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Grocery Store

I was at the grocery store earlier today and passed a mother scolding her daughter and threatening to take her to the ladies room to "adjust her attitude." i knew exactly what that mom meant...if that little girl kept being bad she would walk into the ladies room with a white bottom and walk out with a stinging red one.

When i was little i was brought out of more than one public restroom with tears streaming down my cheeks and my tush on fire.
Mom carried a wooden spoon in her purse just in case my brother, sister, or i stepped too much out of line. And she didn't care if there was anyone in the restroom, our undies would be pulled down and we'd feel that spoon on our bare butts and thighs.

She would spank us in public just enough to get our undivided attention....when she got us home is when the real spanking happened.
LauraAnne1992 LauraAnne1992 18-21, F 14 Responses Jun 19, 2012

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Laura what stores did your mom spank bare bottom with her wooden spoon that you misbehaved in?

I had the same upbringing. I had my butt whooped in many public restrooms growing up

My mom was quite similar. She never cared who was watching, she always spanked me without warning

One year, on our annual Christmas shopping trip into the city, Mother was getting upset with my sister and a bit with me. She took hold of my sisters arm and told her that if she didn't settle down, they would be visiting the ladies room for a little "discussion." At that moment, Mother looked directly at me, in a way that communicated that I had also better be paying attention to her admonishment.

I never was taken to the ladies room, on an outing, for a discipline issue. But, the mere threat of that stayed with me for a long time. Mother didn't make idle threats and I knew she would surely follow through, IF we didn't start behaving better.

Over the years, for whatever reason, I've always remembered that close call and even the thought of what might have happened is quite embarrassing.

Your mom was just like mine. She also carried a wooden spoon in her purse. I definitely remember being taken in to the bathroom as a girl with a white bottom, and coming out crying with a sore bottom from a spanking. My mother would take me in to the handy cap stall and tuck my skirt in to my waist band, and pull down my stockings and panties. She'd smack my bottom about 10 to 15 times with that nasty spoon till I was yelping and crying. She didn't care if anyone else was in the bathroom.

I do remember once when we were over seas a lady in the restroom had a few words with my mom about spanking me. My mom told her to mind her own business and we left. For just a moment I thought it may never happen again, but I was wrong. Spanking was mom's #1 way of disciplining.

my attitude has been adjusted often too. i so hate that line, adjusting my attitude, not because it sounds corny, but because it usually has a stinging bottom right after it.

I was at a friends house, her mom told her to clean up, but because I was there she said no, her mom told her again, again she refused, the next thing her mom came into the living room where we were, grabbed her, put her over her lap, shr was struggling, then her mom pulled her knickers down, and spanked her hard about 6 times, that was the first spanking I ever saw, she was embaressed because I was a boy and Inot only saw her knickers, but her red hot bum afterwards.

I remember my friends little brother acting up in public. His dad asked if they needed to go out to the truck. All of us knew what he meant and that he meant business. But, the little brother said, wht whats at the truck? I think I let out a gasp along with my friend. We walked over a little distance away. I saw his dad walk him out, but I didn't see them come back in. We rode home with the mom when it was time to go. When we got to their house both my friend and the other brother asked their younger brother what was out at the truck. I didnt say anything cause at my house if you teased someone for getting a spanking you got one too.

many pain many shame

I realize this is my 2nd reply to this story but this morning after church my mom, sister and I were in a grocery store. We saw another family shopping mom, dad and daughter probably about 14. She was being so uncooperative and let me use the phrase "just being a *****." The mom and dad put up with her almost as if they were afraid to even verbally chastise her. When we got far enough away from them, our mom said to us something like "you know you girls would be having very sore butts if you acted like that." Oh yeah, my sister and I certainly knew that.

In our family when we acted up in public we usually got a couple of hand spanks over our clothes followed by "when we get home you're getting a good spanking with the hairbrush, young man! <br />
<br />
From that point on I was on my best behavior for the remainder of the time, hoping of course that I could avoid the promised spanking. But it never worked. The level of my mom's anger determined how and where I got spanked. If she was really hot, the first thing she would do was grab the hairbrush off the kitchen counter, take me into the living room, sit down on the sofa, pull down my pants and undies, yank me across her lap, take the hairbrush and WAP, WAP, WAP, WAP, WAP, WAP, WAP, WAP....... for what seemed an eternity while I cried and bawled like a baby.<br />
<br />
There were times when she wasn't real angry, but just as determined to light up my hiney. Then she would send me up to my room. A few minutes later she would come in with the hairbrush and.... well, you know the routine. If it was summer and the windows were open, the whole neighborhood knew that I was getting a thorough hiney warming with the hairbrush.

In the old days as a parent if your child really misbehaved in public you were almost duty bound to spank. I remember years ago (1970's) giving my daughter a sound smack on her bottom in a shoe shop after she threw a shoe away in a temper. The lady in charge of children's shoes gave me a big smile and said that it was good to see that at least some parents knew how to deal with bad behaviour.<br />
You certainly would'nt act like that today!

I never got spanked in a bathroom, but, Yes, long ride home in the car after mom had smacked my behind thru my skirt a few times right in the store......with full warning that my bare bottom was in store for MUCH more as soon as we got home.<br />
Shameful and scary!<br />
<br />

Marzi, did you get a hairbrush spanking when you got home? and was it on your bare hiney?

Our mom never spanked us in public or anywhere else. Of course, at home was a different story. We didn't get "our attitude adjusted," we went upstairs to "finish discussing this."

I'm sure those were "discussions" you wish could have been left unfinished.

Sadly, that sounds quite familiar. My sister or I heard words to that effect on a number of uncomfortable occasions.