Teen Shame

I've posted before about being a girl raised by strict religious parents and shared some of my spanking memories. Recently I found out my 15-yr-old niece had been spanked by my sister and I asked my sis how she did it. She described spanking her daughter pretty much just like we got growing up - otk hairbrush - but she said she let her girl keep her panties up because it was in front of her father and younger brother.
Over a couple glasses of wine, Sis and I recalled how we got spanked and I I told her I agreed with her decision to spank her daughter on the panties as I still get embarrassed at memories of some of my humiliating bare bottomed spankings, especially those I got in front of people. And my Sis agreed as she got her share also.

I am naturally shy (believe it or not :-) and our church preached modesty - especially for girls. But all that went out the window when it was spanking time. As a young girl, I was mostly concerned with how much my behind was gonna sting but the older I got the more shameful the whole "panties down routine" became.
Our parents considered our embarrassment as "part of being punished" and Mother especially could make a spanking quite shameful as she also believed spanking us in front of people - all relatives, family friends etc - was a good lesson for us and made her church friends/our Pastor respect her as a parent.

I still blush and feel queasy recalling how Mother would bare my bottom and once I was into puberty I felt overwhelming shame whenever witnesses were around to see me get spanked like that. Mother had a few ways to bare us, but mostly she liked to do it herself.
Daddy sometimes just yanked my jeans/panties down quickly, or told me to "drop 'em" while he took his belt off, but Mother would make me stand in the middle of the room with my hands on my head and if I was wearing a skirt she would unzip/unbutton it and take it off me. If I was wearing jeans I had to take off my shoes and take my own pants off.

She then did some sort of question/answer thing where I had to admit what I did wrong and say that I deserved to be spanked. I hated this part because it just added to my shame to be standing in just my panties below my waist and I had to even say the word "spanking" - but mostly I was hyper aware that I was about to have my panties pulled down in front of everybody :-(
Like the time I was 13 and got spanked at my Aunt's house. My Aunt, Uncle and younger girl cousin watched Mother remove my skirt and make me admit I needed a good spanking.

I closed my eyes when I felt Mother's fingers touch my panties. I was blushing bright red and began moaning, "No mommy please don't" as I felt my white cotton panties slide off my bare bottom and slip down down down to my ankles, my puffy in front popping into full view.
Rarely, she left my underpants at my ankles, mostly I had to step out of them like I did that day.
It was all I could do to keep my hands on my head as I desperately wanted to cover my front parts! I was painfully aware that I was "displaying" my new puberty-patch of front hair as well as my plump bare buns - which were itching in fear.
I could "feel" all those eyes on my half-naked body and I couldn't help glancing around the room, shivering as I saw slight smiles on the adults' faces while my cousin gaped.

If only Mother had yanked me over and spanked - but much worse was to come as once I was bare below my belly button Mother would give the final scolding and pronounce punishment. Usually this meant a short hand spanking followed by a long hairbrush or spoon paddling.
As a young teen, I'd often be begging, weeping, pleading, dancing in place, in a panic. As I got older, the deep shame of being exposed actually got worse but I learned to take being bared without whining because it only made me feel even more embarrassed to act like a scared little girl in front of people.

Obviously, Mother wanted to prolong my bitter shame as she would most always send me to "fetch" the wooden spoon from the kitchen or the wooden hairbrush from her bedroom. Even when I had to wait a long time before being spanked, Mother never brought the implement herself - always made me bring it to her.
This meant, that time at my Aunt's house, I had to walk to their kitchen and find a wooden spoon.
There I was, 13-yrs-old, walking around pantyless as people watched my wiggling buns leaving and front parts when I returned, sobbing, pleading, dreading the "show" I was about to put on for them when I got spanked.

Of course, my initial shame at people seeing my privates should have been even worse when I was across Mother's lap, screaming and kicking under the stinging spoon. I knew, from seeing my sister (and others) spanked how much I was "showing" as my legs spread and waved wildly against the hot burn - but, honestly, after only six HARD swats I would only care about the fire building in my fanny and I'd forget who was watching as I broke down and howled thru a long bare bottomed rump roasting.
Until I ended up dancing...which is another topic!

My sister and I got it like this often and all thru high school. And as we sat sipping Chablis we commiserated about how our humiliation increased the older we got. "Just think about all the people who saw our front fur!" Sis shook her head as we both remembered many panties-down episodes in front of people.
Sis said she thought getting it in front of boy cousins was the worst but I reminded her of all the times we got spankings in front of babysitters. Very embarrassing to be bare bottom spanked at 14 in front of an 18-yr-old girl from our church!

