Bare Bottom Till Age 17

I got my fanny spanked till I was 17 by both Mom and Dad but far more from my Mom. I would get the "As long as you live under our roof you are subject to our discipline" and "If you behave like a little girl you get your fanny spanked like a little girl".

I would beg not to be spanked and point out that none of my friends got spanked and be told "Well, they don't live in this house. YOU do and bad girls in this house get their bottoms spanked now pull down your pants!"

Even at age 17 I'd break down and cry my eyes out and in fact I'd be in tears usually before the first smack because I was way experienced with my parents' spankings and I knew going into one how horrible they'd be.

That and the being made to bend over Mom's knee and be sent to the corner with my flaming red butt on display just made me feel ike I was 7 instead of 17.

Mom still has the same hairbrush she used on my bottom for all those years and even now at age 46 when I see it I vividly recall every visit it made to my bottom and still think she'd use it on me if I did something really rotten. I don't want to find out for sure
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My dad spanked my bare fanny until I got married and moved out of the house. He used a wooded ruler on me and my 5 older brothers every Sat. morning. He'd line us up behind the couch . The taller ones could bend over the back of the couch and me and my next older brother, who were too little to bend over the couch had to stand there until it was our turn and then daddy would put us across his lap and spank our fannies until they were really red. Then we all had to stand up behind the couch to "think" about why the spankings were "necessary" for an hour, but seemed much longer. It wasn't unusual for a friend of his to drop by, it was Sat. after all, and see us standing there with our red fannies exposed.

I do know very well how you feel. I was in the same situation. Though once I moved out,, well that authority was transferred to my wife and she just took over from there for my mom to make sure that my *** was painted red when I did things wrong or misbehaved.

Seriously,,, can you imagine the embarrassment of being 25, spanked naked over your wife's knees while the neighbors are there to witness the whole event? And then having to stand in the corner naked with your red *** on display for 30 minutes?

Not fun at all!!!!!!

I know the feeling, at 18 I was still squirming in shame and begging like a kid to not get a bare bottom U, I knew how BURNING bad it was gonna be!

was spank with belt many times bare bottom dad mom would spank my bare bottom with hiarbrush i got it till i was late teens mom did not care how old or who was there to bare my bottom to

wow, this is quite a desc<x>ription!!!<br />
me and my sister were spanked till we were 13 and then mother started caning us for going beyond limits, sometimes our aunty also punished us.<br />
we also got the canning stick at our mothers home, whenever we looked at it, all memories are refreshed, not only the painful one but also the good innocent and naughty childhood memories, cause we are positive in sense to spanking and caning, so we don't regrets it. <br />
<br />
one day my sister asked my mother, is she intended to cane her grandchildren, is that why she kept that caning stick. My mother replied, no, she don't need to cane anybody now, her duties were limited to her kids, and she is proud that she had delivered it at best, now its her children turn, how do they discipline their own kids, if they failed she failed.

I recall gym class in Highschool during us girls taking showers. I saw many classmates bare bottoms,I could tell by looking at each girls bare bottom whose been recently spank or not. This is factual even today. I still remember a few girls whose bottoms may have been spank with a leather belt. I really don't think they appear to be ashamed of showering with their classmates.<br />
<br />
I remember being in the Sixth grade-showering with other girls- my bottom had been paddled the night before, yet I could see whose bottom had been spank as well.

Sounds like your mom gave u some good hard spankings!

many girls i went to school were regularly whacked bare bum by mums aged 15,16 and 17 and i know 2 mums who still whack their daughters who are well into teen years

