As a youngster, I was spanked for having a bad attitude and to correct my attitude. My parents believed a child should always project a cheerful and pleasing attitude, and always be respectful and obedient. If not, a spanking would help correct a bad attitude
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My parents were the same. I was told to cheer myself up. Of course, being spanked for not being cheerful enough had the opposite effect.

Yes, kind of "catch 22". I remember my mother saying something like "you've had this coming for a long time". this indicated that she had reasons to give me a spanking but had not done so, and now she was catching up. LOL

"Attitude", that vague, catch-all offence which gives mothers freedom to spank teen sons regardless of what they've actually done.

Mothers need that freedom. The wording must remain vague. If you become more specific the teen son will always find a way to avoid the correction. Therefore I feel "attitude" and "attitude adjustment" are appropriate and powerful expressions. They tell the teen sons in what position their mother is.

Addendum: The option to spank for bad attitude is very important. Teen sons need to ***** for a spanking not only because they have "done" something wrong. "Doing wrong" is often the consequence of an inappropriate mindset that needs correction. Their posture which is telling "I know better." In this disposition they need the paddle BEFORE they do the wrong things. It's surprisingly beneficial to their behavior. It works wonderfully.

We don't care if they are "embarrassed" or not. All we care about is how they behave AFTER the spanking when we walk through town with them.

I've seen souvenir spanking paddles with the caption "Attitude Adjuster".

My dad found that the strap was very effective when it was necessary to change my attitude.

I am spanked with one of those paddles when needed. I can tell you that they are not souvenirs at all!

I think the "souvenir" is a nice red hiney when it's over.

Who spanks you? I saw your photos and they are very cute.

I allowed two friends of mine to spank me if I misbehave. It doesn't happen often now, luckily. Last time it was in April

My father used a cane with the same intention.

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i hope you learnt your lesson