Silent for a bit, we were both a little giddy from the wine when, in unison, we said, "The Pastor!" We actually giggled at the coincidence but quickly turned serious as we both were recalling the same spanking episode. As young girls were were often spanked in front of our Church Pastor - always extra embarrassing, especially when his wife was there to see, but that tapered off over the years.
Until the time I was 17 and my sister 15 when the Pastor and his wife "babysat" us for a weekend so our parents could get away for some private time.
We weren't much worried, it was usually fun at their house, but we SHOULD have been worried because we ended up being caught sneaking a cigarette my sister had brought.

Not easy to believe girls our ages still got spankings but our Church was devout and "smoking" was a sin so the whole next day Sis and I dreaded our parents coming to pick us up. To make matters worse, the Pastor had an exchange student from Germany staying with him.
Dred was 20 yrs old and he was cute and I'd flirted with him and now I was petrified that I may be in for another "public" spanking, one I'd (obviously) never forget!

Sure enough, when my parents heard about our smoking it turned into a "whole family in the living room" type discipline. That meant Dred and the Pastor and his wife were sitting there when Sis and I got called in. I recall I was praying for a quick Daddy "drop your pants" belt whipping (we knew we were getting belt whipped) but, horribly, Mother took over the proceedings :-(
Sis and I remembered we'd both worn skirts, hoping against hope they would just life our skirts but at least we wouldn't have to take our pants off.
Mother was quite upset and scolding us sternly as she unzipped and removed our skirts and suddenly I was 13-yrs-old again, just a naughty girl about to be bared and spanked no matter who was watching. But this time I was 17! Almost a grown woman! Standing in my panties and top in front of the Pastor, his smirking wife (I always had the feeling she enjoyed seeing us spanked) and a shocked young man.

"At least you got it first," I complained to my Sis and she agreed that as bad as it was for her to be belt whipped by Dad in front of all those people it was worse for me because I had to stand there, hands on head, watching and hearing poor Sis whipped to screaming, knowing I was next and also watching everyone staring at my sister's kicking crying shameful spanking.
And it was much worse for me as Mom took her time lecturing us and then she pulled my sister's panties down to her ankles before moving to me and slipping my underpants down the same. And as Sis and I stood there, our full, fluffy teen bushes on display, we had to "admit" we deserved a belt whipping (we did) while Dad took his belt off and doubled it.
So I was standing there while Sis got whipped with my thick brown curly bush poking out and I could see Dred and the Pastor shift their eyes from my sister's wiggling whipped butt to my front patch which I was helpless to cover.

I could see my sister pretty much from behind, near Dred, so I could see her furry private parts gaping as she kicked and waved her legs and I knew that's the view of MY secret spot Dred would soon be seeing when I had my turn howling and bucking under the burning belt across my bare bottom and thighs.
Sis and I shared a moment of silence, and an ironic toast, to our unforgettable bare bottomed witnessed teenaged spankings.


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Lovely story Marci. Love to hear more if you have them.

Great story...worthy os the
pulitzer prize!

Wish I was there ;-)

Sorry but this sounds like sexual abuse. To an outsider this sounds sadistic and horrific.

I remain shocked at the very idea of a girl receiving a bare bottom spanking past puberty, there's something obscene about that in my view. My sister was never spanked but witnessed my own bare bottom over the knee spanking by mum age 17 and gave me a detailed account of it from her viewpoint years later. I think it's ok for boys to be spanked by their mums if they deserve it at that age but not for girls.

Why did you get spanked at 17 and was everything flopping around for your sis to see?

I was spanked for "attitude", that surly uncooperativeness that so many teen boys display. It was one of a number of bare bottom spankings I received for just that; I think I deserved them. Yes everything was flopping around for my sister to see; she herself described that particular spanking, that my mum was so mad at me she took me over her knee without remembering to take my trousers down first, so she had to reach under her with me on her knee to undo my fly buttons before pulling my trousers down to bare my bum.

I bookmarked it, because half way through I couldn't pace myself anymore and I came all over myself. This is the hottest spanking story I ever read.

10 out of 10 score from me, incredible read.

Why did the girl get it in front of you bare? Was she the first girl you saw caned panties down and was she the first girl to see you caned with your underwear down to knees. Was everything you had seen by the girl or the secretary. Who caned you and we're the other boys you were caned with caned bare too?

you can't get the spanking don't do the crime I intend to come there and spank you all with my hands all of you will be naked I will be feeling you and every of your holes

I just beat off to this!!!!!!!! SO HOT!!!!!!!

