My boyfriend spanked me not to long ago. Id been in a bad mood all day. And I was with him that night. We were sitting and watching tv. And he said something that made my mood worse. I called him a "*****." And he was mad. He grabbed me and put my over his knee and spanked my bare butt with his hand. Then he made me stand in the corner to "cool down and get out of my mood". I never called him a name again. It was the first time he spanked me too.
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mmmm now that sounds like good fun


Good for him! I hope he's spanked you plenty more since that first time?

Sounds deserved. Do you want a boyfriend who spanks? How did you feel about this?

Are the 2 of you in a domestic discipline relationship, or did he spank you bec he got angry. If I or my fiance called us a name or snapped at each other, we would tell each other how we felt and then the one who snapped would apologize and then we would give each other a hug.

In my opinion, I feel it was wrong for you to call him that, but I think it was even more wrong that he would treat you that way. he should have told you that even though that you were in a bad mood , calling him that was disrespectful to him and he didn't mean to make your mood worse. There have been times where i or my fiance were in a bad mood and I would tell him how I felt. I would not ever resort to hitting him or have do that to me.I strongly suggest that the both of you talk to one another calmly and if either of you are in a mood, take a shower, a walk around the block, etc.

I strongly suggest that either the 2 of you get counselling, or leave, bec hitting you is not love. If you and he are in a domestic relationship, then that might be something else.

Spanking is not love? Oh, how little you know....

What ?

I was responding to Sugarplum, Lex, not to you. From everything you've said, I'm sure you know that spanking can be (and indeed always should be) an expression of love.

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He should have used a paddle!

Noooo! Lol.

Ino the feeling of the humiliation

Sounds like this spanking was deserved.

I don't think your boyfriend should be allowed to spank you, and especially on your bare bottom. He isn't married to you and not committed to you the way a husband would be. Sorry, that happened to you Lex222.

We love each other. I was okay with it. Plus he's seen my butt before lol

I see. I guess it's a different world now than it was when I was your age and had a boyfriend. We were respectful to each other and even if we were in a bad mood, we never took it out on each other. Good Luck now, Lex222.

spanking for fun is different from spanking to control, this will lead to misuse of power

It doesn't happen a lot. Only when I really really cross the line. But other then that it's just for fun.

You made some valid points there, uptown2020. Her boyfriend could have handled it differently if he wanted to, though and for that matter, she didn't have to call him a bad name just because she was in a bad mood, either. Thank you for your comments.

But does it really make it right? She hurts him by calling him a name because she's in a bad mood, and he hurts her by putting her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom. She could have told him with all sincerity, I'm so sorry for calling you a bad name. Look, I'm not in a good mood tonight, and I've already hurt you enough by what I called you. Please forgive me, my friend. I think it's best if I go home and call it a night.

Lex222 said she had been in a bad mood all day and that she had seen her bf that night. They were sitting and watching tv and he said something that made her mood worse. She called him a bad name. That wasn't very nice, He got mad, grabbed her, put her over his knee and spanked her bare bottom with his hand. Then made her go in the corner to "cool down and get out of her mood." I didn't seen anything she said in her story and replies which indicated that after the spanking she received and corner time that she felt in a better mood. Also, her bf spanked her in anger. He should have distanced himself from her until he cooled down himself and before he attempted the handle the situation and correct her. I don't know if she told him she was in a bad mood all day or not, but it sounds by her actions, he must have known she was. And if not, then she could have handled the situation differently too. She could have told him she wasn't in a good mood, and that it she didn't want end up saying something to him that she would regret later, and that she thought it would better for both of them if she and him didn't see each other that night. That she needed time to herself to get out of this bad mood of hers. Also, is there such a thing as a good spanking? Spankings hurt period! And yes, I know they are suppose hurt, because whether you hit someone over their clothing or on their bare backside, it going to hurt! There is such a thing as a good lesson. There is more than one way to teach a good lesson and learn from it, though. Administering corporal punishment doesn't always have to be the type of punishment given to correct a wrong. I'm sure you are right in saying that there are some people who need a spanking sometimes to snap them out of a bad mood or to change their attitude and their stress. So they snap out of their bad mood to a sad mood instead, before they can be in a good mood again. But I'd like to think there are some times, when you can teach someone who has wronged you a better and more meaningful, long lasting lesson by using non-physical correction instead of physical correction.

