bedtime story for your night:

tonight was a bad night for me. some stuff happened and on top of that my dad wasn't being nice to me. in return, I wasn't being nice back to him. I'm supposed to talk with my mentors before I post things, and I got punished and am being made to write an apology letter on here. I'm sorry to my step-dad for being rude, and I'm really sorry to my mentor for not talking to her. she's a great mentor and puts her all in to helping me and even takes the time to have 2 hour Skype conversations with me. she's great and I'm really sorry. I'll try to be better about talking with you before I post something "rude" and stuff. going to bed with a sore butt and red puffy eyes. I'm not happy whatsoever (not only about this). what a grrrreat start to my week! :'(

night y'all
lizygurl lizygurl
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your father spank you