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Maternal Discipline

My mom paddled- especially as a teenager and a young adult my bare butt from the ages of 7 to 21 (before that I got only the hairbrush). The paddle was kept in plain sight in the living room which was embarrassing as hell (Most of my friends’ parents kept the family paddle in the hall closet).Mom felt that a narrow paddle was more effective. The paddle was 2 ½’’ wide, a full inch thick, 27’’ long including a 12’’ handle, mahogany, stained with a dark varnish, with seven holes (they didn’t have any beveling) the diameter of a quarter in a vertical line down the business end, and bright orange electric tape on the extra long handle. (I measured it as a teenager) Mom felt that the electric tape improved her grip (she used a two-handed grip, and swung with all her strength). Mom, as I guess you can tell from this, had rather decided views on corporal punishment. She felt mahogany, rather than maple or oak, was the best hardwood for a paddle. It was certainly heavy. She also felt that the thin blade, varnish, extra long handle, and holes (she preferred large holes rather than smaller ones) maximized impact. At the same time, she also kept a wider frat-style paddle which was also frequently used. Of course, it was always on the bare buttocks. I had to remove my shirt so that it didn’t get in the way. Mom would undo my belt and pull down my pants and jockey shorts down to my ankles. Mom also felt that a paddling was more effective if the glut muscles were stretched so that I had to grab my ankles. There weren’t any warnings. Embarrassment was part of the discipline. The paddling took place right there in the family room regardless of who was around. Afterwards, my buttocks still bared, I had to kneel with my nose to the wall and a book in each outstretched hand for five minutes for every whack.

If I was going to get beaten, mom would give me a sharp look and move her upturned palm through the air in the Universal gesture for corporal punishment. I had to remove whatever I was wearing from the waist up, hand her the paddle, and once my butt was bared assume the position. There was no discussion or conversation; and punishment was automatic. The minimum was five whacks which I got for looking the wrong way or a hint of a rebellious attitude. Seven to ten was not uncommon for anything more than a trifling offence. Twenty-five whacks was the maximum though more than fifteen was relatively uncommon. I only got twenty or twenty-five for open disrespect, explicit disobedience or a grade below a B on a quiz or test. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV or listen to music Monday to Thursday or Sunday. I was required to study at my desk for three hours after dinner on school nights and play sports after school. Privileges were very few and swiftly revoked. I wasn’t allowed to speak to an adult unless addressed. I was expected to say “sir” or “ma’am” (or “mom,” “aunt,” etc.). at the end of a sentence).

A stiff paddling was enough to tear up my butt pretty badly, breaking blood vessels, bruising pretty badly, blistering, leaving my *** a red, black and blue mess, and often actually breaking the skin. If the skin did break, mom would sponge peroxide and alcohol on my ***. Very often, I slept on my stomach for a week or more, and would have done my homework standing up if I’d been allowed,

My aunt was just as strict as my mom, and swung just as hard, though she used a wider, larger paddle. This one was maple, unstained, 24’’ long including a 9’’ handle, 5 ½”” wide, ¾ of an inch thick, with 21 holes each ½ an inch wide. She also had me bend brace myself over a tall-backed chair while grabbing the front legs. Of course, it was always on the bare Everything else was pretty much the same. If my mom was a 10+ on a pain/effects scale, my aunt was about 9 ¾ approaching 10. My aunt, though, was even more prone to revoke privileges and assign extra chores or tasks. Like my mom, she had a policy that my punishment would be increased if I attempted to offer an excuse. I had to kneel on hard chick peas, again my butt still bared, for thirty minutes to an hour after a beating. My mom had special ordered her paddle at a lumber yard. My aunt bought hers at a hardware store.

They paddled my butt throughout high school. That was a pretty conventional paddle much like my aunt’s though I suspect slightly thinner. It still hurt like hell. You got three whacks for really trivial stuff (like hair touching the collar, cutting through the rector’s passageway, etc. Five, which you’d get for a missing homework assignment, more than trivial lateness, etc. was pretty common. Towel flicking in the showers/locker room, relatively serious fighting, open disrespect or disobedience earned you an automatic seven. They never went above ten; and that had to involve open dishonesty. Still, a visit to the prefect of discipline’s office automatically meant a paddling. If you were a junior or a senior, and a repeat offender, he’d swing as hard as he could. Still, per lick, that was a 6 or a seven compared to what I got at home. Since it was an all boys’ Catholic high school, they also paddled on the bare buttocks. You had to bend over the prefect’s desk. I’ve never been paddled over clothes except for much rarer, and milder, paddling in public school when I was younger.

