Thinking Back

My early years growing up, I was a pretty good little kid. I'm kind of proud to admit that. Always a good student, mommies little helper, cleanest room in the house.

Spankings were common in my home and neighborhood, and with me being the oldest of 3 sibling girls, it's pretty easy to understand the frequency. But it usually wasn't my little fanny getting spanked, it was my younger sisters. When I heard about some of the things my little sister did to upset my mom, i thought to myself...what was she thinking???

But then - I turned nine.

Something odd happened at 9. I think i must have been abducted by some evil twin that lived in the 4th dimension, because that's the age my spankings got more frequent, and my "adventures" more and more daring. Such as training myself to be a top secret spy or "private eye" that would peek into neighbors windows and write down all that I saw (which wasn't much). I still blame Nancy drew for that prepubescent career choice. ***** never said anything about what happens when your caught in her stories. :) Or, make an excuse about not feeling good during recess so I could peek at the teachers planner and the "teacher edition" of the book and prepare myself for class early in order to look like the smart kid that would be awarded the privilege of clapping the erasers at the end of the day.

Nope, 9 wasn't my lucky number at all. Nor was 10,11,12, or 13. Those years were the years that, as my mother would put it, be across my moms knee more then a napkin.

Credit to my mom, even with a low tolerance to shenanigans, she put up with a whole lot. At 11, I couldn't see what was so wrong with fashioning a thin rope and old bicycle handlebar as a zip-line, tying the rope off to moms Rose trellis and jumping off the picnic table, only to find out that my cleaver rope anchor tore violently away from the house.  Or when my younger sister was playing "gas station", and filling up our neighbors gas tank with the garden hose. Just good clean fun was all. Whats so wrong with that??

And, I didn't MEAN to drop my moms face powder that was a wedding gift to her, cracking the ornate case, and dumping the contents onto the tile floor. I was just "borrowing it". Accidents happen after all, and when a girl is 12, newly education to the joys of teen make-up, and a proud new owner of a "real" training bra, I was grown up. I NEEDED the powder to complete my "glam look of the day."  :)  The long-remembered tomato red bottom wasn't part of my plans.

3 "active" sisters living under the same roof. Think about it.

Can you imagine the bliss of constant whining, and crying, high pitch screams of my middle sister screaming "Mom!! Kelly is staring at me again!!!" (she hated that) on a daily basis. Can you feel the love? Oldest sister, Me, crowned as the "queen tease", who wouldn't end her almost weekly ritual of seeing who I could get the maddest.

Ah memories. Ye-ouch...the memories.

There is a very distinct difference between a "swat" and a "spank". Some people don't understand this, others know it all too well. Mom swatted as a "warning shot", or prerequisite to a coming spanking. Swats were done, wherever, whenever, in front of whoever. Spankings were more private one-on-one events. Nobody could watch, but its impossible not to hear. Mom never spanked mad. That must be one of those skills they must have taught in the "how to be a great mom" class back in the olden days. Nope, she was content...upset, but not screaming, not ranting and raving... just content, and direct.  Lots of familiar words though. "I'm so ashamed of you. Your (insert age here)!!! Whats got into you? I raised a much brighter person than the one standing in front of me!" Then it would be pants down and over her knee, raining down spanks for... well.. A while.  Not 5 or 10. (or the 3 my bff would get from her moms, and call that a "spanking" HA!)   But a lots more. Moderate smacks, hard smacks, slow smacks, and machine gun speed spanks. She always kept us guessing. And when we finally broke down and started to cry she stopped soon after.

And when she stopped, she Always held us in her arms, assured us that we are loved, and adored, followed by "But!!! IF you try that ONE more time little-miss...."  Some dire consequence would occur, which always meant the same thing.  More time over moms knee.
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My grandmother who lived with us (Dad's mother] used to tell my mother after she'd spanked one or more of us, "That's good! Treat "em all that way! Give 'em more trimmin's than eats!" I hated to hear that - especially after a spanking where I'd run upstairs to Grandma's apartment for comfort and Mom would come up to roust me out.

this sounds exactly like my mom

Kelly - It sounds like your mom loved you and your sisters a lot and was very willing to do what was necessary to make sure you grew up right.

I'm curious and forgive me if it is a sore subject but where was your dad? Did he ever spank you and your sisters?

my eldest was just like you she was no problem till she got to 9 years old after that she got spanked much more

im torn who I should feel more sorry for...her, or YOU! lol

i never enjoyed spanking my kids as i had a bad childhood and it upset me to do it but i felt i had to

Hi Kelly great stories! Keep them coming! Please add me as a friend I would love to be your friend.

Thanks for the Great story Kelly it brought back so many memories of my childhood and punishment including spankings I loved a few swatss no matter where we were it was just a preview of what was to come but it sure was sooooooooo embarrsing when other people saw or heard it like her freinds, my freinds, relatives or perfcet strangers in a mall or store geeeeeeeeeeeee my face got red before my butt did i couldn't look up to see their r eaction but a few times i heard lol or ohhhh and once even good to see some moms still know how to handle a bratty girl geeeeeeee sometimes from 1 to 3 or 4 samcks right there and then when we got home it was a real hard crying squirming spanking and she spanked well pass tears if i was being spanked for something real bad mom kept a wood paddle in the panrty so many spanking happened right in the kitchen a nd a few in front of mom's freinds or my aunt or even once my g/fs she said you want to act upi n front of peopel u will be punished in front of them as well ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wow.. That's one very long single sentence. Becky...don't make me call your mom to talk about your punctuation skills! :P

Oh please kelly don't call my mom, she might spank me lol

Very well written thank you. You said pants down did that mean panties also? Two how old were you spanked?

