Last night I was spanked for giving my husband an attitude over an early bedtime. I have to be in bed by 10:00 every week night and 11:30 on weekends or long weekends. Well, I wanted to stay up and at 10 pm when he reminded me that it was time for bed, I asked if I could stay up. he said no and I through a fit telling him it wasn't fair. He told me to go and I made the mistake of telling him flat out, NO! Well that went over like a led balloon. He took me by the hand led me over to the arm of the couch which is waist high, made me undress from the waist down and bed over, where I was given 50 very hard swats with the belt. He then told me to get to bed and that starting tonight I would be going to bed at 9:00 for the whole weekend. I wish I would keep my big mouth shut at times.
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I'm sorry, but I think that is so wrong. You should be able to stay up later than 10 pm on a week night, once and awhile and he should let you do it. You asked nicely, and he said no. It's too bad you threw a fit, but you were right, it wasn't fair of him. You should be able to ask him what ever is on your mind, and be able to disagree with him if you think it's unfair, without him getting angry and taking it out on you. You should be able to agree to disagree. And him giving you 50 very hard swats with the belt, is going overboard and way to harsh in my book. Something like that would really crush my spirit. Instead of wishing you would keep your mouth shut, you need to open it, especially when you feel something is unfair, you should have the freedom to let your husband know it. You can still submit to your husband, but when he is being unreasonable, you need to be able to let him know how you feel, without the fear of him using corporal punishment on you. You're both adults, not just him. Marriage is suppose to be a partnership. You're husband may be the captain and HOH, and you, the first mate, but that doesn't give him the right to treat you unfairly. Sorry that happened to you deleted. Hugs. Good Luck!! P.S. We all open our mouths at times, when we should keep them closed, but everyone has a right to say how they feel as long as they don't intentionally hurt someone by it.

Wait, you're husband punishes you for speaking your mind?? Where do you live???

Oh my god he shouldn't have done that now I just want to punch him in the face ( not really well kinda really things like this make me mad ) I'm not crazy I promis plz don't think I'm crazy really I'm not slight anger management issues

Sounds like YOU need a spanking to deal with the anger isssues you have.

Shut up fucktard

You just proved my point. Poor girl needs a spanking and has no one to give it to her.

Sounds like you are a pervert

F*** you nebrdad

Thx KateBlue

You're welcome!

Listen spanking is pretty much physical abuse were I'm from so why don't u stop bing asshat and get some common sence and a hart bc u clearly don't have 1 if I support spanking dickhead

Really thx :)

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Everyone has their moments dear. We all wish we had kept our mouths shut at times. Hugs