Broccoli Got Me Switched

I must have been about 12 when I got one of my worst switchings. I had been acting up all day, full of baditude. By dinner time, mom had endured enough, but I wasn't done.  I complained loudly about not wanting to eat dinner, especially the big pile of broccoli.  Mom was obviously frustrated and tried to get me to calm down and eat.   My best friend Jenny was staying with us and mom said if Jenny could eat it then so could I as I was older. Nope. I wasn’t buying it.  “I’m not eating the f-ing broccoli!”
Oops!  That did it. Mom jumped up and went outside as I watched through the sunroom glass door.  My big brother watched and grinned as he whispered “you are so gonna get it!”  He was right :(.Mom got back and went right to work baring my bottom and putting me  over the sofa. I forgot how many strokes I got, probably about ten but it was enough to make me cry and fall instantly in love with broccoli.  I got dressed, dried my tears and went back to eat.  The funny thing is now I love broccoli.  Maybe that switching worked better than mom expected.



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Ouch! Sounds a lot like my mom!

sounds like my Mother. She only used switches and she must have gone thru a grove of willow trees while I was growing up

Did you get spanked for the language or for refusing to eat the broccoli? I generally don't believe in spanking, but I understand that refusing to follow directions and using inappropriate language merit negative consequences.

When Mom bare you how far did she take down your pants and underwear?: Was Jenny watching and did your brother see you getting bared and spanked? Were you hollering or crying a lot. Did Jenny band mom and your brother see your bits back then and I assume that was before puberty?

Have you ever seen your brother get spanked by your mom and have you two ever gotten it at the same time by mom? Your mom ever spank your brother in front of anyone that you know of?

Eeek! The thought of being whipped with a switch sounds dreadful. Your brother said something my brother used to say all of the time when I was in for it. "You're gonna get it." It angered me so much. The F bomb surely had to have been the reason for the switching. If you hadn't said that do you think your mom would have broken out a switch?

I don't think she was happy that I complained about the meal she cooked but I think you're right that the F bomb sealed my fate. I might have felt her hairbrush for my baditude but I couldn't stop there. I turbo bratted and earned the nuclear option.

Baditude, turbo bratted, nuclear option, lol! The hairbrush doesn't sound any better, but I don't know the comparison as I never experienced either. But by the sounds of it if you had to choose I don't think you would choose the switch

The switch was to be avoided at all cost. It wasn't as bad as some horror stories suggest. I never had cuts or blisters, but it could leave ouchy red lines for awhile. i think it was on par with the belt and the hairbrush was preferable to them both.

I am glad that you did not have any cuts or blisters left behind.

Thanks. I was spanked when I deserved it, and sometimes soundly spanked, but I never thought I was abused. At the time I would have gladly traded the belt for a wet noodle but I know now it wouldn't have done me any good in the end.

Me too, I only have two that I disagree with and don't think I deserved, but wasn't for me to decide. I never thought I was abused either but I didn't know that other people outside of my family were disciplined with a belt. It wasn't anything I ever talked about ever. So when I came across this site it was kind of a relief to me that it wasn't a rare thing. And so this site became my online journal of my growing pains. ;-) By the way your wet noodle remark. In the fifth grade I had a teacher, his name was Mr. Clark, very strict teacher. He used to say to the class, "if it were up to me I would take a wet noodle to all of you." I haven't heard anyone else say that ever but that teacher, LOL!

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Jenny and I saw each other as we bared ourselves. We were shy together at times but our curiosity outweighed our shyness. My brother is five years older. He teased me as mom was cutting the switch, saying I was about to get my butt roasted, but that was it. He was never spanked in front of Jenny.

Did Jenny see you bare yourself and get spanked? Did your older see and make fun of you? Was he ever spanked in front of Jenny and how much older was he than you?

Over the years, she and I saw each other bare our bottoms many times. This time mom did it.

If I cut your mother the switch, do you think she could get me to eat beets!

That might take a whole birch. I'm 37 and I still hate beets. lol