Unfortunately, my mom had a rule that if I got paddled in school I’d get at least as many, and probably more, whacks at home. You can imagine how much that hurt. If I was paddled more than once in any week, I’d automatically get grounded for two weeks. My aunt, on the other hand, had a rule that if I was paddled more than once in any given week, or if I got more than ten whacks, I’d get a whipping the next Friday night. I’d have to go to my room, ***** all the way, and lay on my stomach with a pillow underneath to prop my butt up. The whipping would be twenty-five or fifty licks. She used a razor strop she’s bought at a barber supply store when I turned thirteen (before that she used a thin belt. The strop was 21’’ long, including a 6’’ handle, 3 ½ long, and 3/8 of an inch thick. It hurt quite a bit more than the belt. As an older teen and young, I was whipped with a much more severe strap: this was about 2 lbs. of leather, about 3/12 inches wide, fifteen inches long, attached to a 12” wooden handle, the thickness and consistency of a boot sole so that it somewhat thicker, and hurt a lot more, than the razor strop. It would have some holes awled in which really tore up your flesh. All these years later, I still have the fading scars.

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Wow, that is a well written and very detailed personal spank story! I grew up in Texas and I was one of four brothers. We got paddled all the time. Mom and Dad had a paddle like was approved for use in school ! it was brown semi short and very thin and stung your bare bottom like bees stinging. We always got spanked naked and had corner time naked.

Yeah well suppose the words 'Catholic school' for our generation speak volumes. I grew up in the UK and catholic parents AND catholic school meant frequent punishments for me and my sister. We don't have the paddle here but my sister and I were over my mums knee a lot. Up to the age of 13 or so. Mum would hand spank us. My trousers and pants would be taken down and I would be across mums knee with my bottom bare. If my sister was in school uniform then....she be laid across mums lap and her skirt would be flipped up and her panties taken down and her spanking would be bare too. After the age of 13 my dad took over. For my sister too. Bad news for her especially. Dad spanked hard. There were no concessions. Our bottoms were always bare without fail. That was the catholic way. My dad was punished that way growing we got it too. My sister got it more than me. A couple of times a week if necessary . It was a common sound to be coming from her bedroom window. The sound of my dads hand slapping her...coupled with her shrieking. There's a certain sound the slapping makes that leaves anyone listening in no doubt that the victims bottom is bare. Which at 13/14 is almost expected.,my sister was still getting it at 16/17 though.,as was I. But Kirsten was a a disobedient girl. I got home from work once and put my bike in the shed. On The way in to the house through her open bedroom window came the yelping noise and slapping sound that was all too familiar. My sister though hadn't been spanked in maybe a couple of years. She was 19by now ....but you could clearly hear dad spanking her bare bottom over his knee. And...if I could hear it so could the neighbours. I was a couple of years younger and was still getting it. Dad didn't care who was there either. Kirsten was over dads knee once at 16....with two of her friends watching. Mind you they would have been regularly spanked too still. She got it as soon as she got home from school too. Her friends as witnesses didn't stop her butt being bared either. I was dealt with in front of friends a couple of times too. At school it was the cane. I was first caned at 7. Sister martina started as she meant to and another boy got it at the same time. Both touching our toes with our school shorts and underwear down. We got six. If the very first time you get the cane is on your bare prizes for guessing how much it hurts. When I got home my mum took my shorts and underwear back down and spanked my freshly caned bare bottom over her knee. I was canes regularly at school. Always on the bare bottom. My sister too. Sister martina caned boys and girls. Kirsten at 15/16 was pretty popular with the boys. Her and on boy got caught indulging in a little more than kissing once. Sister crammed them both in her office. In front of each other. Kirsten told me they both got 18 in their bare bottoms. Kirsten got a lengthy span king over dads knee that night. No matter that she had several wield marks and some bruising from the caning. Her spanking was administered bare . I know cos I witnessed it in the living room. If dad wanted an example to be set...I or her would get to watch each others punishments. I was spanked in front of her when I was 17...for coming home drunk and scratching dads car with my motor bike. My bare butt tanned I. Front of my my big sister.

