When I was around 6 I was biting. my mom had warned me to stop and that I could really hurt some one. Well I was playing with another girl and we was playing tug a war with my doll and I got mad and I bit her arm. she let go and ran crying to my mother and showed my mom were I bit her. my mom came in and asked why I did and I told her I wanted my doll she wouldn't let me have it so I bit her. mom told me to apologize, then she took me and dropped my undies and put me OTK and she spanked my bare bottom in front of my friend, Then mom put my bare bottom in the corner. after I was to apologize again. I was told by my mom that every-time I bite someone I will get a spanking..unfortunately I got a few more spankings.
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Well i will say that your mom had a good reason to give you this spanking. Stop this punishment your bitting phase or earn you some others for the same reason?

Yes she did. biting was not good. after a few more trips over moms knees I finally stopped.

It sometimes took me a while to learn a lesson also.

Been their. I to was a biter at the young age of 5 and 6. I few bare bottom spankings with the paddle and a mouth full of soap cured me.

It took a few mire trips over my moms knees to finally cure me.