Spanked Twice Same Day With The Belt

Remember one summer-day when i was a 6 - 7 old and mom had a bad day and a bad headache in morning, at breakfast i talked back to mom couple times, Mom say that's it you need a spanking my girl and she immediately took off belt from summer dress, maybe 1" wide old leather belt and took my dress off and whipped me naked over his knee for a long time on my bottom and thighs, when my mom stopped i was crying in hysterics, told me to me to stop crying or do you want a another spanking and mom send me in for a corner time, then send me to go my bedroom and i had me to clean my room before go outside

At afternoon when i come in for lunch after i had been backyard in my playhouse all day, after a time mom asked me of i had cleaning my room properly and she say to me that had no even try to cleaning my room and ask if i need a another spanking, i say no mommy and she only told we going up to my room try again and she will check it out later

Later before bedtime when i was up in my room, mom came to my room, think it was OK but not in my mom view and she scolded me a long time how awful brat i was, she took my hand bend me over end of bed and lift up my dress and pull knickers down, she gave me at least 10 - 12 hard licks with same belt again, now over my already sore bottom and this time the belt was not a with folded,she pull it around the hand, the sound of the belt was awful before the end hit my bottom and i had to cry myself to sleep, it hurt so badly

For days i had deep red/blue welts across my bottom after the another spanking i got, when i look in bedroom mirror next morning, but i still love my mom after all,

Jennifer74 Jennifer74 36-40, F 1 Response Mar 14, 2013

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Well I have to say I was never beaten twice in one day. And was that the only time you were spanked twice in one day have you ever been spanked more than twice in one day. I am not really sure about the idea of more than one spanking in one day I guess if you keep on being bad or breaking the rules I guess it okay but I would figure would try to behave seeing that there bum was already sore.