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Red Orchid ~ Whipped After Prom

My stepfather became a lot more nurturing and loving after my mom left. He continued to punish me more and sometimes harder, but he also spent a lot of time holding me and doing things with me. We became very close and he would sometimes take showers with me and let me sleep in his bed after a hard whipping with the belt.

Prom was coming soon and I had invited my best friend Richard. Jim said, "Let's go Sweetheart. I want to buy you a special dress for the prom, and I want my princess to look beautiful." Jim was a tall, stunning looking man and seemed so proud of me. I couldn't wait to put the dresses on and parade around for him. He took me by the hand and we went to Nordstroms. I had butterflies walking into the big, expensive store, and said, "really daddy, you don't need to spend all this money."

He just smiled, and we spent the afternoon shopping for a dress and shoes. He also told me to pick out undergarments, and we spent over an hour looking at bras and panties. He said that since he let me pick out the dress that he would pick out the panties and bra. We had dinner and then we went home.

Jim took the day off from work so that he could help me get ready for my date. He seemed almost as nervous as I was. He waited in my room while I took my shower and layed out my panties and bra on the bed. He handed me my underclothes piece by piece and watched me finish my hair and put on my ivory lace dress. With one last look in the mirror, he came up behind me and kissed my neck and ran his fingers up my bare arms and shoulders. I could see tears in his eyes. I told him how much I loved him, and we went down to answer the door. Richard had arrived.

Jim opened the door for Richard and gave him a heavy pat on the back, and with his arm around him ushered him into the living room where I was waiting. He told Richard that he expected him to be a gentleman and that there would be hell to pay if anything happened to his little girl. I blushed. Richard smiled nervously and handed me my corsage of beautiful daisies. My stepfather excused himself and returned with a big box and said he wanted me to have two corsages and put a gorgeous red orchid on my other wrist. He held my arm adorned with the red orchid and said, "Behave tonight Kandi or I will make your bottom this color."

I blushed and gave Jim a kiss on his lips and we left for prom. We had a lot of fun and I had butterflies dancing to slow songs. A little part of me was worried about going home that night and what kinds of questions Jim might ask me, and I kept getting butterflies from that and it made me nervous. I couldn't concentrate too much on dancing and having fun, but I was excited when Richard finally kissed me and held onto my hand.

We were only 10 minutes late when Richard walked me to the door, and the house was dark so I kissed him goodnight. I eased the door open, and it creaked a little. All the lights were out, and I breathed a little sigh of relief, as I thought to myself that Jim must sleeping.

I took my sling back shoes off and started to tip toe up the stairs, and I heard his calm voice ask me if I thought it was about time that I came home. I paused on the stairs, and he told me to go upstairs and take my dress off and to wait in my room for him. I felt overwhelmed with panic and fear, but a part of me always got excited when I knew that I was going to get a whipping. I also think that he knew that the whippings were some how good for me and that I was always more loving and affectionate for days following a good session with the belt.

I went into my room and took the dress off and hung it in the closet. I was trembling when I put it in a hanger. My mouth was dry and my hands shook while I waited. He walked in my room and looked handsome in his tight jeans and tshirt.

"Kandi. Stand up and come here honey. I need to find out if you were a good girl for daddy.". I nervously told him that I was good and that nothing bad happened with Richard. I stood in front of him and he took his index finger and tugged at the front of my white cotton panties and looked inside them. Then he looked at me. I started to cry. I just broke down in tears.

He said, "shhhhh. Daddy knows you try to be good Kandi," and he leaned over and started kissing the tears off my face and on my lips. While he was kissing me, he whispered, "Do you need my belt Kandi?"

I started to cry some more and his tongue went into my mouth. It felt so good kissing him that I could hardly breathe. It was at that moment that I realized Richard didn't know how to kiss. Not even close.

Jim slid his finger through the leg of my panties near my opening, and asked again if I needed his belt. I was craving more of his finger and he kept it still, waiting for my answer. I nodded my head yes and continued to cry. He then slide his finger deeper into my *****.

He asked me if I needed a hard whipping while pausing his finger again. I said, yes sir, and he started to move his finger back and forth a little harder.

"Tell me what you need Kandi."

"Please. Please. You know what I need"

He said good girl and told me to take my bra and panties off. I looked up at him in a fog as his belt unfurled in slow motion from his pants.

He could see my tears and said, "don't worry sweetheart. Daddy is here and I will give you what you need.". He told me to bend over the bed and take my whipping like a big girl and that he would let me sleep in his bed. I smirked a little and pushed my bottom out for him.
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I saw the other response where they thought stepdad should hurt when he loses control.... NOT Step dad will always be in control and always love, both tenderly or roughly as needed, but always in control. Spanking, even whipping if needed, but always for the good of his daughter. Loving both in tenderness and sexually, but ALWAYS with the good of his daughter in mind! Love your writing!

Thanks Damian. I agree. My stepfather did not show me much love, but a daddy's love has become a key part of my fantasy...and whipped with love.

