Thank God For The Decline In Standards!

I was a bright kid, but I hated school. I did well in the subjects that interested me, and poorly in those that didn't. Two things saved me from getting a spanking every single time I brought home a report card. One, my stepfather set the bar pretty low. All I had to do was avoid making D's or F's. He could live with C's. Two, my educational experience in the 1970s coincided with a pretty universal decline in standards in public schools. Teachers didn't want to deal with failing students, so that in general poor students were allowed to slide who a decade earlier would have failed. As a result, I was a C student throughout junior high and high school, when in fact there were many occasions when I should have brought home the D's and F's that would have assured a painful encounter between my bare behind and my stepfather's work belt. MANY occasions. There were some classes I don't recall doing any work in at all, and still managed to come home with an ***-saving C.

Unfortunately for me however, there were still a few teachers out there who resisted the trend and adhered to traditional standards. Those teachers gave me the Ds and Fs I deserved, and when I brought home those report cards, I never failed to receive the awful butt whippings that in fact I deserved most of the time.

Now that I'm an adult, I of course lament the decline of public schools. But when I was a kid, it was the only reason I could sit down in class the day after report cards were issued (some of the time at least). Thanks to the decline of American education, I was able to make it through some academic years without a single encounter with the belt. If you had to choose between saving the schools and saving your white behind, which would YOU choose?
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The closest I came to failing was in General Science my freshman year in high school. I couldn't face a spanking at my age - I was 14 - so I didn't give the failure notice to my mom and instead pleaded my case to the teacher. Before I could persuade her, Mom found the failure notice I was hiding and told me if I didn't pass Science, I'd have a sore bottom for the next year.

As it turned out, I was only short 17 points of passing, so the teacher said she'd accept an essay from me - what did I learn brand new this year? For some reason, she liked my written reports and this one turned the trick.