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I Was A Paddled Teen Boy

I was regularly paddled as a teen. My mother used a paddle I had made for her. Being the only boy she had me make a paddle. She wanted a paddle like the teachers used in school. So I made a paddle out of 1/4" plywood, 18" long, 4" wide with a double row of holes. She used that paddle frequently on me and my sisters. It was applied directly to the seat of my cotton briefs or my sister's panties.
It wasn't brutal but it got the job done. I can say I never received a paddling that I didn't deserve. And she always told that she only spanked us because. she cared.
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my mom had spank me an my sis all through teen years hairbrush
it was embarrasing early teen year for me since mom allways spank bare bottom but after few times the embarrasment went

I did not at the time , but looking back I used to enjoy going over my moms knee for a spanking !

how did you feel making that paddle? did she say she wanted to test it on you?

It was a bittersweet feeling. I was always fascinated with spanking. I knew it would be used on my underpants, but at the same time I wanted to make her a paddle that would do the job that it was intended for. And it did. She would apply it "firmly" to my briefs, but I always felt it was in a loving manner. And yes, she did try it out when I presented it to her. She had me lower my pants and bend over the back of a chair and gave me 5 swats. It stung a little more than I expected, but we both knew what to expect when it was to be used. It may have been a thin paddle but it was surely felt through my undies.

Did you feel betrayed by her since she wanted to try it out on you after you made it for her?

No, I actually wanted her to try it out. I wanted to know what to expect.

Did you tell her that?

No, I was much to shy. I knew I had to misbehave on purpose to get the paddle used on me.

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Did you see your sister get her spanks?

Yes. My mother usually paddled us in our bedrooms but left the door open if the other sibs wanted to watch. I'm sure she did this to remind the others what can happen and it added to the embarrassment to those being watched. I have to admit I was always fascinated while watching my sisters getting the seat of their white nylon panties warmed with the paddle.

Yeah I bet lol. Maybe you could write a story about that?

My sisters were older than me and shared a bedroom. They used to get into big fights and mother would warn them to settle down. After the 2nd warning if they hadn't calmed down, our mother would get the plywood paddle I had made and enter their room. They knew exactly what was going to happen. She would tell to remover their dress if wearing one or their pants. I loved peeking on them at this point because I loved seeing my sisters or mom in their panties. I was allowed by my mom to witness their paddlings. As teens she would have one of them bend over and put her hands on the bed. She made the other one watch. Then she proceded to wear out the seat of their panties with about 20-30 swats. They mostly wore white nylon panties and you could get a glimpse of the red bottoms close to end of paddlings. After both were paddled, they spent about 15 min. in the corner. That pretty much ended their squabbling for that day.

Wow I bet that was fun to watch. How did the girls react verbally and physically to that many paddle spanks and what did the one who was watching look like?

It was very exciting to watch them get paddled. At first they took their paddlings stoicly. But about the 10 th swat you could tell it was getting through to them.They would flinch when the paddle landed on their thin panties. And they let out groans. The paddle was thin but mom applied it effectively and spaced the swats out 2-3 seconds so they had time to sink in. After their paddling they would rub the seat of their panties with both hands.
The one watching ,as you can imagine, looked worried knowing she was going to be next.

Did either of your sisters share your special fascination with paddlings?

I don't think they did. I got most of the paddlings in my family. I think they enjoyed watching it though.

Thanks great description.

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I was always paddled at home while wearing just my briefs. I did get paddled at school over my pants, but with a much thicker paddle.

At least you were able to maintain some modesty and not have to drop those underwear. I had to drop everything till I was 15 for paddlings. Were you ever paddled in school, I am sure they were over clothes. Did you ever get it bare bottom with underwear off after age 12?

My mom was vice-president of the mother's club at the all boys Catholic school I attended. She had the same paddle they used at the discipline office. It was 24'' long including a 12'' handle, about 5 1/2'' wide, 3/4 of 1'' thick, with three sets of 7 holes.<br />
<br />
I still have the marks on my butt.

I bet that paddle hurt. Holes make it burn more especially on bare skin. Did your mom always spank on the bare? Until what age were you spanked onn the bare bottom? Did they spank bare bottom in school ever or over clothes?