But your fantasy man, no, a true man, loves always. Sometimes he loves tenderly, whips roughly, and then totally ravages her body. Many times over, till she totally melts. You become liquid in his hands. Keep writing it is good, both as therapy and as an outlet for your style. I hope to read more.

very very sensual and arousing, you've got my **** really throbbing with desire for you.

Lol. I'm glad you are enjoying. :)

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Its is a very nice story, very nicely written and it has indeed an erotic touch.
I really enjoyed it from beginning till the end.
However, as much as I like it as a story, I do not think this is appropriate at all if it is something that happened like this in real life. If this was posted under the section 'written stories about spanking' or something like that I would have liked it alot better.

Its nice to see that you know you need a punishment....But a stephdad shouldn't be kissing his stephdaughter. That has nothing to do with being a good dad/stephdad. You can kiss your litlle girls on the forehead or cheeks, but an intimate kiss like this is really inappropriate. This way you might indeed feel greatly loved and cherished, but this kind of love should not be comming from a parrent. That must have been very confusing growing up and trying to find love outside of the family, no?
Beside the kissing, the touching in special places is just......abusive. Sorry.
Already had a feeling after reading he let you sleep in his bed. That is something that feels great as a little kid, but a growing girl/nearly woman shouldn't do this. Its weird how you say you know your place, you know what is good and what is bad, you know when you have to be punished....but in my opinion you DONT know your place at all. You're place is not falling in love with your stephdad, is not in his bed and is definately not kissing him intimately and letting him touch you like that.
THAT, is the real bad behavior. Beeing 10 min late at home is like a joke next to this.
Do you still see him?

Really you're just a busy body huh? None of this crap is real, just **** material lol

Like I said, if it's just a story it is wonderfull. But of what i recollect here it's an experience, not a story.

If its crap and **** material for you then I suppose your opinion doesn't really matter.

Thank you for your comments. I write a lot of stories about my stepfather shipping me bare bottom with a belt. This story contains a lot of fantasy although he did, in fact, touch me inappropriately at a young age and the bare bottom belt whippings greatly affected my sexual orientation and my essence. If you read my Oedipus story it may shed some insight. There are a couple reasons why I put my stories in this group. One of them is to make a statement about spanking bare bottom teenage girls in general. I do not feel that a grown man whipping his girls bare bottom is ever truly innocent. While he may think its strictly discipline, her body and mind are reacting and at times forever changed by the experience.

Ty for your honnest reply and insight. I do understand it better now. I will be reading your Oedipus story also.
I can believe it must be hard and confusing, for that I trully feel sorry that you had to experience it.
Do you still see him? Or, can you still respect him? I've noticed that most spanked teens still show alot of respect for their dominant parrent, but in this case I think the answer can go either way, depending on how many things in your story are fantasy and how much is reality.
Greetz Lizz

would love to chat more. I do respect him. However, he was a mean guy and rarely showed love. I have suffered more from that then from any whipping. my desires now include spanking with someone who is loving and caring.

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what said your mother why you ,not made claim it is ****** in europa he go in jail

great story. would to be friends w/you and talk about more experiences. :) plz. add me if you like my profile. thanks.

Lol. Thank you for your comments. I will add you because you seem nice. I can't tell much about you from your profile at first glance.

Yes, Kandi, this is slightly more erotic, and wonderfully written. Thanks for letting me know. Many of your stores, I find , are only teasers.
At this point, did you start to **** daddy Jim more regularly? And, has that ever stopped.......?

I like this more loving tender stepdad, really hot

Thank you jb for noticing that. You are right. I think I will incorporate that side more into future stories.

I think a daddy should love his daughter, punish her because she needs it, and hurt her when he looses control.

Hmmm you had me until you said, hurts her when he loses control. I don't think she would trust him if he loses control. And trust is the most important thing to her. Without it she cannot surrender.

I thought more about what you said. I think lust is always violent, not to be confused with sadistic, even through the prism of a father's love. A father can start making love to his baby girl, but at some point there will be some *******.

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Amazingly well written and as hot as usual x

Hot as usual, Kandi - excuse me I have something to attend to!!

Thank you Andy for the huge compliment. Lol.

can u add me please

You have wrritten a wonderful story. Very detailed and very erotic. I enjoy your readings very much Thank you. It amazes me that you are so aware of your needs.

Thank you fast. My stepfather trained me. Lol.

Well written. You really bring out your feelings and the intimacy here. You are a good for for Daddy. You deserve the belt.

Thanks Charlie X. That is what I deserve.

As always, another Awesome story!! Can hardly wait for more!!! umm.......there is gunna be more, isn't there? LOL

Lol. I thought this was done. Hmmmm I will think about a part 2. Lol

I have a friend that really should read this story!! I'm sure she'll luv ' it !! (pretty sure she's in bad need of a good spanking!!)

Well I think you should just give her what she needs Arnie!

Step dad always knew what you needed

good writing again, thankyou!

a good night all the way around.