I agree to agree to disagree with you updown2020. : ) He who has learned to disagree without becoming disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of a diplomat. And a diplomat is one who can tell a man he's open minded when he means he has a hole in his head. The only way to handle a disagreement is on the basis of what's right, not who is right. I hope I didn't upset you. That was not my intention. Be not angry that you can not make others as you wish to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. I was just giving my own opinion, like you gave yours. I feel if everyone looked at only one way of handling unpleasant situations or even pleasant ones for that matter, no one would know and learn there is more than one way to handle them. Creation of woman from the rib of man: She was not made of his head to top him; nor out of his feet to be trampled on by him, but out of his side to be equal with him; under his arm to be protected; and near his heart to be beloved.

Ya but as Gen 3:16 says, he was to rule over her. She was to be submissive to him. Ephesians 5:21-33 and 1 Peter 3:1-7. Though he was to treat her as Christ would his church, even dying for her as he died for his bride, she was still to obey and submit to him. AND , sometimes Christ has to discipline his bride, the church at times too.

What is with you Dr. Joyce Brothers people. Stay out of these lives. Let them live their lives as they see fit. Shut the hell up!

I agree, but to each their own. I would not allow a spanking from a boyfriend but would (begrudgingly) accept it from a husband.

Personally, you should stay out of it Charbend47. It's their relationship and NOT yours. Shut the hell up and let them live THEIR lives without you interfering. Only God himself can tell them to do this or not. NOT YOU!

Thank you for your comments. Sorry, that you didn't like my opinions and thought I interfered with their lives. You give me way to much power, stryper 1. I'm not making anyone do anything against their will. I was only giving my opinion, and just wanted to point out the fact that a boyfriend doesn't necessarily have the same commitment to his girlfriend, than he would his wife and that there is more than one way to handle and correct someone other than corporal punishment. Also, the last I checked, this is still a free country and everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. Sorry mine was one you don't agree with. Have a nice day anyway.

So would you take a spanking from your husband though not from your boyfriend? And my apologies for coming on to strong. I have just seen too much of this bashing over men in the last many years when they choose to have this type of relationship. I am also very sensitive because of things my ex wife did and how she treated me when we were dating and married. Forgive me if I was to forward.

I see. You have a right to your opinions. I forgive you and I'm sorry that your marriage didn't turn out for you, what your x-wife did and how she treated you when you dated her, and were married to her. I don't exactly know where you have seen too bashing in the last many years when they choose to have this type of relationship. Many people on EP agree with you. It just makes me want to cry though when I hear how some husbands treat their wives and also how some women treat their husbands. I agree that the man is suppose the head of his wife, his family and his household. Yes, the husband is suppose to love his wife like Christ loved the church and give himself up for it. He also is not suppose to be harsh with her, but treat her as the weaker sex. The wife is suppose to lover her husband and submit (yield) to him. But what is so hard for me to understand is I don't think God intended for her not to have her own opinions, and she should be able to talk to her husband and even have the right to disagree with him without the fear of being physically hurt (spanked). God gave us our first freedom, freedom of choice, free will. Husbands should take their wives ideas, opinions, and allow them that right. They should be able to talk things over and respect each other. Marriage is a partnership. It takes 2 people working at it to make it a good and loving marriage. Husbands should take their wives thoughts, ideas and opinions and take them into consideration when he as the HOH makes decisions in the best interest of his wife and family. Even if the wife disagrees with him, he being the head of his wife has the God given right to run his home, to the best of his ability. He wife doesn't necessarily have to like his decisions on important matters, but once he makes them, she needs to support him, whether she likes it or not. I believe that the husband is and should be the head of his home and family. That being said, it doesn't give him the right to punish her, just because she thinks differently than. I know several Christian couple who wives submit to their husbands, without their husbands having to spank them. Many of them have been married for 40 to 55 years already. They respect and love each other. They may have disagreements because nobody is perfect, but they work them out and all the wives I know, let their husbands be the head of them. So there is more than one way to make a marriage work. I always ask myself WWJD.

