Does anyone own a paddle that says "attitude adjustment" on it? Ours doesn't say that but that's what it's for
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I actually remember seeing one with "Attitude Adjuster" written on it. Back when I was a kid, those spanking paddles with clever sayings were sold all over the place at souvenir shops and such.

my parents paddle read board of correction

Do they still have it?

yes and still use it

Use it on you ?

seldom on me but younger 2 sisters more

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Yes, I have quite a collection of souvenir paddles. I was fascinated by them growing up and had a few applied to my fanny.

yes, I had one growing up. I live 3 hours from gulf shores and my parents bought one at a souvenier shop. it was thin, but on my bare bottom, it hurt!

I've been to gulf shores once - I loved it - the sand was so pretty! The oysters were great. I'd love to go back

ppl come from all over...our sand is sparkling white.

We do indeed have one of those but it's not really used for that. Master has other implements for that purpose though....lots of them. lol

At school I remember there was a ruler, and every time it was used on someone, the student had to sign it. And I had my name on it around 20 times.

lol I have a few old fashioned teachers tat stll smack hands with the ruler.

no but are school paddle quotes the bible it says spare the rod spoil the child. my principals fav quote. and sometimes i think its unofficaly my schools motto

i know it is my family motto and believe me my dad does not spare the rod and yep none of us are spoiled. well not in a bad way.

I can make you one if you need one to say that. 😉

Oh that's ok. We have several already that do the trick. (They just don't have words on them LOL)

Lol. Ok