I can remember spankings like that. I was raised by my just my mom and while most spanking were just by her I was also spanked in front of her friends even in my late teens. Her best friend, I called her Aunt Bernice was often there when I got spanked. In addition she often babysat for me and had my mom permission to spank me to. She was a teacher so she took care of me during the summer. She would always prepare me for my spanking. I have to stand in front of her while she lectured me. During this time she take my pants and underpants down and make me step out of them. She usually spanked me with her hairbrush. When bared she would pull her skirt or dress back and spread her legs open. When I got to be around 12 this would excite me and I would get an erection. I would have to bend over her left left while she placed her right leg over and between my legs. This put my bottom up high and help hold me in place. When in my later teens, 17/18 it was also quite erotic feeling her stocking covered legs around mine. She then start with her brush. No warm up hand spanking. She never counted and spanked till I was crying like a little boy and my *** was bright red and bruised. After the spanking she make me stand in the corner with my butt on display. I can remember one time when her bridge club was over and I got spanked in front of all of them, I was 16 at the time.

Omg that is so hot. Wow, I wish my Mom did that to me. I just came and this made me hard again.

I remember my first shameful spanking. I was 10, and was my birthday sleepover. I had been misbehaving by jumping around and yelling. My mother came out and scolded me, and then told me that if she had to come out again... I would regret it. I, again, was misbehaving. My mom then came out again. She scolded me (in front of my friends) then told me to ***** down to my bare bottom. I was spanked with her hand for a good 20 minutes before she quit and put me in the corner for half an hour. Eventually I came out and went to my friends to watch a movie. We didn't talk much after that... that was the topic of school the next day... sadly.

Times were different then - but many still believe that the exposure and shame are part of what makes the discipline effective. interesting that your sister disciplines but has changed the process - so still in front of others but panties on. Many mature woman to this day can remember the butterflies.

I went through pretty much the same as you with the exception being I'm a boy. The preachers wife in our church was in charge of the children's church teaching and had a sturdy wood paddle she never hesitates to use. Girls are taken out of the room, boys though get it bare bottom on the spot. My mom used the same philosophy at home my sisters would be taken into another room I would get it bare bottom in view of any and all who were there. Seems modesty is only allowed for girls.

what age were you spanked by the [preachers wife and how old were the other boys that were spanked? Until what age did mom spank you at home bare in front of your sister and others?

Any one who uses humiliation like your parents are just as bad as those who encourage young women into the sex business,punishment should fit crime.Spank a small child by all means but a teenage child,boy or girl,can be punished in many ways that are less embarrassing,growndings ,fines from allowance,extra chores.can be used.

Never mind that I got in trouble in front of my friends, mommy would
lift my dress and lower my pink nylon panties to my knees, exposing
my bald ***** and naked butt to all who were present. Then she
would SPANK me, sometimes in front several people

you need a uk cane on your bare 24 cane mark on your bare bottom

My mother, aunts, gramma, and yes babysitter (until I was nearly 17 will tell why that old later) all were "old school" when it came to a proper spanking. That meant not only ALLWAYS bare, but you darn well better not only cooperate, but actually assisst them in punishing you. And when you get spanked, it doesn't matter who is there too see it, you get spanked. Then there is the corner after, yep, still bared. And yes by the age of 13 or so, I knew I deserved every swat I got, and fully knew that the humiliation was part of the punishment! Its a PUNISHMENT duhhhhhhh! It is supposed to be as unpleasant as possible to prevent you from ever repeating the thing that got you punished. It is supposed to be humiliatiing, and HURT! Of course I am one of those girls that never seems to learn my lessons properly, and thus keep a very sore butt. Yes even to this day, if its thought I need a black and blue rear, I get it.

As a 6ft 2inch 17 year old I was spanked over my mum's knee in front of my sister. Even more shaming was that she had put me over her knee fully clothed, but then reached under me to undo my fly-buttons so she could pull my trousers down to bare my bottom.

Sounds like we have the same mother, except my Mom always lowers and at times removes my jeans and underpants then has me stand before her for a lengthy scolding with my arms crossed behind my back. Then it's over her lap for a fast and furious lesson from the paddle. If any are there they are allowed to watch then after its an hour of corner time bare bottom on view.

As a counselor - this is pretty normal across the midwest and south.. The part left out, is usually when married later in life- there is a manifested combination of spanking and sexual arousal - as the time remembers back to loss of control exposure, and the mental images that as an adult female, builds secret desires. The key is, did you marry a man who can handle the situation like dad or the pastor.

you religiuous americans are so ****** up

That memory must keep you warm at night... I bet it still keeps Dred entertained

So why do you want to share this now?

