The Aunt From South Africa - Epilogue

Over the years, every so often I would visit my Aunt Joan, who was Aunt Annette’s older sister. During these visits I would catch up on Annette’s life. Her marriage, the farm in South Africa and her 3 children.
I remember many years later admiring a picture of Annette & her husband and their two strapping teenage sons and their daughter. Whilst the boys looked like their dad, the girl, Vicky, looked just like her mother. She was about 11 in the picture and half turned towards the camera dressed in a white blouse and lemon yellow shorts. I must admit that my mind wondered as to whether Annette was as strict with her own kids as she had been with me all those years ago.
Over 10 years later, I got my chance to find out. Vicky had come to Europe to go Inter Railing and had ended up Joan’s house. As I lived much closer to Heathrow than Joan it was agreed that Vicky would stay with me her final night before going back to South Africa.
When Vicky arrived, she was every bit as beautiful as her mother had been at that age. And although I was now well into my 40’s I was almost as tongue tied as I had been with her mother at 11.
It was quite late at night before my step sister Anna & her two kids, who were living with me, went to bed. Finally, I was alone with Vicky. I opened another bottle of wine and gradually moved the conversation around to the thrashing her mother gave me all those years ago.
Vicky wasn’t the slightest bit shocked. Her first question was “She only beat you the once for this?” When I said that was the case she responded “Well you got off lightly then!” She then told me that her mother had spanked her and a lesser extent her older brothers, frequently and just as severely as me all through her childhood.
As we talked, it was obviously a topic she didn’t mind discussing and I had several descriptions of various punishments she had got from her mother as a girl.
If this was a fantasy, rather than an experience, I would go on to relate how I spanked this gorgeous young woman and evened the score up for the one I got so many years ago. Sadly we both went to bed & I drove her to Heathrow the next day.

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Nicely told!

What a lovely and sensible ending to an interesting story!
It took me back to the time I was 11 or 12 and playing on the swings in the park. Another girl, about a couple of years older than me joined me on the swings before some big lads started swinging the seats high in the air and smashing them into each other. We retired to a seat to watch them.
This girl was staying with her uncle and she said that if her cousins, two boys, did anything like that they would be caned by their father! This got my interest and I said that I had heard of the cane being used at school but poo poohed the idea of a cane used at home.
She then, very seriously, went into detail of how I was very mistaken! How if her two cousins were naughty, they would have to kneel up on a chair and keep their hands on top of that chair and that their dad pulled down their pants and hit them with a cane across their bare bottoms!
Whether this was a story she had heard, or an incident she had witnessed I never found out because after telling me about these teenage boys being caned and reduced to tears and that she thought that these vandal lads- who had now moved on- had a father like her uncle they would not act in such a way.... She went off, and I never saw her again but Oh, how that image has stayed with me!

Thanks for this update, Jgoldspk.
We in South A. normally got spanked with a quince switch. Did Vicky say which kind of switch did her brothers used?

Thanks for your answer.

J, thanks for the interesting post! It's always amazing to hear from those who were raised with spankings like we got.<br />
I'd love to hear details about how Vicky described her spankings from her mom and I'll share some of my own spankings or those I witnessed.<br />
<br />