To clarify the meaning of submit. Here is the definition.

To comply with the command, direction, or request of (a person or a law); submit to the authority of.
"I always obey my father"
synonyms: do what someone says, carry out someone's orders; submit to, defer to, bow to, yield to, give in to
"I was honor-bound to obey"

I see your point. But my beef with people is that if they don't agree with it, then those who practice such a thing shouldn't do it. It's as if they are the authority of all right and wrong. That is where I thought you were coming across. I know what it feels like to have your life dictate to the letter. So I try anyway, not to do it to others and whether they ask or not, I try to defend their right to live their lives before God as they see fit. If they find that they desire to have spanking punishments ion their marriage and she submits (obeys) him then who are any of us to say they shouldn't. I don't agree with the Homosexual lifestyle, and I know God doesn't wither, BUT I am not going to go upto two lesbians and try to shove my views and what I believe down their throat. It is between them and God and they have to answer to him for their choices and action s as I do. So when it comes to Domestic Discipline, (wife punishments and spankings) which I am in favor of for my dating and marriage, I just want people to stay out of it and live their own lives.

I see. I'm sorry if what I said bothered you and I agree what 2 people do behind closed doors is their business and no one else's. If they both agree with Domestic Discipline and both want that type of life style, that is between them. I'm not bashing them though because on EP members have the right to voice their own opinions as long as they are being respectful. People can agree to disagree on here. Just as you don't want me to act as I'm a authority on this particular incident, and you told me how you felt in no uncertain terms, whether you realize or not, you were judging me too because I have an opinion of my own. Why? Because it wasn't the same opinion as yours was. In other words, it's okay to bash me and my opinion, because I said something different than what you believe in, something different than you agree with. All kinds of members of EP come on here with life experiences. They tell their stories, their friends and other members of EP comment. If the Good Lord wanted us to all think alike, he would have cloned us. I respect your right to your own opinion stryper1 and though though you don't agree with me, please allow me the right and the decency to have my own opinion too. I'm not perfect and I never have claimed to be, but I don't think it's correct and quite fair of you to tell me to shut up and stay out of it, when you didn't. Many men and women, throughout our nation's history fought, were wounded, bled and died so we could have the freedom of speech, and the freedom of choice. If what you believe in is the truth according to you and you think it's right, you don't need to be on the defensive. You may or may not agree with what their opinion is, and you have every right to your own opinion, but even if you think their opinion is dead wrong, you need to allow them the right to have their opinion as well without telling them that they need to stay the hell out of it and making them feel like their opinion doesn't count just because they have a different way of looking at things than you do, that you think they are wrong, judge them, so therefore, they should just shut up, and keep out of it. I hope you find the right woman for you who agrees with the type of lifestyle you believe in and want and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Come what may, hold fast to love! Though men should rend your heart, let them not embitter or harden it We win by tenderness; we conquer by forgiveness for every man as need to be forgiven.

I wasn't telling you what to think or what opinion to have. Just let them live their lives and NOT tell them she should not have let him spank her. you cannot tell her how she should be. But this is getting us nowhere. So I am going to end it.

Opinion yes, but she comes across as she is the authority over how they should live their lives.

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I'd tore you up with MORE than my hand ...... That's NOT lady like AT ALL and not a word that needs to come out of your mouth PERIOD.!!!!
You would of sat on a hard wood stool writing sentences while streams of tears was landing on the paper.

I cried. It really did hurt bad. And. Was just in a bad mood.

Bad mood or not bad language ISNT exceptable.

Yeah I haven't cussed at him since.

See that you don't.!

So have you continued spanking since then? I mean, does he still spank you when you need it?

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