Always bare butt. That was pretty much a given in my house. In fact, I think i was about 13 when i learned that bare or not-bare was even a choice. I was always told that if it wasn't bare, it wasn't a "real" spanking. I felt so cheated when I learned that. Not like id have a choice, but the fact that my mom always made the WRONG choice bothered me. :)

Oh Well..i forgive her..shes human too. Do you really think there would be any difference between up/down? That .005 inch thick fabric isn't made to stop a spoon travelling at 300 fps, nor a hand that felt like it was the size of Colorado.

15yrs old was the very last one (and only one at 15). Something im actually proud to say really. Things ramped WAY down when i was in 8th grade (14). To date, i'm not entirely convinced it was my 'vastly improved behavior' (yea...right), my age, or the fact that my younger sister were then 11 and 12 -- requiring more 'attention'.

Your mom only had one lap, Kelly. With your sister getting older and in greater need of "attention," it probably saved you from some spankings. Do you think they stopped at the right time or do you think you could have continued to benefit from your mom's "attention?" As for whether they all needed to be on your bare butt, probably not. Letting you keep your underwear up for some spankings could have made the bare ones more memorable and effective.

"Do you think they stopped at the right time or do you think you could have continued to benefit from your mom's "attention?""

That's a good question really. If she did continue with frequent sessions, how would my life be different? hmmmmmm. There's my deep thought of the day.

It seems reasonable that some of the choices i did make might NOT have been made if this were the case. Some of us (like me) learn more by making mistakes, and by example. I could be told by 100 people not to do something for some dire reason. I'll still try (within reason). This is true now as it was when i was 5. Also, there is some evidence (take this with a grain of salt...) that overly used punishments (any..not just spanking) may REDUCE a young persons ability to engage in what's called "thoughtful risk taking".

The Risk taking character trait is one that is almost required among highly successful people and is something that is often encouraged - not discouraged. The teen simply doesn't dare take unnecessary risks in fear of consequence. Some may view this is a good thing. I don't. I see it as possibly stigmatizing creativity or squashing the natural tenancy to 'discover' new things.

Didn't see that coming did ya? I really dont think about this stuff much. (snicker)

Your poor mom! LOL I can picture her hair growing more gray every day. What is it about turning 9 that makes so many girls seem possessed? I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks back fondly at the crazy things we did and says "what? It was a good idea at the time. Nobody got hurt...much."

Your mom was like mine in that a swat could happen anywhere, but a spanking was a formal affair done in private and always with an orchestra of cries from yours truly. Your mom sounds very loving even if she was strict. I think it's better than the moms who try too hard to be their kid's friend and forget who is in charge.

We have a lot in common. Both of us being the oldest of three sisters, growing up in a home where spankings were prevalent and being spanked the least compared to our younger sisters. All very much the same with myself.

I am sure you've been told more than once "You need to set an example for your sisters." Not sure how many times I was told that, and I did my best to do so. Being raised by a single mom, I needed to be there to help with the house and my sisters as mom also had a full time job to keep us clothed and food on the table.

Also like with your mother, when our mom spanked it was very much a formal affair. Bare bottom, over her knee, and given long and sound enough to where we didn't want to sit anytime soon afterwards. The only difference with our spankings growing up is mom continued to spank us for quite some time after we broke down and cried.

That said though, for how serious her spankings were, we always knew she loved and cared for us. Always took the time to listen and explain things to us. We all have felt very fortunate to be able to call her mom.


reading your own recollections, yes, Id agree that we do have a lot on common, and our mothers as well. Esp the part where you say "spanking wasn't a last resort". OMG thats so true! If we were naughty or out of line, or rude, mom spanked. There was no "wondering" when were sent to our rooms. Her tone alone told us what was coming and she never reneged on that tone. I guess one way put it was that when it came to our punishments, mom was "dependable" in that respect. Not predictable - dependable.

Kelly, thanks for sharing your stories. Had to smile and shake my head at the memories that you sparked from my years growing up with a younger sister, with the love and guidance our dedicated mother provided on a consistent basis. Can relate to so much of what you commented about.

Can also relate to what Sarah said about her mother continuing to reinforce her message after we started to cry. Not sure why my sister and I used to sometimes get stubborn and try not to give in to the waterworks, but Mom didn't seem to think you truly got the message until you had been crying for a little bit.

Any serious spanking was always in private, but as noted anyone in the house could clearly hear what was going on. My sister tested the fences more then me, I was always trying to be the responsible big sister, but I wish I had a coupon for a free Starbucks mocha for every time I heard about how I should set a good example. :)

Thanks again for sharing your memories, enjoyed hearing about the things we had in common, that you pretty much have had to experience to appreciate. Also enjoyed the good humor and positive thoughts about caring Mom's who were determined to raise proper young ladies. Hated the spankings and that darn hairbrush of hers, but always loved Mom dearly and later grew to appreciate her dedication in raising two energetic daughters. We both miss her more than we can express.

My sister especially can have empathy for what our Mom went through, as she has two very active daughters of her own. :)