The Witch, The Switch, And Me

I grew up in the late 60's and the 70's in a small North Texas town. Back then when a child misbehaved it very likely meant a stinging red bottom, runny nose, and tear stained cheeks were coming. My parents definitely subscribed to this manner of child discipline.

My mother, like many women in those days, was a housewife and she was not one of those "wait until your father gets home" type of moms. She was more than capable and willing to turn us over her knee for to set us straight when we stepped out of line. Having said that, she was also the sweetest, most loving, nurturing mother that we could have asked for. It was just best not to push her buttons. If she said something she meant it and it was well advised you listened.

Four houses down from us lived the McHenry family. They had a couple of boys that were older than me and they were a very nice family except for the grandmother that lived with them. All of my friends, myself included, called her the witch. She was a grouchy woman with a long nose and a big mole on her face. To us back then she seemed to be a hundred years old, but she probably was in her mid to late 50's. She was always hollering at us kids to stay out of their lawn and away from her garden. If we were near their house making noise she would come out and shew us away telling us that we were too loud and disrespectful. Of course there were all sorts of stories about her casting spells and eating children...all that silly sort of kids stuff. We all did our best to avoid her.

One warm spring day when I was 10 years old I was playing hide and seek with my friends and I cut through the side of the McHenry house. The only problem was is the side of the house is where the witch's garden was. I ran right through it and when I passed the window I saw her cold dark eyes watching me and there was an evil scowl on her face. I didn't think too much about it and kept on with the game. Then, maybe just a few minutes later I heard my mother's voice calling out and ringing through the neighborhood and she didn't sound happy. It was something like "Elizabeth Anne ______ I want you home this instant." When you hear something like that you don't dawdle and get your butt home immediately.

When I walked through the door mom was standing there to meet me. "Young lady, Grandma McHenry called and said that she watched you run right through her garden. I have told you more than once to stay away from that garden, what were you thinking...etc etc etc." Long story short I ended up with my jeans and panties down over mom's knee for a short but very stingy reminder spanking. After crying with my nose in the corner for a little while mom let me go back out to play, but with a warning about staying away from that garden.

When I stepped back out into that sunny afternoon my eyes were still stinging from my tears and my rear end was still stinging from the palm of my mom's hand, and I was angry. Not so much angry at my mom for spanking me, but angry at that old witch grandma McHenry and her stupid garden.

I cut back behind my house into the alley to brood and saw the McHenry's car pulling out of their driveway and heading down the alley. What I did next I am still ashamed of to this day.

In my ten year old mind I wanted to get back at that witch for getting me spanked and I proceeded to the side of their house. I thought they had all gone and I was going to teach her a lesson. I found a small shovel against the wall and I started digging up her garden. I honestly don't know what I was thinking I was just blind with anger toward the old bird.

To my surprise I felt a hot pain on my ear and looked up to see old grandma McHenry towering over me and looking as evil as evil can be. She pulled me by the ear around the house and into their front door the whole time telling me how much trouble I was in and how dare I dig up her garden. She pulled me into their kitchen and picked up the phone and called my mother.

I was petrified. My mind was racing but felt blank all at the same time as she spoke with my mom and then hung up the phone and gave me a wicked smile. "Your mother is on her way over, little girl, and I am betting that you are going to be very very sorry once she gets her hands on you.

When mom got there she was red faced out of both anger and embarrassment. She just looked at me with a stern look as she and the old witch talked. They pulled me out to the side of the house to see the damage I had done and my mom was shocked and, pardon my french, PISSED. I was already in tears because I knew my butt was going to be really in for it now. I expected her to drag me back home and put her wooden hairbrush to work on my bare fanny or maybe even the belt, but no....she came up with something worse.

Near the garden there was a small tree with thin wispy branches. My mother asked old grandma McHenry is she minded it she snapped a branch off to deal with me, and of course the old witch was more than happy to let her. I watched as mom snapped of a long thin switch and clean it, the whole time with her eyes locked with mine. I could barely see her through my tears, but unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans without hesitation when she gave the order for me to pull down my jeans and panties. I wasn't about to disobey her right then, I was already toast. Right after I had pulled down my jeans and panties mom grabbed me by my left wrist and pulled my arm up to wear my tip toes were barely touching the ground and held me like that as she started to whip my butt and thighs with that horrible horrible switch.

She scolded me all through the whipping but I can't even begin to tell you what she said. I had never felt anything before in my life like the sting on the switch biting into my poor little tush and legs. I was dancing as much as I could with my tip toes touching the ground and trying with all my might to get away from that thing, but mom kept my arm up and striped me like a lion.

When she finished and let go of my wrist I fell to the ground crying and rubbing at the little welts that were raised up on my butt and thighs, but she picked me back up to my feet and told me to apologize to grandma McHenry. I did my best through my tears and blubbering and the old witch just smiled with satisfaction.

Back home I went into the backroom and looked at the damage in the mirror. It was such a strange site to see all those raised welts crisscrossing my rear end. I think after that I went to my room and fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion.

My punishment wasn't over though. For the next month a had to go over to the McHenry's house every Saturday and Sunday and help grandma McHenry with her garden....and you know what? It wasn't all that bad. In fact, I got to know her pretty well and she wasn't so much of a witch after all. She was a little hard and quick tempered, but we grew a relationship that actually lasted for years until she passed. It is actually because of her that I love to garden today.

Anyway, that was my first experience with a switch, but not my last. I felt the sting once more on a camping trip a few years later, but that's another story.

Thank you for reading.


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very nice now u need another

I know how you felt. Switchings from my Mother were very much like yours.

Very nice story , and lesson learned .

So nicely written. Really skillfull you know what I was thinking. What a shame the old witch actually turned out to be an old witch, rather than finding out she was kinda nice all along. And then, there it was at the end. :)

your mum sounds just like mine she was the only to punish us and she always went to town on our bare butts she would only stop when she decided we had learned our lesson some times we got spanked then sent to our bed rooms she then came up after a bit and gave us the paddle or cane

I know all about the switch or the yellow wiping willow tree, when neighbors asked what happen I'd tell them I stood in front of the bat.