Aunt Shelly

When I was 11 my aunt Shelly came to live with us. She was 23 and 15 years younger than my mom. My mom was a single parent and needed help watching me while she worked. My aunt was recently divorced so my mom told her she could stay with us and help with me while my mom was not home.

My aunt Shelly asked my mom what to do about discipline, my mom told her she could spank if she thought it was needed. Shelly was very fun but very strict. No misdeed went unpunished. Disobedience or bad behavior resulted in a spanking. The spankings were usually quite harsh too. She typically used a belt and spanked very hard, and if she was really mad she spanked my bare behind.

She had long brown leather belt. It was far too long for her to wear. She had a tiny waist and this belt had to be for someone with a 40 inch or more waist. Sometimes she doubled it over and whacked my with it. She would also sometimes wrap one end around her hand a few times like a handle and use it like a whip. She would snap it back hand and it would crack like a whip when it hit my bare butt. It burned and left raised welts.
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Until what age did your aunt spank you? What age was your last bare bottom spanking from your aunt and what age was your last from mom? Did mom ever see your ant spank you or your ant witness a bare bottom spanking from your mom? How many siblings did you have?