My butt is really sore :( ughhhh. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Looks like I'll be sleeping on my stomach tonight! I guess I deserved it though...
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Sound like you got a very warmex

I'm afraid this coming week same thing might happen to me cuz I'm about to have that time of month ugh always feel irritable then

I always hated being spanked for "sassing back" .....I knew better but couldn't keep suddenly..."take of your skirt/jeans"...OW!

I know exactly what you mean!

Yeah, and it usually happened "on the spot" in kitchen or living room :-(

Ughh, that's awful :( it's hard to learn to keep your mouth shut!

This is what I'm most often spanked for. In fact, I'm going over daddy's knee at noon for an attitude adjustment.

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Try to have good attitude first😑

I understand. I'm still working on the moderation of tone when I'm feeling irritable or angry. The words are generally polite, or at least I try to make them that way but the tone is still a problem.