This is unbelievable, if true its quite sad. Bad enough to be spanked as a teenager. Worse to have your pants pulled down. Un-excusable to do it in front of other people. I think that sadistic. Whenever shame is involved I think punishment it crossed a line. I think that I was 15 when I received a spanking. It wasn't even for something serious, I think it was a "perceived" attitude. I remembered dropping my pants and taking it. I was beyond angry and vowed that it was never happening again. Mind you I was small for my age. When I was 16 my dad tried it again, once again for nothing serious at all. I was told to bend over, I told him it wasn't happeneing. He grabbed me threw me into some stuff. Hit me I the side of the head, open hand. He's my dad, and being from a religious home I couldnt punch him though I really wanted to. I tried get him off of me but I never punched him. I remember he was angry that I defied him. Basically he was trying to send a message that he was boss. He roughed me up pretty good. I was out of breath, but proud that I'd stood up to me. Then drags me by the leg, flings me OTK, pushes the back of my neck down hard face into the floor, pulls down my sweats and underwear and tosses me one of the most humiliating bare *** spankings I ever got. What made it worse was that it was open hand. For him it was about humiliating me. I hated him at that moment. I didn't cry, scream, I was too tired to struggle. Just had to lay there and get worn out, as a 16 year old. He pushed me off . I got up and told him I hated him and he was completely dead to me. I think he was taken back by that. He never tried to spank me again.


How often did you get spanked by your dad as a teenager and was it almost always bare bottom? How far down did he get the sweats and underwear when you were 16 and was there anyone else around at the time?

crazi and in church which kind of christian

I always hated how exposed I was in front of the other church members...I was always "spread" for extra embarrassment

And yet they left your breasts covered? What were they thinking? My stepdaughter, Adrian, is 12. I married her mother 3 years ago and began to become active in Adrian's discipline around a year ago. Sometimes, she is grounded or restricted, but when she gets the belt, such as for fighting and for "holding" some marijuana "for a friend", she goes to her room ahead of me and removes everything. This started when I first observed that she had pubic hair at almost 11 and that it was enough that you could see it from behind. "You don't have the right to see me like that!" she protested regarding being nude from the waist down. So imagine her embarrassment when, after I had to pick her up from her jr. high Principal's Office she was told to go to her room and remove her pants and underwear. Then, when I came in to whip her backside, I told her to remove her shirt and bra. Seeing those pert little breasts of hers while she howled with shame made me think twice about hitting her with the belt. I stood there while she placed her hands on top of her head and admired my genius. I don't know how much hormones are going into kids' food these days, but a 12-year-old with B cups that jiggle with each swat and pubic hair you can see from the back must feel like the Elephant Man in a tent full of gawking customers. Oh, well, "Seen and not heard", they say.

Well written and great memory!

Mom spanks my sister and me. Although we are spanked bare, it's never done in front of anyone else. Being fully exposed like that to mom was shameful enough, not to mention the actual feeling form the spanking too.

It seems to me that your embarrassment was caused by your church and family views on modesty, rather than anything to do with the spankings. My family were not nudists by any means, but we were raised secure in the knowledge that the human body is a beautiful thing, something to be honored and protected. And along with that, knowing that things that could harm ourselves or others would bring the harshest punishments. Things like playing in unsafe buildings, playing with fire or swimming without supervision when we were younger, and smoking, excessive drinking or wreckless driving when we got older. I was spanked all the way through college, usually bare-bottomed and often with witnesses. I was also always embarrassed, but the embarrassment was over needing a spanking, not over being exposed for it.

wow! Sounds painful, AND embarrassing! It also sounds like you & your sis enjoyed being spanked, at least in retrospect - if I'm right, please add me as a friend, & message me....

Why do you stupid perverts always think girls like to be spanked. Clueless *****.

No offense, Po, but the reason someone might believe this is true is because some of you only write about spanking and when one looks at your profile, it shows that you're a member of groups like "I have a fascination with spanking". Also, some write very detailed and eroticized accounts of being spanked. If you didn't like it - and there are some here who most certainly did not like it - then your accounts would be written in a much different way and you wouldn't be a member of multiple spanking groups. Why, Po, would you be a member of a group entitled "I have a fascination with spanking" if you didn't find - some kind - of thrill in it?

know for a fact that many girls do/did not like to be spanked. In fact, most girls do not like to be spanked. There is only a very small percentage that find/found some kind of thrill in it. Still, since there are millions getting spanked, even if there is a small percentage, that still means there are thousands out there that find/found (some kind of) thrill in it.

