Sailors Mouth

My Mum calls swearing Sailors Mouth and when I swear she really gets angry about it. She caught me swearing at one of my younger cousins on New Years Eve and had my Dad punish me. He took me to my bedroom and strapped my bum until I was crying and then put me to bed. It was only 7.45pm. He should he wouldnt have been so strict about it but had to be because my cousin was only 11 and it was infront of the rest of the family.
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

i have 4 kids and spanked them all if they was swearing and i would do the same to you if you did to me


Do you know how many strokes you got, ddgirl?

i get spanked for cussing oe even for using the word suck like that sucks my parents say that is a nasty dirty word and will spank for that dad uses his belt as i lay on the bed mom puts me otk for a paddle or brush

Did your cousin know about your punishment?

were you asked about it afterwards?

was their asking even more embarrassing? Or interesting to tell?