My attitude gets the best of me
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6 Responses Feb 4, 2015

Me too every time.

I will thrash your *** .Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect


so did mine at that age

I always found my attitude disappeared as soon as I was told to get my pants down.

Yeah mine, too! . . . . LOL! . . .

Funny how that happens.

Lol. So right! In my case it was the moment Dad walked towards the closet where he kept his strap. Not a single time I could get away once I made him to stand up from his armchair to pick up the strap.

Sometimes our "attitude" is just a reflection of our personal frustration with our own inabilities . . . . back off and gain some perspective on the situation. :-)

I got in trouble for my attitude at your age too and I usually responded to rebuke with rebellion and more bad attitude. I would be further ahead today if I had responded more constructively to criticism and punishments intended to change my bad behavior back then. Stop and think what is actually best for you and your future in those situations. Don't screw yourself up just to buck authority and discipline responses that are actually in you best interest to comply with. Be your own parent and make you inner brat behave and do what is in it's best interest.


True, but not always easy or pleasant. Then again, doing what's right never is.