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I had a aunt (mom older sis) I was there for 2 weeks at a summertime there when i was about a 8 old. There i got my first belt whipping in my life and maybe one of the worst, She had a son, 2 years older at me and i had hear couple times when my aunt have give the boy a spankings when i have been there before but never see it. One day when i was swimming with a another girls from the village and been there all - day long and have forget to get home in time for lunch. when i got home aunt was angry over me and first sing for a time and took grip on my hair and led me up to hers bedroom upstairs and took off the belt from pants, A fairly thin leather belt and had me to take off my swimming dress and took me over the his knee. she whipped me for a a long time and i was bawling and crying like i had hear boy use to do. finally she stopped and let my up from aunt knee and i was dancing around and holding my bottom for a time. My bottom was full with red belt welts for days, I learned my lesson and not be late out again at my Aunts house. I was not able to go again swim for a time so nobody had see my criss cross welts on my bottom. I think my Aunt enjoyed to give a spanking to naughty kids, she always smiling after wards and talking about it. like are your bottom still sore,,,, she spanked the boy 4 times at that time i was there and for some really little reasons.
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Just love my *** whipped like that !

The worst whipping I ever got was in the 6th grade at school.

I had welts from a green switch-- no swimming for a week.
Could you add me?


My wife said that she has spanked and admitted that she gets turned on a little by it.

Sounds like a good lesson well learned.

How did this affect you over time, for your whipping? and watching her son being whipped?

I got afraid of belts, but to watch was excited

Belt works wonders and a girl.

she was very strict but right , no?

Yes she was a strict woman

i got the belt a lot as a kid but never did it to mine i have 4 kids 2 of each and always spanked them bare but with my hand only

Jennifer sorry to hear about the belt spanking you got as a little girl. But your aunt or aunts did care about your bare *** being strap. Because it was not there bare *** getting the belt. But I know from your stories that you are good Mother to your kids.

Thanks i try to be strict but fair, that my aunt now was with me whipped me badly

Jennifer all the time your aunt was whipping you. Where was your Mother and why did your mother let your aunt whipped you like she did?

my mom was on vacation and she had order my aunt to give me a spanking if i don`t behave properly to her

So your aunt made sure you get a spanking of your life. Out side of what your aunt did to you.But you are still beautiful woman and mother.

Your friend Steve

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Jennifer, it turned her on to see you naked and spank you.

You think maybe she liked seeing kids bare bottoms?

Loved to have got spanked like that !

it was really no fun been spanked with a thin leather belt until your bottom was full belt welts

That's an understatement! Bare bottom belt whippings are horrid! Especially if the person spanking me thinks it's "funny"....

i was also smacked in to diaper and i hated it every time i had to lay on the bed turn over to be smacked in to sub missing. i gave in and i was her baby had to sleep in a baby bed go out in diaper and a stroller. at school because if i didn't i would receive a severe red lines on bottom and i would blistering and bleeding.

I have one Aunt who also seems to "enjoy" spanking her kids and even spanking ME sometimes! It's weird.

your aunt is showen whos boss i want a mommy to baby me and give me punishment.

Great story please add me.

did your aunt touch your butt and cunny?

Would like to hear about the boy your Aunt spanked 4 times. You get to watch?

wow your grammar is horrible and your story made no sense.

Thanks for sharing this early experience of you being spanked

Jennifer74 did this thrashing make you a better person? I'm okay with consensual spanking in an adult relationship but surely treating children this way is criminal.

Good for your Aunt, a spanking like that you will remember for the rest of your life. I had an Aunt that was also a believer in spank first and ask questions later. I wrote a story about her in my page.

Wow must have been embarrassing to be spanked with his belt too

Sounds like your aunt looked for reasons to spank a kid.

:) My Aunt M was very fond of her wooden spatula. Only happened to me two (maybe three) times, but M standing with her spatula in hand instantly and silently told all us kids to scatter and behave.

Sounds like my aunt, who babysat for us. She used to spank me a lot (never my sisters or her two daughters) and she spanked very hard. She introduced me to the hairbrush and boy that did hurt and I'd feel it for a few days. It was only later in life when I realised she probably enjoyed spanking me.