I've only spanked one woman in my life, my first girlfriend. I'm writing a story about it now on EP. She HATED being spanked by me, but begged me to do it. She loved the time before and after. That's how it is with some women/girls. They hate being spanked, but there is something about it that occurs before and/or after that is thrilling to them. Some of the accounts on here are written in a way that indicates this is going on. This story is one of them. The story is very detailed, the language is eroticized, and the person has written tons of stories about it. If she hated it sooo much, why the constant, detailed, (somewhat) eroticized stories? Why would she be a member of a group called, "I Like to Hear About Others' Spankings When They Were a Child"? Clearly she has some kind of fascination with spanking and it's not too much of a stretch to assert that she got some kind of thrill out of it, or gets a thrill about it now writing about it.

I know a woman who was spanked in her teen years who HATED it, but when she became an adult she started having fond, sexy memories of it. I think that happens to some (very few) women and then they come on EP and write stories. They hated being spanked then, but now after becoming an adult they find reminiscing about it rather thrilling (finding some kind of sexual excitement in it). I believe most (not all, but most) women like to be taken care of, but many of them are the ones that have to take care of everything, the kids, the house, the finances, their husband, and this gets old and they start to feel unappreciated and overwhelmed and fantasize about some guy taking care of everything. For many of them, the only time this has ever happened is when they were a girl, living at home, and so suddenly having daddy take care of everything (including giving them an occasional spanking) sounds pretty nice. That's why 50 Shades of Grey is such a popular book with married women with kids. They like to fantasize about some guy treating them like a princess, with no responsibilities but looking cute and fulfilling his sexual fantasies. Some people were stunned that middle-aged women loved this book… it made perfect sense to me - especially considering that many of them aren't being desired by their husband any more (or at least not as they wish he would).

I will agree with you on one thing, there are a LOT of pervs here on EP and it ****** me off. One thing I really cannot stand is when a young girl who is being abusively spanked tells her story (a non-eroticized, painful story) and a truckload of pervs come out of the woodwork and tell her that she's lucky and has a great dad or stepdad. NO GIRL who is in her teens should be spanked bare by either parent. That's my opinion and I think it's pretty darn easy to argue why I'm right. I have two sons, both teenagers now, and I never spanked either of them, ever. It wasn't simply because I had an attraction to spanking women, it was because I firmly believe that spanking kids is the wrong way to discipline. At any rate, I get sick of pervs telling young girls here that it's great their dad is spanking them in their teens, and I get especially pissed when the girls are spanked nude or semi-nude and pervs talk about how wonderful this is. It is not wonderful, it is abuse and I think a pretty good case could be made that - in many cases (not all though) - it is sexual abuse.

One last thing. I have serious doubt about the truthfulness of any story on here about a teen girl who is being spanked on the bare, when they write the story in an eroticized manner. I know for a fact that in some cases it was actually one of these pervy guys who wrote the stories to achieve a sexual thrill. I actually caught someone doing this. Some "girl" wrote a story about being spanked nude and it was incredibly sick and twisted. I wrote them and suggested phoning the police. They wrote a long response, indicating there was sexual abuse going on as well. I wrote back and asked them please to phone the police. We had many exchanges. I noticed early on that this person didn't write like a young girl and I picked up on many other clues. Finally, I confronted this person and, I guess out of guilt, the person told me they were a middle-aged man posing as this young girl. I was very angry and asked why he was doing this. He told me it was just for "fun" to have a thrill, but then later admitted to getting off on other "real" teen girls friending him and sending email to each other discussing how bad it was to be spanked. Thankfully he deleted his EP account, but I have NO doubt that he just created another and is right now writing stories as a teen girl who is being spanked nude.

Spanking a teen girl is a huge fantasy for some guys who are into spanking. Why? Because it's thrilling to think of having all this control to get to exercise their fantasy of spanking a sexy, teen girl. In most cases the guys that are into this would NEVER really spank a teen girl this way, they just like to fantasize about it. It's not a big turn-on for me, because I would find it more exciting to spank a woman who is slightly older (20-30) because her gift of control to me would be more meaningful - she is an adult and isn't as easily swayed as a teen girl would be. So if she decided to do this with me, she does it fully of her own accord and knows exactly what she's getting herself into (and most certainly wants to do it with me). However, some guys find this kind of thing the end all be all and some (sickos) like to go around telling real girls (who hate it) how wonderful it all is. The problem is, some of the "girls" here (if they are really girls) write stories about being spanked in such an eroticized manner it fuels these pervs beliefs that all girls like to be spanked. It doesn't help (as I mentioned) when one of these girls is a member of multiple spanking groups (like you are, Po) here on EP.

Just my two (or ten) cents worth.

No child should be spanked above age of pubity as it is ABUSE other punishmewnts can be used instead.

Did your daddy ever get a woody while spanking you?