The Wait

One thing i hated was having to wait for a spanking. To be fair it didn't happen often. I found waiting unbearable. Once i knew i was due a spanking then i couldn't wait to get it over with. My mom virtually always spanked straight away even in front of people or she would take me to another room but she'd never hide the reason. The only exception being if we were shopping or at someones house where she felt spanking me was inappropriate. My dad tended to spank me mostly before bed time, this usually meant me sitting with them watching telly until my bedtime. Then i'd have one eye on the clock like i was waiting for the hangman.

The longest time between knowing i was getting a spanking and actually getting it was ironically the last parental spanking that i received. I'd left college and couldn't get a job. Every Friday morning i'd make my way down to see Mrs Hitchin the Careers Officer. Every week because of the high unemployment in the area Mrs Hitchin would say there was nothing for me. One week just before Christmas i decided to give it miss and go round my mates. Dave had a job and i had only seen him a couple times in the several months since college. A few days earlier he had phoned me and said come round Friday as he had the day off.

Dave's parents had died and he lived on his own. His Aunty and Uncle lived next door and kept an eye on him. Dave played some records and we caught up on what had been happening, girlfriends, gossip etc. I made the mistake of saying that i hadn't gone to the careers office and i'd come straight to Dave's. His Aunty was in the kichen washing up and collecting his washing and heard what i said. She knew my mom and knew how much my mom was worrying about me getting a job especially as i appeared so relaxed and uninterested. His Aunty came in and tore me off a ***** and said she was going to phone my mom. I begged her not to and said she'd kill me if she found out. His Aunty said i should have thought about that. I couldn't argue as i knew she was right and i felt very guilty.

His Aunty came back about twenty minutes later and said she had told my mom and mom wanted me to ring her. Very, very reluctantly i did so. Undestantably mom was furious and sounded close to tears. The stress of worrying whether i would get a job or not was obvious in her voice. She told me to come straight home and that she would deal with me when she came home from work. I remember saying please i'm sorry. Sorry she screamed down the phone, you will be when i've finished with you. It was a threat that i had heard and been on the receiving end of many times.

I went back to Dave and his Aunty and said i've gotta go. I think they both sensed what might happen then again it might have been me thinking the whole world knew. His Aunty said she was sorry but she was a mother too and understood the worry my mom was going through.

I didn't catch a bus home but i walked slowly. All i could think of was a good fifteen minutes over my moms lap. I felt like a condemned man all day. From 4-00-the time my mom finished work- i sat looking out of the window
waiting for mom to come home. All i wanted was to get it over with. Five o'clock came and still no sign of her. Shortly before 6-00 Dad came home. It was obvious he'd spoken to mom. He gave me a tongue lashing but didn't enlighten me as to where she had gone or what time she would be home.

Mom finally got home at twenty to seven apparently she had gone to her sisters. My parents seemed to think it funny to leave me waiting. Mom ordered me in the front room and let it all out about my not having a job, not trying that hard to get one. Not contributing to the household. I have to admit i was crying long before i went over her lap for the longest session i had ever had over her knee. I was sent to bed without anything to eat and had to sleep on my stomach. God did i feel sorry for myself. I was banned from going out until the new year and my mom banned my girlfriend from coming to the house. Mom said if she caught her in the house she would tell her all about my spanking.

The only time i went out between then and the New Year was the following Friday when Mom drove me to see the careers officer. Mrs Hitchin was surprised to see me, not many people up that Friday. What are you doing here today she asked.

You wouldn't believe me if i told you, i replied. Least by now it didn't hurt to sit down.

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Was that tail end of it?

I hated being sent to bed to await my dad coming home to spank me. Or the times my mom would tell me she wasnt going to spank me today but would spank me as soon as I came home from school tomorrow. That was horrible. I had to do corner time before and after spankings with pants and trousers down.

yeah havin to wait for a slappin that u know ur goin to get is neva fun!!

i hate havin to wait for a slappin that i know that im goin to get too, just makes it even worse doesnt it? sometimes mammy makes us stand in corner b4 we get slapped, i really hate that!!