My Aunt Was Also My Teacher

when i was at junior school my aunt was also one of my teachers ihad to call her ms davidson both in and out of school she was quite good looking in her mid thirties a very good teacher but very strict, use of the cane was very common then, if you misbehaved she took you to a near by cloak room and caned your hands she never caned in front of class,(neither boys or girls) in my case i would get one stroke and told that she would attend to the rest when we got to her home i always went home with her after school, my mum would then collect me on her way home from work. once home aunt made tea to relax she said.i was not at all relaxed. i knew what had to come.  after tea she would sit on a sofa and call me to her, we will finish your punishment now as i can't do at school, then she took my pants and underwear down placed me over her lap and spanked me long and hard with her hand i was soon kicking and howling and when let up performed a brisk dance.she looked excited and satisfied. when i got to 11 or 12year i alwas got an erection at the beginning which soon disappeared but on many occasions i climaxed which in no way  mismayed her but when i calmed down i had to clean up.   this continued until i was about17 yrs  and she was promoted headmistress at a distant school  in every other way she was very good to me and generous. and i'm very fond of her. these happenings have left me with a life long interest in spanking which i still pursue both giving and taking
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How often during the years 14-16 did you get spanked by your aunt and did she still bare your bottom at those ages and did you still jump up and do the spanking dance? I am sure afterwards she saw all of you as you didn't care and wanted the pain to go away.

between 14 16 i think i would average about 2 spanking amonth and yes it was always bare my aunt was well used to seeing llof me as i performe the dance