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Spanked For Bedwetting

when I was 8 I started to wet the bed after being dry at night for a while.  As no medical reason was found for my wetting my parents they could shame me into stop wetting the bed.  When at 10 I hadn't stopped wetting they thought they weren't being tough enough, so when I woke up I had to report to mom and dad in just my diaper, infront of my sisters who giggled and teased me for having to wear a diaper to bed.  If I was dry my diapered was removed and I was sent to get dressed, if it was wet, my diaper was removed and I was cleaned up and then sent to get dressed.  I then had to go to school knowing when I got home I had to ***** to my underwear and stand in the corner to wait for Dad to come home, when he got home he would pull down my underpants and spank me in front of my sisters, and sometimes their friends, and they made sure their friends knew I was being spanked because I woke up in a wet diaper.  I finally stopped wetting at night at 16, but have since started up again after I moved out of the house.

tommybedwetter tommybedwetter 18-21 14 Responses Oct 30, 2008

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Holy **** !

I too was whipped with the belt for bed wetting into my teens. I remember going to school with welts on my freshly whipped *** tears still in my eyes from the whipping... then getting into trouble in school cause I couldn't sit still because of my sore *** .

what is it about being 8 that brings out the hate in ppl when u cnat stay dry at nights?? i had this foster mom that did that to me when i was 8 too. the prob is u dont know its really not ur fault then so when she said i was a bad boy just to lazy to get up to go potty i didnt know any better either. it seemd i deserved to be spanked every morning for waking up wet and i hated me too.

hi i know how that feel.i got the cane at home for weting the my bed

Tommy, it saddens me to know that any bedwetting child is spanked for something he or she cannot control. As one of the other commenters said, I certainly hope the spankings didn't continue until you were 16. I was never spanked for my bedwetting (which has continued throughout my life), but I for a period of time I was spanked for wetting my pants during the day. The reasoning was that I couldn't help my bedwetting, but I could help it in the day. That was wrong, because I really didn't have full bladder control until I was 13. Even after then I had occasional daytime accidents. I am now back to needing diapers all the time, day and night.


That is horrible. I hope they didn't continue spanking you and the diaper treatment until you were 16.

Tommy, getting spanked for wetting the bed is wrong in the first place. Maybe once = OK. From thereon there is a different (emotional) reason for bed-wetting. But the biggest humiliation was in the presence of other people. I'm sorry to hear of your experiences in this field.<br />
<br />
Wetterr, I also have a spanking fetish, but for a different reason.

i want t owear diapers and im 13 shold i just start wetting thee bed on pourpous or wat help


I have a sleep disorder that causes bed wetting so I don't get in trouble. I do have to wear diapers at night though. Luckly my friends understand that it's a medical problem too and don't tease me.

yes the waiting knowing you were going to get it was the hardest part i just used to wish they would get on with it get it over when i was 13 i was just laying there in my wet bed hinging about what was to come as i slowly rubbed my **** into the hard plastic sheet then having this amazing feeling aas if i was ******* the bed again however when i checked i had not i found out later it was my first ****** and every Sunday morning as i lay there waiting for dad i would do it again and a again guess this is the reason i now have this fetish

well all i can say is , thank god your out of there. If you like to wet keep it up weither nappie ,plastic panties or <br />
pants . you need to relax . i was also caned for the same reason . take care

Wow! What a sad story,sorry you got spanked for something you could,t help.