I plugged my ears at my mom once when I was 12. She took a spatula out of the drawer, pulled me into the bathroom, and took down my pants and underwear. She bent me over her lap and spanked me with the spatula on the bare. It hurt so bad and I cried my eyes out. After my mom was done paddling me, i had to walk past all my siblings to get to my bedroom and they had heard the smacks and me crying.
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3 Responses May 10, 2015

My congratulations to your mother. I hope you remembered her on Mother's Day . . . . 😊

Consider yourself lucky that she didn't drop your pants in the kitchen and spank your bare bottom in front of your siblings.

that is common in families where spankings are given. hopefully it did not happen to often.

The spatual whacking your but and the embarassment of walking past everyone probably didn't hurt nearly as bad as it would to look back on that point in your life now when you really needed her to make you feel emotionally like you have Mom cares enough to make you straighten up and do what's best for you, and not have that vivid memory of her demonstrating that she would intervene when you need it. With that in mind and where today is Mother's day, I think that today would be the perfect day for you to call or see your Mom in person and tell her how much you love her for being there at the times when you really needed her!