Embarassing Spanking By Aunt

It was at age 15.
We had a vacation at the old house in the woods. There were my sister-age 16,three of my cousins,two female cousins 15 and 13 and one male cousin age 14. My aunt was the one in charge of us,becouse the other family members were suppose to arrive a few days later.
We were playing outside with the ball,and I shoot the ball in the window,it was an accident,but the window broke.
My aunt was very strict,and when you break her rules it means get all your clothes off and prepare you butt.
She came out and asked who did it,all of them pointed at me,she just looked at me and told me to get inside and take all clothes off.
I went in my room,got naked,and then aunt called me to come in the living room,I went downstairs,and all of them vere sitting on the sofa,and I was trying to cover my pride. Aunt was waiting with on the chair in the middle of the room with the hairbrush in her hand.
I came to her,she pulled me over her knee,and put down the brush,then she gave me arround 30 swats with the hand. While they were sitting there,smiling,and looking at my butt turning red.
Then aunt took the hairbrush,and gave me arround 20 swats with it. I could feel the heat on my behind. I was crying and begging her to stop.
When she finished she ordered me to go and kneel in the corner,and all relatives were sitting on the sofa gigling and enjoying in the view.
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If your aunt was really strict, then a good spanking was expected after what you had done. You were so lucky that she did not used a belt.

I wrote a story back in 2003 about my Aunt Sheila which I have just posted here. She actually threatend to take my trousers down and smack my bottom at a family party once right in front of my mother. On hindsight I do suspect she was drunk. Although this was embarrasing at the time it was really like red rag to a bull. Within a few months I was visiting her on a Saturday Afternoon manufacturing spanking games.

I bet your Aunt gave you good spankings , I know my aunt did and I loved it !

nice ,

My aunt spanked me when I was younger. She'd watched mom it b4 too a few times.<br />
Last time she watch was last summer. She didn't laugh but I saw her smileing when I had to get in the corner.

ouch,I know on what you mean.

How old was you last time your aunt saw your mom spank you bare bottom? Could your aunt see and hear everything and did you do any spanking dance afterwards?

It was summer before last . I was 13 then . She was in the room and saw and heard it all. Yea I jump around some but not alot.

Have you gotten spanked recently by your mom or where your aunt has seen you spanked this year? How having your spanking days been coming now?

Its been over 2 weeks since the last time. dad did it about 4 days ago with his belt .

Ouch, mom spanked you 2 weeks ago and I guess you had to get spanked bare then too even if mom was spanking? When did your aunt last seen you get a spanking, was it this year or at 14?

What did dad have to spank you for a few days ago and was it bare and in living room too?

Mom been complaining about my attitude about chores at home . He said he thought I was overdue anyway .
Yea I had to get bare .
I was 13 when my aunt watched the last time .

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I also got an embarrassing spanking from my aunt (more than one) but with one exception they were done in private or with my male cousin if we got in trouble together. But it was very embarrassing with just the two of us in her bedroom as I sat on the bed in my undershorts or pjs waiting for her to come an administer the punishment. It usually started with an otk hand spanking that finished with a well used family wooden paddle. Like my cousins, I never got up from her lap without crying, pleading and squirming. She was usually quite calm during the punishment taking the time to make me understand why she had to spank me and hug me after. In spite of the pain, fear and embarrassment, I always loved visit her with my uncle and my two cousins I consider to this day, brother and sister.

Same here,while she was spanking,she was explaining why is she doing it,I loved going at her to sleepover,but almost always it finished with a nude spanking.

I hate it when mom talks to me when she spanking me ! I just want to get it over with and its hard to answer her when I'm bawling like that .

Your mom cant spank so hard that are you really crying a lot can she Preacherboy? Are you nearly naked when mom spanks and do you start crying only after the spanking starts? How often mom talk while spanking?

How old were you when aunt was still spanking you and your cousin and were they bare bottom spankings? How old were your cousins and on what one time did she not spank you in private? Were you still embarrassed that your aunt saw all of you and saw you naked?

Mom talks everytime she spanks me ! and yes she can hit plenty hard ! I cry most times after she starts hitting and it hurts alot . Sometimes before when dads really mad .
I had to take all my cloths off .

that is part off your spanking when your mom scolds you, about how naughty you have been while she is giving you a good hiding over her knee !!

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