Would like to hear more about your Aunt and the hair brush.

oh my god how much day pain

she sounds just like my mum was any excuse to give us a good spanking and she always did a good job on our bums

The worst spanking I ever received was also from an aunt I was staying with one summer. I was older then you were when it happened. She also used a belt. It was terrible, but left a lasting impression. I had been careless driving a tractor, after many warnings and instructions about safety, and almost turned it over with my younger cousin riding on the back. My uncle was gone into town. An older neighbor, who was driving past, saw our situation and came to our rescue. I didn't know that my aunt had seen everything from the house, which was quite a ways away, but found out she did when I drove back into the barnyard. Think what made it worse was that she was also scared at what might have happened and really upset with me. Never, before or after, saw her that mad. My poor butt paid a heck of a price. That said, I am still (all these years later) a very safe capable driver and still do think about the hard lesson I learned from my beloved aunt.

I feel bad for you because it is not easy to operate a tractor. That being said, let me share my experience in an urban hospital. I was in to have a bone chip extracted from my ankle. A relatively minor procedure. The young man in the room with me had to have both legs amputated because a tractor reared on him and then landed on his legs. He was from farm country and had little experience with hospitals. His future was very bleak and he was depressed. I tried to cheer him up but I didn't get very far. So, perhaps the trauma of losing his legs has faded and he has been able to have a good life. I haven't kept in touch. I don't know if this excuses your aunt but perhaps it at least explains her rather harsh spanking of you that summer.

In rural farming areas, sadly, it is not uncommon to hear about accidents with machinery and/or farm vehicles. Many are just horrific situations. At the time I was disciplined by my aunt, it was a couple of years after her younger brother (one of my uncles) lost his right leg in an accident and spent the rest of his life with an artificial leg. While I knew a lot about the reasons for safety, like a lot of young people I was foolish and figured I had become more skilled at driving then I was. Guess you just think it will happen to someone else. At any rate, my aunt had every reason to be so extremely upset. She was responsible for me and my cousin (who usually would come out to stay for a few days during the summer weeks that I would often stay with my one aunt and uncle). Seeing what happened, from so far away and not being able to do anything to stop it and knowing full well how dangerous it was, really had her upset more then I ever saw here before or after that incident. After my uncle died, she used to come and stay with me some of each winter. One year, she and my mother made a remarkable quilt for me. The quality of the work they did and the beauty of the design is just stunning. But, to me it's ever so special because of all of the hours they put in to make it as a gift for me. Two of the people I loved so much, miss them both deeply. Will always cherish their memories and the special gift they made in the way they were taught as young girls.

I spent last weekend trying to save a lamp my dad painted and assembled for me long ago. A gift that is attractive and useful is so special. Is your quilt something you can actually use? I am sure it is very special. The lamp survived and now it even has a shade that is appropriate for it.

I have a number of old quilts and a couple of newer ones. I use them on the bed in the colder months, including the one my mother and aunt made. Have three old oil lamps and a mantle clock from back in the 1800's, that were used in the family home place (they didn't get electric until 1939). The clock has been in continuous use in my family since the 1880's. Have to wind it once a week. Always love the connection I feel to those who used to wind it from past generations. Use one or two of the oil lamps occasionally, just because I like them on dark cold winter nights. The high quality "smokeless" lamp oil available today is much better then what they used to use and doesn't cause any problems with soot on the ceiling, etc.

I have a railroad conductor's lantern, an authentic one. Hmmmnnn. Smokeless oil, I wonder if it just might be possible to use it! More later on this idea. Thanks so much.

My favorite grandfather had a mantle clock. It would run for a week with one good winding. I think it required a key to wind and the winding took a while. As I recall it got wound on the weekend. Oh, I forgot that your clock gets wound once a week also! Ha! I should re-read before I post!
Also an interesting feature of "wind" is that it sounds like the word for fast moving air and the word for having wound sounds like the word for an injury!
It is such a revelation to me that I might actually be able to light that old signal lantern.

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it was too much for small mistake

I was spanked by my aunts too but only with their hands or a slipper , i look back on this with fond memmories !