Hi cryoutloud. I have never spanked my two (now adult) kids and they have never seriously disappointed me. Parenting is not easy. In order to give your kids worthwhile values for life one needs to do a little more than just preach, lecture and punish. All of my education was in government funded state schools. The goons who threatened us with a leather strap all day every day did absolutely no good at all. I have forgotten their idiot names and most of their worthless beliefs. I became a christian at age twenty one when I encountered a small bunch of (somewhat imperfect) believers who were able to set an example of real love which I could see was genuine even if not perfect. As Jesus told the men who wanted to stone the woman CAUGHT IN THE ACT of adultery, GO AHEAD, so long as he among you who is without sin casts the first stone.

Hi jh777. Did you gain anything valuable from it? Today in Australia that would be considered a serious crime if anyone was silly enough to think they could get away with it. If any vicious mongrel did that to my kids I would be sorely tempted to put his lights out. I am not Roman Catholic and would never trust my kids to that vile institution. I was never beaten at home although there was some emotional neglect as a result of my parents failing marriage. I was however beaten in state schools by narrow minded and ignorant hypocrites. I do not remember their worthless names or anything they stood for. Actually they stood for nothing of any value. They were a testimony to the futility of narrow mindedness and stubborn ignorant pride.

My mom used spankings to punish me when I was growing up , but I never got it as bad as that thank god , I thought my mom was quite strict with me but not after reading your story !

Sorry you were treated so badly.

Hi jh777. To my mind treating a child with such cruelty is criminal, perverted and WRONG. They used to say 'spare the rod and spoil the child'. I have NEVER assaulted my children or grandchildren this way and they have never disappointed me. And what about you?
Did the beating teach you respect or fear?

That would suck if you got more than 10 on, say, Mon or Tues and had to know the whole week you had the whipping coming from your aunt.

I thought that i got hard spankings from my mom when she put me over her knee and tanned my bare butt , but they were never as harsh as you got thank god !!

How old were you when mom last spanked you and did she take down the pants and boxers for your spankings too even as a teenager? What was your last spanking for?

This sounds like abuse to me. Do you or would you beat children the same way?

Sounds like your Aunts and moms spankings were effective. Did your Aunt have kids that were spanked and did you ever see your freinds spanked or get spanked by one of thier moms? Was the embarrassment of being naked in front of your Aunt any worse than getting it naked in front of Mom or about the same?

Vivid desc<x>ription wow. You poor thing but I admit I might have liked to see one.<br />

Spanking a willing partner for consensual pleasure is a little bit different to beating a child. Do you enjoy being spanked or just looking?

Yeah you are right. I hated being spanked and I never saw one.

i would had left that house as soon as possible. when did you leave home??

I don't think a wooden spoon would have been very effective on me while I was in high school or home on vacation from college. Especially when I had fifty lbs. of muscle on my disciplinarian.But you're right, the strap and paddle in plain view, immediate punishment w/o any excuses whatsoever, and a tacitly understood though unarticulated mutual understanding that it was the conduct itself which resulted in the punishment....

Sound harsh, perhaps even abusive!

I believe the paddle is a fitting tool for the job.<br />
Physical discipline should always be carried out sooner rather than later BEFORE anger sets in.<br />
The worst time for an adult to conduct a spanking is when they have reached the end of their tether and REACT with violence. I believe children need to feel loved, and they are unlikely to feel loved if they perceive you as always getting angry with them and bashing them, yeah ?!! A paddle or a swish hanging up somewhere in view might be useful as a deterrent to mischief, but I believe its primary function is to DISTANCE THE HUMAN HAND FROM BEING THE ob<x>ject OF PAIN! When you reach out your hand in a normal typical way in love, to caress your child, the last thing you NEED is for your child to associate THAT hand with being the ob<x>ject which MADE PAIN when you bare-handedly smacked them! So to avoid that negative fear, don't do it; don't use the bare hand !!!!!<br />
<br />
At the other extreme, what the hell are those implements of torture you describe as 'upgraded tools' for the job on you, during your upbringing, jh777 ???<br />
Yes, the good 'ol Razor Strop --- way toooo easy to exert excessive force unfortunately, so I'd not identify it as fitting at all. Better to choose the good 'ol ever-faithful wooden spoon --- no way to exert excessive force unknowingly with that ol' stable: it breaks when used too hard ! ! ! ! !