Beth Saves Colt From A Whipping

In another story I posted, I tell of how my brother Colt was whipped with a mini lunge Whip for whipping my sister beth with a wet towel while playing under the sprinkler. Well, a couple months later, Beth actually saved Colt from a whipping. Here's what happened:

Colt, the oldest of all of us, was tasked with babysitting all of us while both parents were away for the evening. Colt was 16, Beth 17, Tabitha 15, Debbie 13, Faith 11, and me 9. Even thought Beth was the oldest, my dad placed Colt, the oldest boy in charge.

Well, when Colt was occupied with playing Monopoly with Beth, Tabitha, and Debbie...Faith and I went out to play, and when our parents got home, we were "unaccounted for." We had only wondered a hundred yards or so from the farm house, but when dad asked Colt, "Where are Faith and Stevie (my family referred to me as Stevie when I was small)," Colt replied that he didn't know. Well, dad was beside himself. He said to Colt, "I put you in charge of your brothers and sisters, and the two youngest are now unaccounted for? Son, you have betrayed my trust, and now, perhaps, your brother and sister are in jeopardy." Just as dad was finishing to scold Colt, in walked Faith and I. My parents sighed in relief. But, my dad still couldn't let it go. "Colt, meet me in the barn please." A summons to the barn can only mean one thing...a whipping.

Poor Colt had gotten the hiding of his life for repeatedly towel flicking Beth just a few months previously. I think Beth felt guilty for that particular hiding, as severe as it was. Thus, Beth started to plead with dad not to whip Colt. She started to "litigate" on his behalf, like a public defender, that Colt had done a great job babysitting, and that my disappearing with Faith was but for a moment. Nevertheless, Dad was incessant in his asserting that it only takes a moment for tragedy to strike. Beth kept pleading, "Daddy, please don't whip Colt, please don't!" Her sincere pleas bore fruit in the end. I think my dad was so moved by her intercession on behalf of Colt, that he wanted the night to end on a positive note. He always had taught us to stand by one another in the time of need, and Beth was passing the test with flying colors. Dad said, "Colt, hug your sister, she just spared your hide a whipping." Colt and Beth hugged, and then we all joined in, in part, to celebrate that Faith and I were not in harm's way.
phillysteve phillysteve
36-40, M
Sep 24, 2013