Spanking Roulette

Hi,  I'm Marci, new here. I'm married to Mick  (step mother to his two daughters) and I am interested in hearing from others who were raised with spankings like I was.
    Only my Father spanked me when I was a kid, but after he divorced my mom when I was 11 yrs old I got a new step mother who was very strict and quickly involved herself with disciplining me or my younger sister. Either she would tell us to wait until our father got home for him to spank us or she would decide to spank  us herself.
    By the time I was a teenager, step mother was finding reason to spank us often - two or three times a month - and she came up with different ways to spank us, but every time it was bare bottomed and hard/long enough to make us bawl and kick like mad.  And she spanked us both all thru high school 

   One of her tactics was to spank us with different implements besides her palm.  Wooden spoons, plastic rulers, hairbrushes, bath brushes, belts, straps, sticks, switches, fly swatters, shoes and other household items were used to roast our rumps. This lead to what my sister and I called "spanking roulette."
This was when "Ma'm" (as we always had to address our step mother), would announce that one or both of us were "in for it" and we had to ***** to bra and panties and I had to go stand in the living room corner to wait for her to come in to spank me.
       I never knew what spanking tool she would use.  So I had to stand there in dread, imagining her entering the room with a long handled plastic bath brush that burned like fire, or she'd be dangling a doubled over belt for maximum sting, or even the horrible whippy switch which left swollen welts of throbbing pain across my bare buns and thighs.
    I recall hearing her enter the living room with all these fears in my mind and turning to see what spanking implement she had this time...

   Also, there were times she wasn't our spankings were not always private so I'd turn to see what I was about to be spanked with and also find out if I was going to have an  "audience" for my bare bottomed spanking 

   Chilling memories and I'm curious about how other teens were spanked?

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In the state of Minnesota being spanked with anything other then the open had is against the law.

Because I live in the State of Minnesota and have looked up the laws regarding corporal punishment.

I was looking them up as research.

thanks great storie red bare bottom

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Good Q!, P.J.

Marci, thanks for your story.<br />
You can check out my stories on my profile.

Hi Marcie. I was too spanked on my teen years by my parents. Mom spanked me until 14 and dad until 16. My sister got it until 17 (almost 18). We all got in the bare bottom, In front of the rest of the family, and sometimes in front of friends and neighbours too, all ages and both sexes.

Hello Marci,<br />
I was spanked also up until I was nearly 17. Most spankings were bare bottom as was the cornertime that followed and yes I also experienced the embarassment of getting it and/or having cornertime with an audience. Although with two sisters who were collectively just as naughty as myself, private spankings were pretty rare anyway lol! Generally speaking we only hadd to deal with hand and wooden spoon spankings with the occasional hairbrush so I'm afraid I can't match your roulette story though! Audience spankings( outside immediate family) were not prearranged it just happened that way if anyone was around when we got caught acting up.

I was spanked til i was 16-17,normally by my Dad who would use his belt,Mom did spank us & i hated the hairbrush.Spankings were always bare bottomed over the knee ones,never anything else regardless of what parent was issuing the spanking.I used to wriggle like mad to get away & i'd try to cover my butt with my hands but to no avail,once a spanking started it did'nt stop til your butt was on fire.I was then made to stand in the corner with my very sore bottom on display.Many times i was spanked in the presence of cousins,aunts,grandparents & my brothers.I always cried like a baby after a spanking.

a metal spatula used to sting like hell and didnt make a loud crack either it was a fooler, but wow it set my *** on fire

Hi Marci,<br />
<br />
My Mom was my main spanker (Dad did too but my Mom was a stay at home Mom and the true definition of a "no nonsense woman"). She did not put up with any misbehavior or backtalk from me or my sisters and I got spanked at the least twice a month from age 7 till age 17. Many was the time I'd get spanked more than once a week, a few times two days in a row and sadly there were times when I'd be spanked twice in one day.<br />
<br />
Mom's primary implement was her hairbrush but she was not limited to that. She had a thick heavy wooden yardstick that she would use when downstairs. Panties down and bent over tha back of the sofa. This was kept in the kitchen behind the refrigerator and when I'd hear her draw it out I'd scream NO!!! and try to run. She would beat the hell out of my butt with that thing (and every thing she spanked with for that matter).<br />
<br />
I like the title of your story because when I'd mouth off in the kitchen or disobey her she'd open the drawer she kept the kitchen utensils in and it was kind of the same scenario as yours. She'd grab the first thing that she could reach...wooden spoon, metal spatula, rubber spatula, the list goes on. They all hurt like hell and all were given on the bare bottom. All my spankings were bare bottom with the exception of the "move along" hand smacks she'd give as she'd drag me upstairs or into the living room for my bare bottom spanking.

Our next door neighbor had three sons, all with in my age range....only one was older than me. She baby sat for me many times. I was 13 or so and my mother was working as registered nurse. After catching all four of us one summer, smoking cigarettes in her garage, she called my mother at work and told her what had happened. They spoke a bit and the neighbor said \"Will do! Don\'t worry , Ha Ha with three sons ,that\'s my specialty\" She then handed me the phone.... My mother was furious and said \"Mrs. Smith is going to give you a spanking and if you do not cooperate with her and take your spanking like a man, I\'m going to give you another one when I get home and your father will also give you one.\" I was shocked and said \"Ok mom\". Mrs Smith took the phone and said good by to my mother.She then lowered my pants and underwear and blistered my behind with a wooden hairbrush. It was the worst spanking I had ever had. Crying and sobbing in the corner I saw her do like wise to her 3 sons. The phone rang and Mrs Smith spoke again with my mother and said something like: Are you sure?? I\'m only doing it because my oldest should know better? \"In a nut shell, because her older boy and I were the oldest we were given a 2nd blistering. all four boys were bawling like babies, while standing in a corner afterwards. The boys later told me that these very painful spankings were almost a daily occurrence .

Hi Marci<br />
<br />
I think your step mom and my mom must have been sisters. My mom would spank first and ask questions later. I was spanked often by her always on the bare. Mostly with the belt but she was an equal oppurtunity spanker and would use anything she could get her hands on...i.e spatulas, wooden spoons, hairbrush, belt, strap, switch. She also was like your step mom as it didn't matter if someone was over. I got spanked in front of my aunts and cousins. Got spanked in front of girlfriend once. You can check out my experiences on my page if you like.

Hi Marci. <br />
I see you made it here. I have many spnking stories posted. I was spanked almost always over my moms knee and after a spanking I was always in the corner. sometime before and during if the issue was real bad. Like once when I was 13 that was when I really got a good blistering bottom.