One day my whole family went to my aunts she lived in a building main floor but 3 stories high my mom bought a swimming pool there was 4 of us kids swimming my mom always tanned our butts more then my dad every time we acted up our bums were tanned. So we were swimming having fun when I got a bright idea to climb so this building had balconys and this like design up it with concrete holes all the way up and you could climb right to the roof so I started climbing almost to the 3 rd floor when I heard a scream get your a** down her now it was my mom so I'm scared cuz anytime you hear that yell you were getting spanked. My bathing suit was soaking wet and didn't really cover my bum by the time I got to the ground my mom had a thick 4 inch wide brown leather belt in her hand people were out there watching she grabbed me and said you know better then this and put me over her knee she spanked me with that belt for a good 10 mins I'm screaming sorry sorry please I knew better but I did it anyways my butt was blisterd I was sent to bed and I had a hard time sitting down I deserved it I could have fell and seriously hurt my self. What do you think
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Your mother should have had a discussion with you, NOT A STRAPPING WITH A BELT. THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THIS CRAP.....

I agree with what your mom did. It may have hurt but not as much as falling

The usual punishment for putting myself, or other kids, in danger was either a good lickin' with the strap or good hiney warming with the hairbrush. One time I ran into the street without looking, right into the path of an oncoming car. Fortunately the car stopped without hitting me, but the sounds of screeching tires on the pavement brought everyone out of their house, including my mother, to see what happened.

When the driver told her that I needed to learn to look before running into the street my mother agreed completely and replied with "I'm going to take him inside right now and give him a good lesson with the hairbrush!" When the neighbors heard me yelling and crying they knew mommy was giving me a hairbrush lesson.

You probably did deserve the spanking for what you did, but I think your Mum was a bit naughty giving you that spanking with a belt, especially with people looking on. As you are quite young I am surprised that she got away with it as child abuse is illegal and has been for some time. however any time you want your bottom soothed, give me a call?