"Many times"

When ever I brought home a bad report card from school, I got a spanking! I used to dread report card time because I almost always had a sore bottom that night!
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You should only have gotten a spanking if you did bad in school on purpose, but your parents should have found out why you were doing bad. Of course in those days when you were in school they didnt understand too much that some children learn slower then others or need extra tutoring. If you just didnt care about keeping your grades up then the spankings were appropriate. I hope your bottom survived and didnt get too many welts on it. If you were having trouble understanding a subject the teacher should have tried to help you with it.until you did understand it. Hope I have enlightened you somewhat. You be good now. Your friend Paddle..

Some times the teachers "have it in" for a particular student. My sister had the worst cards anyone ever saw, but her attitude was "I'm here to spend the day. What are you gonna try to teach me?" I was too terrified to bring home a bad card and was on the honor roll for three years running; then our whole class was double-promoted and from there everything went downhill - math especially.

well thats abuseive. u got spanked for a bad grade, not if u tried or not lol. not u cant hide it, they dont hand it out anymore in schools, its online and will be printed out:(

If I tried I didn't! Only if I didn't try. We didn't have internet when I was your age.

I tried to hide it once...didn't work

Who gave the spankings most of the time and did your brother see you get spanked? What room were you spanked in and did mom or dad spank? Until what age did you get report card spankings? Tell us about one of the spankings you got?

you see i can relate to you because i have got whippens over a report card but what my parents failed to realize is all that was going on with me at the time because i did not talk about anything with them but they have noticed how increasingly angry i got with society and why i felt like i did and the things that happen in school or in society in general can affect your ability to concentrate - anything going on with you that your parents do not know about and if there is then you should tell them about it