After The Whipping

I have written several stories about my whippings. But, I haven't written about the moments afterward. The aftermath was as uncomfortable as the whipping itself. After the last lash, I was usually told to stay in position, sometimes up to a half hour, to think over the infraction that led me to the barn, before coming back to the farm house. For almost the whole half hour, I would feel a heat sensation, where earlier, I had felt something akin to hundreds of wasp stings. After the half hour, I would slowly get up from the log, over which I had been whipped. First, I would pull up my underwear, followed by my jeans. The rough texture of the denim rubbing on my whipped behind would cause much discomfort. I probably looked like I was bowlegged as I approached the farmhouse, as I tried to adjust my posture and gate in such a way so as to minimize the contact of my whipped flesh with my jeans. I better not have forgotten to close the barn door, and secure it, lest a horse get loose and I get in trouble...perhaps earning another trip to the barn.

As I entered the farmhouse, I tried to avoid contact with all my siblings, who surely knew what had happened to me, and wouldn't be able to hide a smile or two from their faces. If no chores were immediately demanded of me, I went up to my room and laid on my bed, on my stomach of course, and replayed in my mind the whipping I had just endured. I remember that following a particular whipping my sister Faith had watched, I replayed not only the whipping, but her reactions to it as it was in progress, over and over again in my head. I was so ashamed that my sister saw me bared and whipped, like a runaway slave brought back from a failed attempt to escape. She was probably replaying the scene over and over again in her head down stairs, or even telling the others about it. On another occasion, after having been switched following a date with a girl I had a crush on, I couldn't help but imagine her reaction if she had been a witness to my switching. I must even admit that when I saw her from time to time afterward, I had fantasies about her seeing me bared and whipped. Especially, when she sported a similar rawhide belt and jeans that my sister was sporting that night. It was almost as if she witnessed the whipping, vicariously, through my sister! Earlier that night, we came so close to spending quality time in the car necking, and I think the two events, having been so close together in proximity... somehow became united on one canvas in my mind.

phillysteve phillysteve
36-40, M
Oct 17, 2013