About two weeks ago my brother was home with me. My parents were on a business trip. I took advantage of this and stayed out late one night. At a party. Drinking. Having fun with my friends. I kept seeing that he was calling after I wasn't home when I was suppose to be. 2 hours later I decided to go home. All the lights were out so I had thought he went to bed. I went up to my room and turned my light on and he was sitting in a chair in the middle of my floor with the paddle. I automatically started crying. And he started yelling at me about curfew. And that I have rules. Them he pulled me over his lap quickly. As much as I tried to struggle he got my pants and panties down. And began spanking me with his hand. After I was bawling he grabbed the paddle and soanked me. It felt like forever. Finally he let me up and I looked in the mirror and had welts all over my butt and thighs. He ticked me in that night and laid with me for a while. As k cried myself to sleep. He called my mom th Nect morning and I got another lecture. And my mom told me if I ever did something like that again I was getting the belt.
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I'm glad your brother spanked you because as you know drinking is very bad.

I HOPE you're learning your lessons, young lady.

I did.