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Henna Tattoo

Well it has been a very long time since I have put up a story here, but the honest truth is I have been good and acting like a young adult lately (if that is believable).
My baby sister was born a month ago so I've been trying to be a good daughter and not cause any problems for my parents, but here is the story about how they found out about the henna tattoo I have down my back.

We spent New Years down in Miami, its been beautiful warm weather perfect for swimming and hanging around on the beach.
Well every time we go to Miami I get a henna tattoo, and unlike a permanent tattoo the ink is just painted on the skin not injected with a needle.
I got two before but they were very low on my back and were not very noticable but this time I decided why not have some more fun and get a big one down my back. I think it looks pretty awesome, its got flowers and  it goes from the back of my neck down to the top of my butt.

As an early celebration of my baby sisters first month being alive we had a pool party today for our friends and neighbors so they could meet little Roni before we went back home.
My first reaction was "Oh Crud how am I going to hide this tattoo from my parents if I have to wear a swimsuit?"
The original plan was to avoid swimming altogether, but today I was just hanging around the backyard and my mom insisted that I go swimming because..........."Dont be rude all the other kids are in the pool.....go get changed and get in the water."
Oh boy well I went and got changed into a one piece swimsuit, I do have bikinis but usually when my parents are around I dress in more modest swimwear. I also let my hair hang down, I thought that if I didnt move around too much the tattoo would stay hidden and I wouldnt get killed.

I went swimming and actually had fun but the whole time I couldn't fully relax because I was worried someone would see my mom was the first to notice my "body art".
I jumped up and lifted my arm to hit a volley ball across the pool, I knew I shouldnt have done it because the second I did I heard a gasp/cry coming from the direction where the adults were sitting.
I turned around and my mom had turned white as a sheet, her body crumpled up and she started to fall over..........I was thinking to myself (I think I know what she saw that shocked her either that or  the sun was just getting to her) I hope it was the sun.
My dad caught her and carried her inside so she could lay down. I jumped out of the pool and wrapped up in a big towel, I didnt want to get out but I knew I probably had some explaining to do.

My mom was laying on the couch with a small crowd gathered around to see if she was alright. My dad was wiping her forehead with a cold washcloth and talking to her try to get her awake.
A few minutes later she came dad asked  "Honey are you okay? Do you remember what happened before you passed out?"
He helped her get a drink of water and then she started crying "My beautiful Lexi has a horrible tattoo on her back :'( "
There was dead silence and every eye turned on me : / .
I had been waiting quietly, trying to dry off so i wouldnt drip water everywhere.
I threw up my hands and tried to explain......."Its not real its just a henna........." I have seen my dad mad lots of times before but this time his face was turning red.
Very calmly he told me to go to my room and we would be discussing this later.

Yikes : / I am so busted
My mom didnt grow up in a typical American culture and so she believes the upper classes should be sophisticated and well refined.
She told it is not proper for young ladies to have piercings and tattoos. Her reasoning is how can you wear a ball gown if you are scarred with black markings? She told me the only thing on my body I could pierce was my ear lobes. And my dad is pretty much the same in his beliefs, he has a tattoo on his shoulder from his younger wilder days, (after my incident though my mom has been bugging him to have it removed.) My brothers both have tattoos but they had to wait until they were 18 to do it or suffer the consequence. My brother Clay says he will never forget my dads words when he considered piercing his lip............."If it doesnt hurt enough getting a hole poked through your lip, imagine how much it will hurt when I rip that ring out with the pliers."

*sigh* I chatted with my friends while I was waiting, I hate the wait thats almost as bad as the actual whipping but I was trying to think of ways to explain how it wasnt permanent and it would fade away in a week or two.

My mom had recovered and rest of the party went well without any more drama, but around 4-o-clock when all our guests went home, my parents came up to my room for a very serious talk : /.

I think more than anything they were just relieved it wasnt permanent, but they were both furious about the very idea that I got any kind of tattoo. I feel bad because I know my mom was really upset about it : / I dont like disappointing her.
I was lecutured about how I have beautiful skin and I dont need tattoos to look pretty and they made me promise I must never ever do this again. And the more I think about it I have decided my tattoo days are over for good.

Even with my begging and pleading my dad still decided it would be a good idea to give me a reminder that I will not be gettting anymore tattoo's.
"Pleeeaaasse Dad I swear I won't get anymore tattoo's, I learned my lesson I'm going on 18 I dont want a spanking." My begging unforchantly did not break him down and I knew I was probably just testing his patience, so I dropped my pants and bent over the bed.
He laid 40 hard whacks down with his doubled belt, I am glad we dont have a razor strop at this house, because I know I couldnt handle that many, I barely handled it this time, its been months since I have gotten a bad whipping and I am getting soft ha ha.
I was crying and so sore I couldn't sit down long after he was done.
I was lectured again and my mom instructed that I will soak in a hot bath and use exfoliating scrubs and washes on my back every day until all that horrible ink is gone.

From this experience I have learned that you dont have to put tattoos on your body to be cool, the more I think about it just like my dad give it 40 years when you are old and it won't be  cool anymore.
I have been blessed with healthy skin and a body perfect just the way it is and I am not going to mess with it anymore.
So here is a bit of advice for my younger sisters and all the other young people out there who are considering tattoos (even temporary ones.)
Yeah go ahead and mark your body with ink, it will seem fun and cool for the first few days or as long as you can hide, but when your parents find out..............good luck to you.

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Sorry thats sad. I really know how you feel.
I get the belt. everything down.

That's crazy. You're young and its not permanent so, so what? When you're young is when you should do the crazy fun not permanent experimenting, such as piercing and get it out of your system since you can't when you're older. I had tons of piercings (nothing gross) and crazy colored hair (blue, pink, purple...) and got 2 tattoos both with my moms permission and both easily hidden for my professional adult life. My husband has done the same. In this day in age its just not that big of a deal. Our sons will also be allowed to do what they want (except for tattoos because those are permanent and you really should wait until you're an adult and have figured out your profession and realty given a lot of thought to it)


Hey I'm sorry u got a whipping sis i'll always have your back no matter what

If little Lexi does this what do you have to say to her

Good luck Lexi


Well another great story Lexi it's to bad you got spanked I do not know why parent just cannot say do not do it again. I think you would have learned your lesson but hey that was there decision.

You did learn a very important lesson.

yeah i know