Shoplifting And The Sheriff'S Belt

At age 16, I was caught shoplifting, and that was one of the worst whippings I ever received. I remember making the phone call to my stepfather: " I am at the police station and you need to pick me up." I was crying the entire time at the station and on the phone. I knew what was going to happen to me.

The sheriff said that he would let me go if my stepfather convinced him that I would be punished properly at home. I was praying that they would not release me. They had no idea that he would tear my bottom up.

I remember my stepfather's words like it happened yesterday:
"The girl's going to get the whipping of her life Sheriff,of that, i can assure you. ". The sheriff was wearing a very thick hard leather belt which my stepfather noticed and said, "I would be grateful Sir if you would lend me your belt for the evening. I'll return it tomorrow after I have dealt with her."

My stepfather wasn't playing around and really wanted to scare me. I was shocked when the Sheriff removed it from the loops and said to make sure you give her a good one. I was sick to my stomach and felt like I was going to faint.

"Take the belt from the Sheriff Kandi... and hang on to it until we get home."

We sat in the car in perfect silence, the thick belt curled up and resting in my lap like a cobra ready to attack. We left the police station and I don't remember the drive home.

When we arrived home, my stepfather slammed the car door as hard as he could and moved quickly into the house. Once I was inside, I started to beg him to listen. "They made a mistake. I was going to pay for the perfume. I wasn't thinking when I put it in my pocket to try on sunglasses. I swear I was going to pay for it!"

"I know when you are lying Kandi... you can keep the tears for now, you WILL be needing them soon, very soon... put your hands on that thick belt Kandi... feel the stiff leather... very soon it will be whipping your bottom... and you know you deserve it... dont you?"

He told me to go to my room and *****, and he said that perfume is going to feel very expensive very soon. I went up the stairs with my legs shaking.

I removed my shoes and skirt and sat on the bed. I jumped when he closed the door behind him.

"Shoplifting and carrying pot young lady... how hard a whipping do you think you deserve for that Kandi?".

"At least we agree on that Kandi... a hard whipping is what you deserve. Go to the closet Kandi, bring out the spanking stool...then pull down your panties for me."

I made my way to and from the closet, sniffling and shaking and climbed on top of the stool. I began to tremble when he moved my panties down my legs and to my feet. He asked me to hold his hand as I steadied myself.

The sting from the belt was almost too much for me to take.
SWATT! ... SWATT! ... SWATT! ... I cried and begged, but he whipped me hard.

Then he made me turn to face him with my bottom ablaze and my pubes at eye level. He began to lecture me and ask questions: "Are you ever going to steal again? Do I need to whip you more? Have you learned your lesson?" I could feel his warm breath on me as he continued to circle around and question me. Just when I thought it was over and I didn't think it could get any worse, he said, "Come down off the stool Kandi, now bend over and put your hands on it. I am not through with you."

I begged him to stop.


I cried uncontrolably as he landed the belt over and over on my behind. When he was through he made me stay in my room for the evening. I remember that it was hard to sit for days. It was the worst whipping I had ever received.
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Societies need this chastisement experiences to be more frequent, not just adults and teenagers. Punishment should be swift, sure and memorable!

I agree.

Yes you did earn every swat of that thick belt! I am sure you were sore for a few days after! You did learn your lesson didn't you ??

Why havnt I talked to you...Central Florida.

Hmm I am not sure ...guess we hadn't caught up yet.

Right awa I thought you were going to be spanked in front of the cop so he could see you gotpunished severe or maybethe cop is given a turn after stepdad finished with you I think you got just what you deserved and stiff thick belts hurt much morethen worn or broke in belts I know for a fact

I was doing a role play and was inspired to write this. Had it actually happened I can bet my stepfather would have had no problem whipping me in front of sheriff.

Ouch! Sheriff's belt sounds like it could be quite similar to a razor strop! I can imagine how scary that must have been holding onto that in your hands and how heavy it must have felt. I would have been paralyzed with fear if that were me. Well written as usual girl. What happened after with that belt?

This was Sirspank inspired. What happens after this is in the Truth or Dare story. I couldn't get it to work in this one, but could in another...sort of spank stool continued.

Ok :-)

I would have just made them hold you in daughter of mine gets bailed out by me for stealing-money involved or no.

You don't think that what I described was a tougher punishment than staying in jail for a couple days?

Nope. But I don't believe in spanking with implements or bare.

I must confess to becoming rather aroused during that story Kandi; its a combination of slipping your panties down, visualising how vulnerable you would look on that stool, his breath on your ***** area and the actual whipping itself...I don`t know why it gets me hard, but it does! Thank you...

It gets me going, as well. I think you will like Truth or Dare...the spank stool is used again!

I`ll look for that one.

It never ceases to amaze me how enthusiastic many here are for very hard punishment spankings. I would like to see the scientific evidence that hard spankings are more effective than perceived "deserved" spankings. I suspect that the latter actually "work" better. It would be an interesting study: take a group of identically naughty kids and compare their future shoplifting behaviors. Give half of them the exact spanking they thought they deserved, including no spanking at all if they were sure they did not deserve one; give the other half a hard one like Kandi41 described. Follow each group for six months or so. Then compare, who continued to shoplift and who was cured of it. My money would be on the deserved group but it sure would be an interesting study. I wonder if the review boards would approve of it if everyone was truly a volunteer. I suppose not since it is weird and edgy. But so many people are so sure that harder is better, if we could confirm that or disconfirm it, the spanking parents of the world could either lighten up (if my hunch is correct) or stick with administering "proper" ones if the common wisdom proves correct.

