Daddy Discipline Me Becoase I Fingered Myself

I was 14 and i will never forget this.
My daddy use to spank my buttom every day just to keep me straight but i came to age when girls start to explore body. One night i feel so horny and i take off my closes and start to play on my pus...i was deep in my game when my daddy came suddenly to my room.I was schock and i wanted to cover my self but my daddy told me to continue with fingering.I couldn't !!! But he ordered me to continue and i know it that he is angry and i have to listen what he said. I continued with fingering and he was watching me but i couldn't ***. My daddy saw that i am horny but i can't reach point and he started to stimulate my sensitive and painfull niples.I was crazy from feelings and i got very deep orgasam. When i finished he stand up and he took his belt and he belt me so hard !!!! I was craying and shouting to not belt me but he didn't listen he belt me on my naked body to teach me the lessons to never again play on my body.
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Well, that was mean! I never knew when someone would come into my room because I lived with my aunt & uncle and he built the house himself, so he liked to show off all rooms. I don't mean at night time, but still...I learned to come w/o touched "there" with my hands, just did a rubbing and contraction kind of thing.

I do not understand this apparent passion for cruelty to Children. Smacking or THRASHING an innocent Child does NOT demonstrate LOVE it demonstrates HATE. I just hope some of these innocent Children have the opportunity to return this treatment when the parents are old and infirm. But NO, Society would not allow that on feeble OLD Folk, so why does Society allow this for the young who cannot defend themselves either.

How long have you hated the human race?

I don't hate the human race . I hate what some people do because they can't control their temper and REASON with innocent Children. If you fall in this category I really feel sorry for you because you are INHUMAN

I don't but thanks for the tirade. I had a good laugh.

I'm glad you get fun out of the suffering of little Children, perhaps you need to seek urgent medical assistance.

Well, after your psychiatric evaluation I will look into it lol

It will probably do you good

Let me know the results of your brain scan

At least I HAVE a brain which is considerate to those unable to defend themselves.

I sure hope you feel better after all this raving. You do seem to be caught in a time warp.

But wasn't it esp. wrong that the father commited a sexual sin to his daughter?

Well he definitely should not have sex with his daughter.

I agree smokeyboat.

We all have a brain considerate to those who cannot defend themselves but we weren't discussing bullying.

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Did your dad feel your body after finish spanking you?

did oyou learn the lesson?

Well and look at you now. :)

That story is so hot!!!! I would love to spank your sexy as as you squirm on my lap. Add me as a friend please.

Why would you stop after he had taken you to such heights? Did daddy find instances where he could pleasure you again?

Your dad should not break on your privacy times. I think you should have spanked him for that.


Did you ever get wet and/or aroused when he spanked you?

sometimes i got wet yes