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Wet My Bed Last Night

I still wets my bed deliberately

I liked to be spanked by my dad or anyone So I didn't tell anyone Because I am afraid They stop spank me

My dad believe in spanking strongly, did not force me to wear a diaper because he says I'm a bad girl reached the twenty-first and I urinated in my bed and I need punishment, such as a small child

Since he had continued using a plastic sheet and it makes me sleep naked from the waist down to remind me that my Bottom Must be ready to spanked in the morning if I wet the bed

First It was Uncle Jack who has suggested my dad try spanking me on wet mornings.

my dad had called me into his room one night before bedtime and promised me a spanking every morning I'm woke up wet.

While my dad had always used spankings as his normal method of discipline, And so it was
that I'm found my bare bottom turned over my dad knee three or four times in the week for the rest of he worked out a little routine I'm had to stay in bed each morning until my dad came in to inspect. If I'm was wet, he pulled me out of bed, sat down on my desk chair,and put a folded towel over his lap to keep his clothes dry. placed me over his lap, and giving me a good spanking for a Hour

For me I want anyone else to know I was still treated like a little girl, much that I wet like one.

So last night I wet my bed ( I had not done for a week! I need spanking on my bare bottom so much lol )

It wasn't long before I heard the sounds of my dad coming down the hall.

Then he was already in my room, opening my curtains and greeting me as usual, he crossed over to the bedside

"And how is your bed this morning? Hmmm? Did we keep the bed dry like a good girl?"

Every morning it was was same, Regardless of my response, he always pulled back the covers to see for himself. In the hopes that things might be different that morning, they came down anyway, from waist to knees, The urine had no where else to go.

"My, my ... it looks like Daddy has another naughty wet girl this morning, doesn't he, You should have thought twice about wetting this morning because I'm going to have to give you a spanking for a long time And hard"

"Please, Daddy... Not hard" I pleased in a loud whisper, trying to keep everything a secret until the very end,Represent that I was afraid
( Lol I think I'm good actor! )

"You should have thought of that earlier, before you wet the bed. You know we agreed on a spanking every time Daddy found a 'wet bed' in the morning, And you know I told you last week we wouldn't be changing the routine just because you didn't wet the bed for a week. I'm sorry, sweetheart, but now you're just going to have to take your spanking like a big girl. I suggest you get out of bed and come over Daddy's knee so we can take care of your spanking right away and get downstairs for breakfast."

At first, I continued pleading in a loud whisper, I slowly climbed out of bed, still protesting.

"Daddy, please .. spank me but not Hard please."

even as I begged for mercy and dragged her feet ( I told you I'm good actor! )

I allowed my dad to lead firmly over to my desk where he pulled out the chair and sat down, Holding on to me firmly with one hand the whole time, he reached for the towel which was always left on my desk as a warning at bedtime and draped it over his knees. He then lifted me up by the arms as if I weighed nothing and pulled me forward well over his lap until my wet bottom was high over his right knee

Again effortlessly By the time the first spank, I was crying openly like an eight year old, begging "Daddy" not to spank me, and promising not to wet anymore, the certainty that they would only added to me complete humiliation and intensified the very girlish sense of dependency which allowed me to cry in such a loud, infantile manner, Even if I would like to be spanked.

"Daddy ... noooooo ... please ... noooooo ... please don't spank me Daddy .... pleaaassseee ... I won't wet my bed anymore .... pleeeeeaaaaaassssse ... I promise ... waaaaahhhhh waaaaaaahhh"

It was, I knew, much too late to beg off spanking. had already begun hard and the first spanks hard made me cry all the more freely. All I knew was that I had wet my bed like a little girl and that I was now learning a time-honored lesson over my dad knee.

"You naughty girl... Daddy's going to keep giving his big baby a good .. spanking... every time... she wets her bed. Any girl who still wets ... in my house... is not too old to be spanked like a little you understand? You bad little bed wetting baby naughty big baby."

my dad After see that my bare bottom is red, decided I had had enough, Afterwards he held me in place rubbing my bottom until my crying subsided before letting me up

"Do you promise Daddy you'll try to be a good girl and keep your bed dry from now on?" he asked,It was always the same question and I nodded, my dad had to stop. On spanking mornings, he always gave me Pajama again and puts me at the door of the bathroom and go for the processing of breakfast, to make me feel even more like a naughty child. That was something Uncle Jack had suggested.

And he always put me to bed early that night, with a warning of what would happen the next morning if I was naughty and wet my bed again.

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i would love u to tell me mor some time

This is exactly what I want, your so lucky to have your daddy punish you!