Good point. If I could get federal dollars I would do the study.

The owners of EP should sponsor social science studies like the aforementioned. Then all of us could apply for the grant and maybe help pay for it with our EP tokens! Which way would you bet, Kandi41? Harder is better? or More deserved is better?

Harder is better. They can also use data to research whether the spank gene is enheritted. Now, I will volunteer for that study if I can get a daily whipping at the clinic each day.

That kind of a study would be a lot more beneficial than many of the studies the Feds do now. But along those lines, what is a hard spanking to some folks might be a proper spanking to other people. I believe in hard spankings, but do not like to leave blisters, a longer spanking with no blisters is more desirable to me.

I agree. I think spankings should last a long time even with breaks and fondling.

Alfred - one clarification,please. You say "future shoplifting behaviors". What ages are you referring to?

I don't think you would be referring to the age I was when I had "sticky fingers" and "almost" shoplifted (between the ages of 4 and 6). I never got away with actually taking whatever it was (more than once) because Mom took it away from me before it made my pocket, then spanked me for trying to steal. Suffice it to say that, by the time I could go shopping without parental supervision, I wouldn't've dreamed of shoplifting.

I think learning ethics and wanting to be ethical is pretty involved. What are the different histories of the shoplifters and how they were raised? If a shoplifter believes they deserve a spanking, then they should be closer to being cured. So that group in the study should do better, unless there's mental illness. I don't know how you'd measure the spankings to make sure they agree with what a shoplifter felt they deserved. When I was growing up, I'd have gotten easier punishments if my opinion had been asked. Even if I knew I deserved what I got. That's the thing about punishment, it's always more unpleasant than you'd bargain for.

Spanking is one of many methods of punishment. I think it's used for the fear factor. It's designed to deter the crime more than to teach why not to commit it. So harder spankings should be more effective in scaring a shoplifter straight, assuming another spanking is the risk to be taken. But do the ends justify the means? No pun intended.

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The spankings where you were really bad, and there was appropriate justice administered, have a special flavor. I can still taste them, that's for sure.

That was a whipping you will always remember, and the kind that a naughty young lady should get for stealing. Thank you for sharing!

Yes. I still get butterflies thinking about it.

That must have been so awful holding the belt knowing you we're going to be spanked with it. I have had that done to me before too.

It was very scary. The anticipation is the most intense thing for me.

mmmm we need to see your *** all red

Being a retired corrections officer I own a couple of those wide leather belts like the Sheriff had. Sam Browne is what the belt is named. I've used it many times when I meet ladies who need a good stern punishment belting. Administered similar in the fact that this spanking was given. Usually administered as they stand and I have them place their hands on their head and I chase them around with the belt. Well past their uncontrollable sobbing! The belts have provided many unforgettable spankings for ladies I see.

Lol. That is great. I think I will never look at a sheriff in the same way. As it is I am always checking out a man's belt, looking for a nice supple leather. Lol. I'll bet you have held a prison strap in your day, as well.

You are right I have! I own and use two different punishment straps! One made of leather and the other made of rubber. Setting a ladies bottom on fire!

I really should be arrested for what I'm thinking right now!!!

I wonder if otkadvisor has ever been spanked.....I am curious....:)

Haha prolly not.

From his words, I doubt it. But I do wonder on how doing this to HIM would feel....

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Lucky you didn't get the paddle my friend. You'd have had little circles all over your *** for a week.

Hmmm. Paddle circles or welts from a heavy belt? I think I'll go for the paddle circles. Lol

I have had both. The paddle leaves deep bruises that you feel the whole week.

a very nice story!

If all shoplifters knew they would get that, shoplifting could be virtually eliminated.

wow i bet that hurt like hell

This was a harsh lesson to endure but a good one too! That belt spanking left a longer impression than any other punishment at the police tstaion would have! Sometimes the old fshion way is still best and keeps you from having a police record that stays with you forever!

Probably you could have had the punishment suspended and kept as just a possibility. Did you ever think "once" about shoplifting and then remember the spanking and think twice and not do it? That is the theory but often just the possibility suffices.

Never thought about stealing again.

Your punishment was harsh. You should not have been caught. I would have had the sheriff punish you and let your father watch. I bet you never stole again. Thank you for this posting.

Never stole again. I did read recently where these 5 or 6 kids were given the choice to get thrashings by their parents at the police station or be booked for vandalism. They all chose the lashings.

I wonder if they had some second thoughts about that decision! Spankings are a lot different in practice than they are in theory.

WOW! I cannot imagine how hard it was to ride home with that belt in my lap knowing how it would perform against my bare bottom very shortly. My stomach would be doing flip-flops! And, as soon as the undies went south my knees would turn to jelly knowing that the "moment of truth" was here. My bottom would be so sore! My sympathies for you, Kandi. I know this was very effective in stopping you from shoplifting anything ever again.
I stole something from a store when I was 9. A horrible spanking followed by a trip right back to the store so I could apologize to the manager and pay for what I stole, and the toy was then put in a container to be donated to the needy. I also lost my allowance for several weeks. That cured me!

The fear that I had was intense, and I remember the shaky, rubbery legs, dry mouth, and butterflies.

If all shoplifters got a good leathering like that from your stepdad they would not do it again in a hurry would they you naughty girl !!

Lol. They would not think about doing it again.

I bet you never dared do it again , I bet that taught you a lesson young lady !!

Caught shoplifting...the surest guarantee of a blistered behind where I came from.

I would imagine you never stole anything ever again.

You are right about that.