Yes I i got belted now and then but never more than 12 and to me it was hard but probably wasn't that bad. I m just a not tough.
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I only got 6-8 usually. I can't believe this many people received spankings like I did.

How long did your bottom sting following 12 licks? Was the belt a thick belt, or thin one from your mother's own wardrobe?

It stung long enough. I have a pic of it on my profile

Are you American? I thought belt whippings only happened in America...and that it is illegal in the rest of the Western world. I didn't see any belt in your profile.

I'm in Australia. It's in my pics

We usually got between 10-15 when my dad used his belt on me or my brother. You didn't know how many you were going to get when he started and after each lick it seemed like he was never going to stop. But the whole ordeal lasted a minute or so, but it seemed like an hour.

i was belting growning up but alot of times it was more then 12 from dad

i am against this kind of education for me better speak than strike

i amnot for the belt but we need discipline

I look at it as every child deserves a spanking once and a while, but NO Child deserves a beating! There is a difference!

i only spanked my kids with my hand but Charlotte got the paddle once i never used a belt on them as i got it a lot my self as a child

for which mistakes

Did you cry?

did you examine the marks in the mirror afterwards

Im new here Im bit shy. Im looking round

Yeah me too

Not too bad just enough to get the message through!

Sounds like your mom and dad know how much is enough. Enough to get the message across without you ever/ever/ever wanting another one but not going overboard in giving too much.