When I was 14 and my sister was 12 we had a new neighbour move in next door to us. My mother took a liking to our new neighbour right away. She was in her late 20s and she was a 2nd grade teacher. She was over at our house a lot. My mother and Linda did alot together. Then my mother was going to be gone for business for 2 weeks. So I told my mother I was to old for a babysitter. But she wasn't going to let her 2 trouble makers alone for 2 weeks.
So my mother told Linda that she was fully in charge of us kids in everyway.
That inculded spanking us anyway she wanted. Well it started out ok for the 1st few days. Until I was caught fighting at school. My sister was kicked by this one girl we didn't like and I gave her a whippen. When we got home Linda was in out living room. She show us both the letter from school and she had our mother on the phone. Mom told me and my little sister that everyday that we were home from school she told Linda to spank us.
After she hung up she told us both to go take a shower get into our night things and report back to the living room. We took a shower together got dressed in our night growns and reported to the living room. Linda had on the table a long apple switch, My mothers long handle shower brush. And the kitchen belt. She had us lean over the table. Linda pulled up my night grown pinning it up pulled down my white panty and told me not to move and if I did she would tie us both. I closed my eyes. When 1000 bees strang me all at once. tears fulled my eyes and I was screaming I knew I was in for it now.
Then I heard my sister screaming in pain we both got the switch and belt that night I ran to my room with my butt bright red I couldn't lower my grown because the pain was so great. Linda came in rubbed our fannys with oil we fall a sleep
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Alright ok ok. haha

we had a very small shower so I took a shower with my sister because the 2nd shower would be a cold shower not a good thing to happen if your getting a spanking. Cold shower maked butt feel pain 100 times. Come on you know that

Wait what do you mean by you took a shower together? I'm sorry, I had to ask