I am fascinated by corporal punishment and have been since childhood. I think some of us are just born that way. Mostly, as a child, I just got a "smack" - a few slaps on the bottom when I'd misbehaved. But I saw more formal spankings at school, and quickly came to make a distinction between a "smack" and a "spanking". On a few occasions I was formally spanked at home by my mother. I would be sent to my room and when she came in, I would have to bend over the bed and take a dozen or so on my bottom with her hand or a slipper. I always felt slightly odd after these punishments, as though some line had been crossed. Later, I realised that this line was in my own mind. That it was me making the distinction between a slap on the bottom and a formal spanking in a formal position. It didn't trouble me - it was just what happened in northern England in those times, and I had plenty of friends who were punished the same way.But it's strange how those emotions can last over forty years...
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Feb 9, 2013