what the hairbrush had to say. ;)

You are probably right, but she listened well anyway.

Remind me not to come to your house, I don't need to know what your hairbrush says compared to my moms.

Certainly not too old for it. I have two teen daughters that are spanked also when they misbehave.

Severeprents2 on yahoo messenger

I am a believer in spankings, but teenagers are really too old to get spankings, but again if teenager acts like a 5 yr old, they should get spanked like a little child. I do not how ever believe in spanking teenagers bare bottoms. I am a christian and it is wrong and also illegal to force teenager or anyone naked. It is sexual abuse. If you told school or councelor at school about it. Parents could get into trouble, at least in this state they can. Most kids wont tell on their parents though. I would tell teenager to grow up, and stop acting like a little child. In this state, they are training 16yr old boys and girls to be Certified Nursing Assts. They are training right in high school as part of a class. They train and work at assissted living facilities. The 16yr old girls are toiletting, bathing, dressing old men and women. The boys are training as well. There is huge shortage of Nurses aids and nurses period. It is part of encouraging kids to go into the health care field. So, if teenagers act like an adult and are doing adult things and being responsible. They wouldnt need spankings like a little child.

So what do you really think?

Your never to old to get spanked as long as you love under their roof they have every right to spank you my daughter is 18 years old and she gets spanked wherever in the living room, kitchen & sometimes even public she also does corner time but the reason why we parents spank y'all teenagers is because we love yall

should never be done bare bottoms as teenager, 18 is too old. Your daughter probably wont say anything to authorities, but if she did you could get in trouble for assult. I lived with parents past 22, they never spanked me. I was never spanked as a teenager eather for that matter. I think parents somewhat perverted. I am a 50yr old christian man a souther baptist. I believe dad should not be seeing his daughter naked, and mom sould not be seeing her son naked unless they are sick, handicapped and needed help. It is morally wrong, and sin. I am single dad who raised a daughter by myself with help of grandmother. I spanked my daughter 3 times in her whole life all under age of 10yrs old. I did not have to spank daughter during teenage years. She was all in all good kid. She and her husband now are registard nurses, and I have a very, very close relationship with them. My daughter was very modest from 10yrs old up through her teenage years. My grandmother who also is a nurse helped her with her hygene issues and such. But, her and I always had good father daughter diaglog, and was open on the subject of boys, sex etc. But, I always respected her dignity. She not as modest anymore. I had spinal cord surgery and she helpled me with personal things after surgery. But, I am thankful for our relaionship. My son in law calls me dad. Dont take the chance in ruining a relationship with your kids as adults later on because you ***** them if their dignity as teenagers. It can happen. My mother sexually abused me until I was 13. I never had relationship with her after that. My dad and her divorced. My mother never got to see or even meet her granddaughter. I never trusted her to be around my daughter. I did attend my mothers funeral in1995.

My daughter wants to act like I child she is going to be treated like one

You're still a child. Your parents have to decide what they do to get you to a sound mature woman. If they decide to spank you, so be it. You have got to accept that, you have to listen and obey your parents. When you don't, you will end up over the knees. You're not too old, you're just 15 years old.

she should tell a teacher, councelor at school, police officer. This is sexual perverted abuse. Get out of that abusive relatonhip with your parents. It is against the law.

i have 4 kids that i have spanked when they need it and i was spanked and my sister as children most of the time i was spanked for some thing that was not my fault

You know the penalty for misbehaving, so you should not be surprised when it happens.

I know that.

There doing what they think is right for you. My mother punished me upto I left for college and I thank her for it. I make 6figures today because she took the time for me and my sister. I lost my dad to cancer at age 8

Ok... um i kinda do because your only 3 years away from becoming your own person and they still spank? i would probably get grounded or something like that

When i became a parent and my children were about 5 years old i asked my parents why do i feel so guilty when i spanked my child. Sometimes i would feel guilty immediatly after i did it. I would ask my self was it too hard or did i hit them to many times. I really felt bad about it then i asked my mother why do i feel that way. Her advice to me was" is it out of love or out of anger" that you spanked them. What she meant was when you spank your child out of love because they would run out in the middle of the street and you did not want them to go hurt or worse bye doing it again. But out of anger is when you just do it because you are mad at them. I hope this helps you some how some way when you have children.