My mom paddled- especially as a teenager and a young adult my bare butt from the ages of 7 to 21 (before that I got only the hairbrush). The paddle was kept in plain sight in the living room which was embarrassing as hell (Most of my friends’ parents kept the family paddle in the hall closet).Mom felt that a narrow paddle was more effective. The paddle was 2 ½’’ wide, a full inch thick, 27’’ long including a 12’’ handle, mahogany, stained with a dark varnish, with seven holes (they didn’t have any beveling) the diameter of a quarter in a vertical line down the business end, and bright orange electric tape on the extra long handle. (I measured it as a teenager) Mom felt that the electric tape improved her grip (she used a two-handed grip, and swung with all her strength). Mom, as I guess you can tell from this, had rather decided views on corporal punishment. She felt mahogany, rather than maple or oak, was the best hardwood for a paddle. It was certainly heavy. She also felt that the thin blade, varnish, extra long handle, and holes (she preferred large holes rather than smaller ones) maximized impact. At the same time, she also kept a wider frat-style paddle which was also frequently used. Of course, it was always on the bare buttocks. I had to remove my shirt so that it didn’t get in the way. Mom would undo my belt and pull down my pants and jockey shorts down to my ankles. Mom also felt that a paddling was more effective if the glut muscles were stretched so that I had to grab my ankles. There weren’t any warnings. Embarrassment was part of the discipline. The paddling took place right there in the family room regardless of who was around. Afterwards, my buttocks still bared, I had to kneel with my nose to the wall and a book in each outstretched hand for five minutes for every whack. <br />
<br />
If I was going to get beaten, mom would give me a sharp look and move her upturned palm through the air in the Universal gesture for corporal punishment. I had to remove whatever I was wearing from the waist up, hand her the paddle, and once my butt was bared assume the position. There was no discussion or conversation; and punishment was automatic. The minimum was five whacks which I got for looking the wrong way or a hint of a rebellious attitude. Seven to ten was not uncommon for anything more than a trifling offence. Twenty-five whacks was the maximum though more than fifteen was relatively uncommon. I only got twenty or twenty-five for open disrespect, explicit disobedience or a grade below a B on a quiz or test. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV or listen to music Monday to Thursday or Sunday. I was required to study at my desk for three hours after dinner on school nights and play sports after school. Privileges were very few and swiftly revoked. I wasn’t allowed to speak to an adult unless addressed. I was expected to say “sir” or “ma’am” (or “mom,” “aunt,” etc.). at the end of a sentence).<br />
<br />
A stiff paddling was enough to tear up my butt pretty badly, breaking blood vessels, bruising pretty badly, blistering, leaving my *** a red, black and blue mess, and often actually breaking the skin. If the skin did break, mom would sponge peroxide and alcohol on my ***. Very often, I slept on my stomach for a week or more, and would have done my homework standing up if I’d been allowed,<br />
<br />
My aunt was just as strict as my mom, and swung just as hard, though she used a wider, larger paddle. This one was maple, unstained, 24’’ long including a 9’’ handle, 5 ½”” wide, ¾ of an inch thick, with 21 holes each ½ an inch wide. She also had me bend brace myself over a tall-backed chair while grabbing the front legs. Of course, it was always on the bare Everything else was pretty much the same. If my mom was a 10+ on a pain/effects scale, my aunt was about 9 ¾ approaching 10. My aunt, though, was even more prone to revoke privileges and assign extra chores or tasks. Like my mom, she had a policy that my punishment would be increased if I attempted to offer an excuse. I had to kneel on hard chick peas, again my butt still bared, for thirty minutes to an hour after a beating. My mom had special ordered her paddle at a lumber yard. My aunt bought hers at a hardware store. <br />
<br />
They paddled my butt throughout high school. That was a pretty conventional paddle much like my aunt’s though I suspect slightly thinner. It still hurt like hell. You got three whacks for really trivial stuff (like hair touching the collar, cutting through the rector’s passageway, etc. Five, which you’d get for a missing homework assignment, more than trivial lateness, etc. was pretty common. Towel flicking in the showers/locker room, relatively serious fighting, open disrespect or disobedience earned you an automatic seven. They never went above ten; and that had to involve open dishonesty. Still, a visit to the prefect of discipline’s office automatically meant a paddling. If you were a junior or a senior, and a repeat offender, he’d swing as hard as he could. Still, per lick, that was a 6 or a seven compared to what I got at home. Since it was an all boys’ Catholic high school, they also paddled on the bare buttocks. You had to bend over the prefect’s desk. I’ve never been paddled over clothes except for much rarer, and milder, paddling in public school when I was younger. <br />
<br />
Unfortunately, my mom had a rule that if I got paddled in school I’d get at least as many, and probably more, whacks at home. You can imagine how much that hurt. If I was paddled more than once in any week, I’d automatically get grounded for two weeks. My aunt, on the other hand, had a rule that if I was paddled more than once in any given week, or if I got more than ten whacks, I’d get a whipping the next Friday night. I’d have to go to my room, ***** all the way, and lay on my stomach with a pillow underneath to prop my butt up. The whipping would be twenty-five or fifty licks. She used a razor strop she’s bought at a barber supply store when I turned thirteen (before that she used a thin belt. The strop was 21’’ long, including a 6’’ handle, 3 ½ long, and 3/8 of an inch thick. It hurt quite a bit more than the belt. As an older teen and young, I was whipped with a much more severe strap: this was about 2 lbs. of leather, about 3/12 inches wide, fifteen inches long, attached to a 12” wooden handle, the thickness and consistency of a boot sole so that it somewhat thicker, and hurt a lot more, than the razor strop. It would have some holes awled in which really tore up your flesh. All these years later, I still have the fading scars.

Wow jh777 what a description. Had me squirming in my chair. And every single one on the naked buttocks!!!

I´m nearly 18 and for a beating by the hairbrush of my mum and the cane or belt of my father my panties still are pulled down.

You deserve to be spanked and I think, that you have felt better afterwards. <br />
<br />
From time to time you still should get spanking for that reason.

I was spanked til i was 16,it still sends shivers down my spine now when i think of being put across my moms knee & my bare butt spanked.I normally deserved it though.

both parents spank me till i was 21 talk aobut 17 an bearing your bottom for spanking an corner time

I use cornertime directly after administering an earned bare bottom spanking. The boy or girl remains bare bottom while facing the corner. I monitor him or her during cornertime.

seems we all did corner time after spanking embrassing

Hi. I am really enjoying your spanking stories. However they all seem to be from your teen years... almost 30 years ago! Do you need a new spanking!?

Great story thanks for sharing.

Don't feel bad...I got spanked on my bare *** by my mom until I was 18! In fact even when I was in college! I came home the summer after my freshman year. I didn't think my curfew would still apply...but I got the 'as long as you are living in my house, you will follow my rules' as she was removing my shorts and underpants for a session with the belt. It sucked but do feel like it kept in line looking back on the experience.

Both of my parents spanked me until I was almost 24, about to get married, and finished with college. Then dad gave me one more when I was 32, had been married for 6 years, and was about to become a father myself. I deserved every one I ever got, and a lot that I didn't get. I'm glad my parents were strict with me, including the spankings, because it has made me a driven and successful person.