I've been disciplined many times for my attitude!

I'm working on my attitude and tolerance levels.

It's soo hard at times to just let go and not let things bother me but l will try!
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4 Responses Nov 22, 2015

You have just reminded me..........

A man walks into a bar, takes off his hat and hangs it up by the door as he goes to buy his first drink. As he sits drinking, the door flies open and in comes a huge man with an enormous, snarling dog.

The dog leaps up and bites a chunk out of the first man's hat.

"Hey!" says the man, "did you see that?"

"Don"t bother me," says the big man.

"But your dog just took a bite out of my hat!" persists the first man.

"I don't care," rumbles the big man, "leave me alone."

"Listen," says the owner of the hat, "I don't like your attitude."

To which the big man replies, "It wasn't my 'at-'e-chewed!'"

Yes a bite or nibble can easily change an attitude :)


I have the same problem, sweet girl. I get punished, too. I got a bare bottom belt whipping on Friday night for disobeying and talking back. I have been a very good girl since then. :)

Agree -your attitudes take quite some time to understand :)

I'm curious! what attitude(specific items) have you been punished for? is it "just bitching" or something else?

ok. I was curious.